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Warner Hospital Projects Rolling On

The parking lot at Warner Hospital and Health Services is complete but usage on it will be limited until the spring.


That's from CEO Paul Skowron who indicates it took a while to get to this point but they are glad to have it completed. Now they will get it striped and await the installation of the electric vehicle charging stations.



The parking lot will not be salted at all this winter to preserve the life of the parking lot. Skowron reminds, this is the first phase of a two-phase project on the west side of the facility.



On the east side of the facility, the emergency room renovation is well underway and making progress says Skowron.



According to Skowron, the hospital renovation is three phases with a completion date expected next spring. He points out they will be able to benefit from being able to seamlessly transition from one phase to the next without having to get state approval.



Skwron explains there has been a lot of shifting of personnel and repurposing of other spaces within the hospital over the years that has led to this project and now they can expand the emergency room by knocking down some walls and bringing in more private accomodations for patients.



The total amount for all the work happening right now is roughly $ 3.5 million. Skowron believes it beats spending $45 million for a new facility. 

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