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With intentional fouling seen as a scourge on the league, the NBA took steps on Tuesday to tweak the strategy. Overall though, the "Hack-a" strategy is not going away just yet. It will just now be slightly harder for teams to implement certain aspects of the strategy.


The big takeaway is teams will stop fouling near the end of quarters to get extra offensive possessions and that jumping on a player's back, will result in a flagrant foul not a common foul, like it was in the past. Also, now away-from-the-ball fouls, which resulted in a free throw and possession of the ball, will be called at the end of all quarters.


While these aren't sweeping changes, it shows the league is taking steps to make the "Hack-a" strategy less of a drain on actual game play. And perhaps, it will lead to even more changes down the road.

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