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El Nino Impacting Outlook for Winter

At one point this fall, El Nino was anticipated to have a record impact on the winter outlook.


While that prediction has scaled back to being a moderate impact, James Auten at the National Weather Service indicates we're still projected to see temperatures above normal this winter - standard for an El Nino winter.



According to Auten, snow events are still in play. Predicting snow amounts for winter is difficult because of how many areas of the country and its weather impact the midwest.



During El Nino winters, because of a southern jetstream that pushes north, Auten points out there's oftentimes more rain and wet weather.



Beyond the winter months, Auten says it is unknown how much of an impact El Nino will have on the spring but he also notes, depending on the rain, El Nino springs tend to be above normal for temperatures.

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