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Monticello Continues to Win 41-0

Monticello returned home for their game Friday night and didn't disappoint again. As the Sages flew past the Unity Rockets 41 to 0.


In the first quarter, Monticello would return the ball where Chris Brown would fumble the football with Unity recovering. 


Unity wasn't able to capitalize anything on offense. Matt Kerr and Riley Austin continued to show great skill on defense stopping Unity's Carson Fisher and Nate Reinhart in the backfield. 

Monticello would soon get the ball back on a turnover on down. The first play ran by quarterback Braden Snyder he threw a pass play just like Coach Welter drew it up. Snyder looked for Asher Bradd downfield on post route catching the ball and running it in for a touchdown for an 86 yard touchdown pass. 


Austin and Kerr continued to pound away on defense, putting pressure on Rocket's quarterback Reinhart. Reinhart was 3 for 10 in passing two of which that went for interceptions. Early still in the 1st quarter, Reinhart tried throwing deep to David Martin but threw short making an easy interception for Asher Bradd. 


Monticello didn't stop there as they would drive down the field. Snyder who threw 19 and 23 moved his team down the field hitting receivers Bradd, Luke Stringer, Devin Graham, and Matt Kerr. Snyder threw for more than 300 yards in Friday nights game. 


As Monticello would get closer to the goal line, Bundy runs it in for a 6-yard touchdown increasing the lead 14 to 0.


Unity still not finding any ground with Jack Spence and Matt Kerr continuing to put pressure on the offense giving up no ground. The Unity offense totaled 124 yards all game. Early in the second quarter, the Rockets stopped Monticello on some plays forcing Coach Welter to come up with a trick play. Third and long for Monticello Snyder threw back to Asher Bradd then Bradd looking into the corner of the end zone for Luke Stringer. The six-yard pass was completed for a touchdown increasing the lead 21 to 0.


Braden Snyder gets his chance later, driving the ball down with him running the ball. Snyder put his faith in the offensive line driving the Rockets back to the end zone. Snyder brought it up to the one-yard line, hurrying the offense back up and running a quarterback keeper into the end zone. Snyder scoring his second touchdown bringing the score 35-0 before the half.

The second half would entail more of both teams running the football. The Rockets returned the ball at the start of the third quarter but quickly turned the ball the other way punting it to Asher Bradd. Bradd would get blocks from Devin Graham and Alek Bundy finding open room returning the punt for 70 yards. That would put the score up 41 to 0. Luke Rudolph missed the extra point. 

The clock continued to run with both teams running the football quickly ending the game, making the final score 41-0 in favor of the Sages.

Play of the Game: Touchdown pass from Braden Snyder to Asher Bradd for 86 yards.

Monticello Stats


Braden Snyder 19-23 323yds 


Chris Brown 7 Att 61yds
Alek Bundy 6 Att 49yds
Braden Snyder 7 Att 11yds
Nick Tackles 3 Att 10yds


Asher Bradd 9 Catches 226yds
Devin Graham 3 Catches 35yds
Alek Bundy 3 Catches 13yds
Luke Stringer 4 Catches 25yds
Matt Kerr 1 Catch 16yds
Henry Dawson 1 Catch 8yds

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