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To the Editor:
Election season is here again, but this Dewitt County election may not be an election that our nation was founded on. The people of this United States enjoy a two Party System, not a Single Party System. The Dewitt County Board race has been divvied-up by the combined parties before the primary, no reason for holding the primary election as no seats will be challenged. This election will be just a formality it will only take one vote in the primary to decide the final election. This primary will leave No Democrat or Republican running against each other in the main election. Voters will have no choice in elected officials for county board in this year’s election.
Question: Is “Better Government for Dewitt County” really a front for a Single Party System? Is combining the Democrat and Republican parties a good idea?
One-party governments justify themselves through various means. Most often, supporters of one-party governments argue that the existence of separate parties runs counter to government’s unity, it all just works better with one party, we can all get along that way. Others argue that only one party is the true leader of the people, and therefore its right to rule cannot be challenged. Governments ruled under the one party system will either straight out outlaw opposition parties or limit them to operate as a branch of the ruling single party.
Why do we the people of the United States have a two party system and not a single party system? First it allows two separate parties to make efforts to seize control of the government; a single party government always has control of the government permanently.
In a two party system each party creates its platform and recruits members including raising money for the support of its nominees and candidates that reflect its platform. Single party governments have no need for platforms or elections.
Party members in a two party system work within their own party during elections and in the government to get their policies implemented that reflect their party platform. Single party governments have no problem with implementing any policies as there is no opposition to its policies, as it has no other party or platforms to worry about.
At first glance single party system sounds pretty good, no back stabbing mudslinging name calling, the only drawback might be all the back slapping for a job well done.
Maybe we should look at some famous single party governments before deciding if we want to change to a single party system. Some of them include parties with the names “Peoples Republic” “Communist Party” “Workers Party” I think they are in countries named China, Russia and North Korea.
Choice is what a two party system gives us; a single party system takes choice away from us. I can live with rough and tumble elections like all Americans that love their freedom to choose.
Bill Spencer
Kenney, IL

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