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Bulls Hoiberg Thinks Wade, Rondo and Butler Will Mesh

Have doubts about how Rajon Rondo, Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler will fit together? You're not alone. Despite Rondo and Wade's big names, the Chicago Bulls' acquisitions have mostly caused confusion, not excitement. Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg, though, is predictably sunny about the prospects of these three playmakers sharing the ball.

Fred Hoiberg told the Chicago Tribune's K.C. Johnson quote-"Dwyane is a tough matchup for opposing teams with him and Jimmy (Butler) on the wings and Rajon (Rondo) at the point. A lot of how we attack will be based on matchups and who the defender is and whose hands we're going to put the ball in to make plays."


"We have multiple playmakers now, multiple guys who can get in the paint. We do have floor spacing on this team. It will be important to have guys who can knock down shots."


"Great players always figure it out," Hoiberg said. "It has to be about one thing, and that's winning. Based on who has the hot hand on any given night, you play through that guy, and the rest of the team plays off him."


Asked who gets the last shot in a tie game, Hoiberg laughed before answering.


"We'll see who has it going," he said.


Hoiberg might have the toughest job in the NBA next season. His three most prominent players are all best with the ball in their hands, and his preferred system requires better shooting, passing and speed than Chicago has. This is a veteran team that wants to win now, and there has been a ton of roster turnover. Maybe he and his three playmakers can figure things out, but it doesn't seem simple.

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