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Clinton High School, Monticello High School Athletic Directors Discuss IHSA Decision on Winter Sports

The IHSA earlier this week announced they would be moving forward to with basketball this winter despite public health guidance advising basketball not be played.


The move was surprising to many including local administrators who described the move as a step in the right direction. That's how Clinton High School Athletic Director Matt Koeppel described the move and points out decisions still come down to the local level.



Monticello Athletic Director Dan Sheehan was surprised by the IHSA's decision as well but notes they are becoming increasingly strained from a financial perspective and notes it is not out of the question, without basketball, the IHSA may not exist next year.



The question becomes - will local school boards give the thumbs up for basketball? Sheehan says it is very early on with many aspects to consider. He is encouraged Monticello as a district is very supportive of the athletic programs.



For Koeppel, he is taking a day-by-day approach right now and he is keeping a positive outlook on everything.



Wrestling was moved to the summer as part of the IHSA's announcement earlier this week.

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