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Monticello flys by Saints 56-8

The Monticello Sages went to Bloomington and would come out victorious as the Sages win 56-8 in their Friday night battle.
In the first quarter Central Catholic would get to start things off but with 6 starters out of the game, they would quickly make a three and out drive. The Saints punted away to Asher Bradd, finding an open hole from wide receiver Devin Graham creating a huge block. Bradd would stroll into the end zone scoring the first points of the game making it 7-0. Monticello would continue to add on with the help of Alek Bundy. Bundy ran 30 yards on a power to the right side breaking tackles, getting the second touchdown in the 1st quarter making the score 14-0 in favor of the Sages. Bloomington still struggled to find traction on offense. Riley Austin and the rest of the Monticello defense crushed the line giving Saints quarterback Jonathan Naour very little time to throw. Naour scrambling for a play tried throwing one up and lobbed the ball in the air. Alek Bundy would get underneath getting the interception for the Sages. With just 1:00 left in the first quarter the Sages looked to Bundy again finding a sweep to the left side. Braden Snyder running a read option with Bundy, giving an outstanding fake as Bundy would run to the left side with no one within ten yards to make a play. Bundy would stroll in making his 2nd touchdown of the night. Sages ended the quarter leading the game 21-0.
The second quarter would hold pretty much the same, as the Saints struggled to find any ground through the night. Luke Rudolph would kick out of bounds a few times, giving the Saints the ball at the 35-yard line. Saints did find some offense as the Saints ran a trick play with Nauro throwing to wide receiver Liam Brady then downfield for 44 yards to Hayden Pirtz. Monticello continued to stop the Saints though as Central Catholic turned the ball over around the 5-yard line. From there, Braden Snyder looked to the air finding receivers like Matt Kerr, Devin Graham, and Asher Bradd. Snyder led his team down with small quick routes while running the ball himself. Snyder ran the ball for a total of 74 yards, scoring early in the second quarter on a quarterback dive up the middle taking three Saints with him. Saints continued to struggle on offense running the ball a few times until running back Jake Slaughter loses the football on a strip from Matt Kerr. Riley Austin recovered the football for the Sages continuing their drives to victory. Snyder helped find his receivers on a couple more quick routes getting closer to the end zone. The Sages getting closer to the end zone ran the ball with Cole Reedy on a power run to make another touchdown for the Sages, increasing their lead to 35-0. Reedy's run ended the first half.
The third quarter started off with Monticello receiving the ball putting more pressure on Central Catholic. Snyder continued to lead the Sages down the field with quick passes and runs from himself. Snyder found room again to drive in other 6-yard quarterback keeper touchdown, increasing the lead 42-0. Central Catholic would now get a chance to catch a break as Coach Welter switched out some of his starters. The Saints though couldn't hang on, Naour continued to see pressure in the pocket. With that pressure, Naour lobbed up passes throwing another interception. With Coach Welter swapping out some of the starters Nic Tackles and Chris Brown would see more action. The two ran read options down the field giving both large amounts of rushing yards. Tackles with 44 yards total and Brown with 121 yards total. Brown would show his speed late in the third quarter, with a read option to the right side finding an open hole and running for 50 yards for another Sage's touchdown increasing the lead 49-0. 
Starting the 4th quarter the Saints continued to play hard getting some ground from running back Jake Slaughter on power runs. Slaughter found room running the ball getting space and running for 60 yards. The Saints would continue to run with Slaughter finding the end zone on a sweep. Central Catholic didn't stop there as they ran a trick play throwing to Pirtz for a two extra point. Tackles responded back with a 44-yard run finalizing the victory the Sages, making the final score 56-8.
Play of the Game: Punt return by Asher Bradd for 42 yards with the help of wide receiver Devin Graham clearing the way. 

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