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The Illini Prairie Conference had its top dogs duke it out Friday night. In the battle, the two teams would battle it out as the Monticello Sages win over the Pontiac Township Indians 42 to 14.

Both teams 6-0 coming into the Friday night game. Braden Snyder and Asher Bradd continued to dominate on offense. Bradd would put up the first points early in the first quarter on a seam route for 25 yards. Both teams would play tough defense throughout the game holding the teams at bay through the rest of the first quarter. 

The second quarter Devin Graham gets the second touchdown from Snyder, on a 15 yard go route. Both teams struggled after to find any other scoring drives. 

The second half would bring more points for both teams. Monticello's Alek Bundy broke free on a rush, running all the way down to the 1-yard line where he fumbled the ball turning it over. Pontiac's Ben Schuler turns it around throwing to Colton Clesson for a 99-yard touchdown pass bringing the score 14-7. After that Devin Graham for Monticello returned a kick return for 67 yards bringing the Sages around the 25-yard line. From there Alek Bundy rushed up the middle on a dive running for a 25-yard touchdown. Ben Schuler continued to pressure finding Coby Parra on a go route for a 31-yard touchdown pass bringing the score 21-14 ending the third quarter. 

The 4th quarter Coach Welter drew up a play to separate the teams. Snyder and Bradd ran a trick play, with Snyder tossing back to Bradd then turning around throwing to Snyder for a 6-yard touchdown pass. Bundy then continued to add points on a 15-yard touchdown drive. Bradd then continued to stop Pontiac's Schuler on an interception putting the final points on the board making final score 42-14.

Sages-Braden Snyder 8-17 for 125 yards 3td, 1 int
Indians-Ben Schuler 15-37 for 241 yards, 2td, 2 int

Sages-Alek Bundy 151 yards 2 Tds 
Indians-Austin Norman 67 yards

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