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Bundy steals game, Monticello beats Auburn 46-25

The Sages came away with another stellar 2nd half putting away the Auburn Trojans. Alek Bundy led the team in steals with over 10 steals. The defense of Monticello held the Trojans down keeping them under 11 points in the first half and only allowing 14 in the second, sealing the game away and final score 46-25.


Alek Bundy helped lead this team as he put 10 plus points this game along with several steals. Devin Graham helped put the Sages up early in the first half leading the Sages with 9 points then putting 10 more in the second half. Garrett Kepley also put points on the board with a total of 9.


Trojans struggled to get a rhythm as Justin Tanner led the Trojans in points with 8. Payton Krager who was pressured by Bundy all night was able to get 7. 


Monticello wins their 4th game improving their record to 4-0, with Trojans losing getting a record of 2-1.


Play of the Game: Alek Bundy backhand steal of Krager getting the ball down to Graham for an easy layup to start the second half.

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