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Clinton Schools Superintendent Calls for Transparency in Sports Discussions

Clinton Schools Superintendent Curt Nettles was among roughly 200 school leaders around the state to sign a letter asking for cooperation between several entities in Illinois making decisions about sports.


The Illinois Department of Public and the IHSA seem to have been on different pages during the last several months as efforts to make sports happen in Illinois seem to hit a snag at every meaningful milestone. Nettles wants to see everyone get on the same page and sit down talk face-to-face.



There is much about this situation frustrating to Nettles. From State leadership being unwilling to answer simple questions about why the decisions are being made to continued lost opportunities for kids, he just wants to see some transparency.



According to Nettles, as all these sports continue to get pushed to later in the winter, to the spring and even the summer, there are going to be scenarios where kids are going to have to decide on one sport or another, and that to him is unfortunate.



All winter sports are now on hold until at least the first of the year. In good news for high school sports and even schools, Pfizer announced earlier in the week their vaccine has a 95-percent efficacy and anticipates being able to mass produce their vaccine for distribution in the days ahead, giving hope for a return to normal soon.

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