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Only about 4,000 snow leopards are left in the wild. Now considered a "vulnerable species," they roam across Central Asia where climate change and poaching further threatens their survival. A program in the remote mountains of Russia and Mongolia is trying to save the local species, and it's working. Elizabeth Palmer reports.

Instagram said it wants to create a healthier environment for users. So it's testing out a new policy in parts of the U.S. to hide likes. Jamie Yuccas explains.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are making headlines for their small army of “mini cheetah robots.” According to MIT News, the robots weigh about 20 pounds and researchers say they are "virtually indestructible." But don't expect them to hit store shelves anytime soon. MIT said it created the bots to be a tool for researchers.

Why dating apps are causing burnout

An estimated 25 million American adults used dating apps in the past year. Some experts say dating apps keep people locked in an endless cycle of matches and rejections, and many end up feeling more disconnected and lonely. CBSN Originals executive producer Adam Yamaguchi joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss their new documentary, "Dating Apps."

A U.S. Navy submarine missing for 75 years has been found off Okinawa, Japan. The USS Grayback sailed out of Pearl Harbor on January 28, 1944, for its 10th combat patrol. Two months later, it was listed as missing and presumed lost.

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