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A new success for Space X! It happened after an unmanned rocket lifted-off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida today. The mission: to test whether a new crew capsule could survive an explosion. Meg Oliver reports.

Plastics are the most common form of garbage found in the world's oceans. According to the World Economic Forum, the amount of plastic dumped into oceans is equal to a full garbage truck of plastic dumped every minute. Now some fisherman are casting their nets to make a difference. Seth Doane reports.

Antarctica is one of the most remote places on the planet, but climate change is hitting it hard. A group of scientists want to know how the warming weather is affecting the chinstrap penguin. For our Eye on Earth series, Roxana Saberi traveled to Antarctica to understand exactly how climate change is impacting them.

A secret operation led by specially trained firefighters has saved the last of a rare Dinosaur-era tree species from the Australia bushfires. The Wollemi pine trees, once thought to be extinct, have grown in Australia for over 200 million years and now number less than 200. The mission had to be kept a secret in order to keep the trees' location under wraps due to their fragile nature.

Some jobs robots are now doing

Automaker Ford bought two robots that can deliver and store packages. Robots are also flipping burgers, serving coffee and doing surgery.

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