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Momentum is picking up for high school football to return this fall as administrators, coaches and athletes are planning weekend rallies in Springfield and Chicago.


It all comes down to the decision of one individual in Illinois - Gov. JB Pritzker - who yesterday indicated he would not be changing his mind on allowing high school football to be played. Jon Kerr is a sportswriter for the Chicago Tribune and was on the WHOW Morning Show Tuesday, has started a personal blog that had an op-ed that made the rounds among high school administrators and coaches last week, pushing for the return of high school football.



Many ask why does the Governor care so much about high school football? Kerr believes Pritzker made a very hasty decision back in July and notes the IHSA was not ready for the announcement made by Governor Pritzker which all but negated any possibility of playing high school football in the fall.



Many wonder, especially after Gov. Pritzker's emphatic response to the upcoming rallies this weekend, is it too little too late? Kerr wonders that as well but says, we have to continue to fight if this is something we really want.



Many high school coaches have been outspoken about their desire to find a way to play this season and despite Gov. Pritzker's Tuesday comments regarding decisions on high school sports, rallies in Springfield and Chicago are still planning to go on.

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