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Lady Sages fall to Trojans 61-25

The tables turned on the Lady Sages after their win from LeRoy last week 60-25. The turn out for their game against Charleston Trojans, that there is still work to be made, as the Lady Sages lost 61-25.


Coach Beery said he was proud of his Lady Sages playing with a tough team. He said it gave them a good look on where they stand right now. Lady Sages struggled to get offensive plays started as Charleston was in full court press most of the game. Monticello just put up 7 in the 1st quarter then just 4 in the 2nd. Sages did come firing away in the 2nd half playing zone defense trapping Charleston on a couple of plays. The Sages then put up 11 in the 3rd quarter and 3 in the 4th making the final score for the Sages 25. Olivia Swanson led the Sages with points with three 2's along with Cloe Clark who had a 3-pointer early in the 1st quarter then a free throw early in the 3rd quarter. 


Charleston put pressure all game long as they would be able to make fast break transitions up and down the court on turnovers from the Sages. Trojans put up 22 in just the 1st quarter then 25 in the 2nd quarter. Monticello switched up defenses slowing the Trojans down, holding them to just 8 points in the 3rd quarter then 6 in the 4th quarter. To lead the Trojans in points was Shae Littleford with 17 points. She was followed by Elizabeth Buecher with 13 points and Bernie Jackson with 11 points.


This game would make it Monticello's first loss of the season, as Charleston continued to a 5-0 record. 


Next game for the Sages is at Mt. Zion on November 27th, at 7:30 pm. 


Play of the Game: Lexi Fisher getting a steal in the 2nd half, tipping and pushing the ball towards Rennie Fultz getting her to shoot and draw a foul. 



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