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Bears, Patriots To Hold Joint Practices

On Monday, the Bears and Patriots announced that they're teaming up for two days of joint practices in New England on Aug. 15-16 before they meet for a preseason game later that week. And that means a few awkward pairings might be on the horizon.


Remember 2008?


Jay Cutler was heading to his first Pro Bowl having been anointed the next great quarterback of the next great Broncos offense. Then the Broncos fired Mike Shanahan and replaced him with Josh McDaniels, the NFL's wunderkind and Patriots' offensive mastermind, which set off a series of events in the spring of 2009 that drastically altered the landscape of the NFL.


McDaniels allegedly attempted to trade Cutler away for Matt Cassel, who at the time was viewed as a legitimate starting quarterback, Cutler found out, and madness ensued. When the two met in Denver to clear up issues, the exact opposite transpired.


Long story short, the Bears traded for Cutler.


McDaniels lasted less than two seasons as a head coach.


The Bears traded away Martellus Bennett this offseason to the Patriots, which gives Bill Belichick the scariest tight end combination in the league. Bennett and the Bears clock in as the second-best reunion of the summer.


It might be strange.


While a member of the Bears this past season, Bennett never really outright complained about his role on the team, but he certainly provided hints of unhappiness.


According to the Chicago Tribune, he "had an outburst -- something just short of a tantrum," at practice before the Bears' Thanksgiving win over the Packers.

Bennett didn't travel with the team to that game and he admitted to reporters that he didn't even watch it on TV.


Bennett never shies away from providing an honest quote and he has a history of slamming players at practice, so something could be had here.


Kyle Long is one of the Bears' best offensive linemen. Chris Long is the Patriots' new defensive end.

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