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Clinton Football Coach Disagrees With Notion Football Creates Educational Buy-In From Student Athletes

The #letthemplay movement has emphasized the benefits of playing sports for some kids, like creating opportunities to go on to college or remaining eligible so they can compete.


Clinton football coach Chris Ridgeway says he doesn't necessarily believe that. He explains he has coached kids that buy-in to the program and their school and has coached kids that have a careless attitude to all the things they are involved in.



Coach Ridgeway does point out, this school year is going to be interesting because the high school football season is now in the spring and players will have to keep their grades up the whole semester to be eligible for the spring season.



As the fall practice season goes on, Coach Ridgeway says numbers are tailing off just slighlty as more sports pick up. He says they are seeing consistency from the kids and is encouraged at the fact they continue to see good participation despite not have games. 

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