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During Brandon Marshall's appearance on ESPN's First Take, he didn't just prop up his current quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick, by handing him the elite label. He also mended some old wounds by praising his ex-quarterback, Jay Cutler.


In a callback to 2014 -- the peak of Cutler and Marshall's relationship -- Marshall declared on live TV that Cutler can win MVP this season.


"I'll got out on a limb and say this again," Marshall started as Max Kellerman urged him to stop talking. "I truly believe if Alshon Jeffery stays healthy, and then you have Kevin White, if this rookie can come in and catch 55-plus balls, Jay Cutler can be MVP this year. I truly believe that."


Adding quote - "Listen, let me tell you why: He has all the tangibles. ... Listen, sometimes it just takes a little longer. ... Yes, even the work ethic," Marshall said. "This guy has been taking guys out all offseason to the side, bringing them to his house, bringing them to Nashville."


Marshall wasn't allowed to finish, as the First Take crew predictably reacted with chaos -- predictably, because there isn't a person on the planet besides Marshall that truly believes Cutler can win MVP.

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