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Letter to the Editor: Treat DeWitt County Board Election Like a Business


Posted October 26, 2020


Dear Editor:

If you were going to fire someone for something they did that you felt was wrong, for which of the following reasons would it be?

    1) They were good stewards of company money and always stayed within budget?
    2) They have been able to work together with other employees regardless of differing views to get the job done?
    3) They didn’t cause unwarranted scrutiny by news sources?
    4) They found ways to bring the company from being in the red to being in the black?
    5) They have worked extra hours without compensation to get the job done?
    6)  They volunteered their skills to enrich their employer (at no charge and not needing recognition)?
    7) When a critical employee safety component of the business was about to be lost they found a less expensive solution while protecting more?
    8) They found a way to decrease utility costs at no extra expense for the employer?
    9) They lobbied to keep an important source of revenue for the company?
    10) They transformed a company disgrace into a state-of-the-art facility?
    11) They protected the company from chemical contaminants insuring all employees stayed safe?
    12) They made sure all departments had the resources needed to perform properly?
    13) They looked forward to ensure that the revenue needed to survive was being addressed?
    14) They proactively made required minimum wage increases less of an impact on the company’s bottom line, while working at well below minimum wage levels to do their own jobs?
    15) They are willing to keep their positions even though they know the road ahead is going to be difficult because of revenue losses created by Covid19 and other factors?
    16) They continually look for a revenue stream which doesn’t cost the employees any financial burdens…even when not all support their efforts?
    17) There have been no lay-offs during their tenure because of good budgeting and fiscal responsibility?
    18) They make decisions because it was good for the company and other employees rather that what a minority thought of them?
    19) They were willing to voice their opinions in public when others who are applying for their jobs wouldn’t?

Now, substitute DeWitt County for company and workplace, residents of DeWitt County for bosses and other employees, and they for incumbent board members now running for re-election.

Looking at the very possible loss of revenue that we may face down the road, it is more important now more than ever, to keep experienced and proven leaders in the offices of the County Board. 

Re-elect Camille Redman and Lance Reece in District A and
 Jay Wickenhauser, Scott Nimmo, and Dave Newberg in District C.

Kim Spencer

Clinton, IL  


Letter to the Editor on DeWitt County Board Election


Posted October 23, 2020


Dear Editor:


It is clear that the new candidates running for DeWitt County Board have been unfairly mentioned by a faction that does not clearly identify themselves in mailings, postcards, phone calls, and other online posts.  Having attended most Board meetings over the last several years, I can attest to why these candidates decided to run for office.


In a recent mailing, it was questioned as to whether the new candidates (the so-called “no show candidates”) did not want to show their lack of knowledge about issues affecting the County at a recent radio interview forum.  Each new candidate was named in this letter and accused of numerous claims.  One new candidate was called a “Manchurian candidate”, a reference to a “political thriller about the son of a prominent U.S. political family who is brainwashed into being an unwitting assassin for a Communist conspiracy.”  Why does this group feel the need to name-call?


In a recent newspaper article, the claim is that wind turbines are being built all around DeWitt County approved by other conservative counties.  They ask why are wind turbines so bad and why is a local group trying to spread untruths.  They do not list any counties that are trying to implement ordinances to protect their residents from falling blades or from radar impediments which are both real safety issues, among others.


In recent postcards, it was claimed that the new candidates were recruited by a local group.  In fact, after attending many Board meetings, it became obvious to each that change was needed.  The safety of residents was not being considered at Board meetings and incumbent Board members rarely stated their reasoning for their votes and motions. 


Claims were also made about harassment of Arcosa employees, and that these new candidates do not care about these employees.  In fact, an amendment to the wind ordinances was recommended that would have guaranteed Arcosa employees continued employment but was voted down by these incumbents.


In online posts, the same information was disseminated as was on the postcards about Arcosa.  In fact, a post on the page actually says this layoff was not due to this wind project but instead due to loss of contracts with GE.  


It may be true that these new candidates were attracted to the County Board meetings by a single issue.  But, what they observed during these meetings was unsettling and drove each to try to make a change for the better. 


Each having diverse backgrounds and experience that they want to contribute, allowed them to recognize the current Board’s shortcomings.  Each of these new candidates, if one would take the time to research, is very concerned about current Board operation.  It is time for a change.


Terry Husted

Clinton, IL 61727




Letter to the Editor: Sitting DeWitt County Board Members Ought Not to Be Re-Elected


Posted October 21, 2020


Dear Editor:


Over the last three years, DeWitt County has had a very controversial topic at hand.  As somebody who has watched this controversial battle, I want to point out things I’ve noticed about some of the sitting County Board members.


First, I am not impressed that some of our sitting Board members want everyone to know that they are working together to better DeWitt County.  I like independent thinkers and representatives who listen to their constituent’s concerns.


Those who are in Board positions should bring something to the table, such as discussion/conversation, questions, and ideas on how to compromise.  For the 5 sitting Board members who are up for re-election, showing up for meetings unprepared and unengaged seems to be a re-occurring habit. 


When the same Board members vote exactly the same way as the others every time, and don’t initiate conversation or have any questions about important matters, it leaves voters questioning the ability of these Board members to lead this community.


Earlier this year, the ZBA board experienced 17 nights (over 50 hours) of testimony from those who support and oppose the Alta Farms II windfarm project.  Again, as somebody who attended, I witnessed DeWitt County residents come to these meetings night after night, tired from a full day’s work from their own jobs, to listen and testify their concerns.


I can tell you there were 6 County Board members who didn’t even bother to attend these nights.  These same folks wanted to be Board members, but wouldn’t attend meetings that were important to their constituents.  Their lack of attendance, at least for some of the meetings, should concern everyone. 


I will not always agree with how some Board members vote. I accept that. But I cannot accept their desire for voter support now when our County needed them to listen and they failed to do so. 


I wanted to hear how they intend to do, prepare and engage better, to thoroughly discuss issues and better represent their constituents in the future. But no. Instead, voters get mailers falsely blaming those who oppose a windfarm for layoffs at a local company. How ridiculous.  The behaviors of the Board members running for re-election have been unprofessional, and are not the representation DeWitt County voters need and deserve. 


Five sitting Board members are asking for voter’s support for re-election, but because of how these sitting board members have treated their constituents, they deserve to be voted out. 


“Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.” – Brene Brown

They didn’t.  But you can.  VOTE – CARTER, KAMMEYER, PRESTEGAARD, and MEYERS.   

Ashley Ooms


Letter to the Editor from Outgoing DeWitt County Board Member


Posted October 20, 2020


Dear Editor:

Although I consider my time as a County Board member an honor and privilege, I will regrettably be leaving my Board position in December. However, I appreciate and thank those who have supported me. I still believe that the incumbents are the proper choice in this election, and in the strongest terms possible I will show my support for them. 

During my time being associated with these members I discovered what it means to serve the public in an honorable manner. 

 Chairman Newberg and Vice-Chair Redman took their valuable time to mentor me about all of the operations involved as to how the County operates. They enlightened me about the courage it takes to be the best Board member I could be. And I thank them for that time. 

 Mr. Reece, Mr. Nimmo, and Mr. Wickenhauser were always receptive to an open conversation about any issue and always treated me with the upmost respect without any political overtones. 
 The character and integrity of each of these public servants is beyond reproach. The intense desire to be the best Board member possible was always present. 

I am troubled that the reason those opposing these incumbents is a single issue. It bothers me that they aren't looking at the big picture and don't understand the complexities of public service but are only looking to advance their own agenda. This concern by itself should be reason enough to vote for the incumbents!

The time it takes to perform the duties associated with these positions, besides the once a month meeting, is time most people don't understand. The phone calls, texts, and E-mails consume time not accounted for on any time sheet. Following up on concerns of the public can run into multiple location visits and conversations/meetings with those who might be able to help. This time should be expected and gladly spent in an effort to resolve such concerns. The incumbents have shown that ability. 

Economic development should be explored and welcomed by Board members. The incumbents have shown that they believe in growth. However, the challengers have all shown that they disagree with that philosophy by opposing a major development coming into the County. 

 It was a pleasure to serve with these people, and they deserve to continue to serve the citizens of De Witt County. 

Camille Redman, Lance Reece, Dave Newberg, Scott Nimmo, and Jay Wickenhauser have earned your vote and I sincerely hope you also see that when you vote.

 Please cast your vote for integrity, dedication, and growth! Elect Newberg, Redman, Reece, Wickenhauser, and Nimmo. 

Cole Ritter


Letter to the Editor on DeWitt County Board Race


Posted October 19, 2020


Dear Editor:

 It's time for the American people to have a say in something!  Election Day is just around the corner.  It's time for us to look back on the job being done by the people in office to see if they deserve another term.


 I would like to share my opinion of the local DeWitt County Board members that are serving the county now.  Over the last few years, DeWitt County has had many hard decisions that have needed to be made.


They have worked hard to find answers to problems that benefit all of us that live in DeWitt County. Their experience and knowledge is priceless and has proven their value to those of us that live within this County.


CAMILLE REDMAN and LANCE REECE from District A, CHRISTY PRUSER from District B, and DAVID NEWBERG, JAY WICKHAUSER, and SCOTT NIMMO from District C  have all worked with the other Board members to decide on issues that have been a great benefit to the entire County.

 I have had the opportunity to sit in on some of the Board meetings and have been impressed with the willingness and commitment that is shown in the way the meetings have been conducted.


It is good to see them weigh the pros and cons after many hours behind the scenes studying the proposals that have needed to be decided. 


Many members of various Boards are not willing to put in the time and effort to thoroughly understand the way each and every vote effects the County as a whole.


Please help me show our appreciation for the current County Board members by voting for them to continue the good work they have done and will continue to do for US!


Sonna Hoke

Clinton, IL 61727



Letter to the Editor on DeWitt County Board Race: Experience Counts


Posted October 19, 2020


Dear Editor:

There are five candidates running for DeWitt County Board who are honest, hardworking and are currently responsible members of the DeWitt County Board.


They believe in DeWitt County and understand the duties that go along with being a responsible board member. They are for economic growth, against increasing tax burdens, have been active members of our community, and will continue to do a great job for DeWitt County.


Vote for Camille Redman and Lance Reece in "District A" and Dave Newberg, Scott Nimmo, and Jay Wickenhouser in "District C"  Experience counts!


Steven Paddock
Clinton, Il



Letter to the Editor on DeWitt County Board Election


Posted October 19, 2020


Dear Editor:

DeWitt County will undoubtedly have many challenges and difficult decisions ahead as a result of the economic hardships caused by a global pandemic. 


Our recovery and eventual growth will require leaders with new ideas and a vision for the future.  It will require leaders who treat others with respect and compassion, and who will listen to and advocate for the residents and employees of the county.


Megan Myers is a servant leader with all of these qualities and more, and she is running for County Board in district C.


When the pandemic first hit and businesses were forced to close, Megan was out distributing “We Will Prevail” and “In It Together” yard signs.  She shows empathy, and works to build community.

Megan has experience in leadership positions, having served on the 4H Foundation Board, and currently serves as a board member of the Clinton Community Educational Foundation, sitting on the Dual Credit and Finance committees.


Megan will bring diversity of thought to a county board that is seventy-five percent male, with district C being the only district that is currently represented 100% by men. 


If you live in DeWitt County District C, which includes Creek and Texas Townships, as well as the southeastern portion of Clinton in Clintonia Township, I respectfully ask that you consider voting for Megan Myers for County Board. 


Joe Witte 



Letter to the Editor from Libertarian Candidate for DeWitt County Circuit Clerk


Posted October 19, 2020


Dear Editor:


I’m not a wealthy person by any means, but I will not accept compensation for this office. I believe that the salary could be utilized elsewhere in the office (such as a new website, and increasing the wages of other office workers).  I believe firmly in transparency.  All public information will be public. I will be reasonable, when it comes to payments of fines. Offering longer-term payment plans at reasonable installment rates.  This will prevent the necessity of utilizing a collection agency to collect a fine.


I don't want or need your sympathy votes!


Yes it is true; I am a wheelchair-bound disabled veteran.  This DOES NOT mean I am entitled to your vote.  I would appreciate you just voting for me because of what I can bring to the job, not simply voting for me because of what I am.  Although I may not have the exact technical aspects of a particular job; I have the ability, instilled by the Military, to quickly adapt to any job situation and excel.


Transparency –

The use of secret classifications to keep from the public information that it should have is completely wrong. If I am able to see it, the public should see it. However, there should be some redacted information to protect the privacy of individuals.


Payment plans –

If a person cannot afford the full amount of a fine, in a lump sum, they should be able to set up a payment plan with the court system. This keeps the court from suspending their driver license or sending the fine to a collection agency. ...


Customer service –

I have been told that the workers in the Circuit Clerk’s office are hateful to the public. The Circuit Clerk’s office should be an inviting environment to the public.  This is likely a person’s first interaction with the court system; it should not be a bad one.   New ways to serve the public, without additional spending, should be researched constantly.  Most of these services could be implemented in an online format.


“Convenience traffic court” –

By borrowing the idea from Sangamon County, the citizens of DeWitt County will have the option to appear in court at a more convenient time than their assigned first appearance.

Eligible individuals include: Drivers who received a petty traffic violation and wish to request court supervision. Drivers who received a compliance violation (no insurance card, no insurance, expired registration/sticker, no valid driver's  license, etc.).


Why am I running?  That’s an easy answer, no choice for this position!  How fair is it to the residents of DeWitt County to only have one choice on the ballot in November?  The incumbent was running unopposed, and that isn’t the right thing to have done to the residents of this county.  Either you will vote for the incumbent or for me.  Whatever your choice is, you will at least have a choice for this position come November.


Thank you for your time,

Nathan Florey

Clinton, IL




Letter to the Editor from Current DeWitt County Board Member


Posted October 16, 2020


Dear Editor:


 As a current DeWitt County Board member I would like to share some of my observations of the incumbents running for reelection. 


 Dave Newberg as Chairman and Camille Redman as Vice-Chairman have been two of the best leaders of this Board in a long time. They pay attention to what needs to be accomplished and prioritize what needs the Boards immediate attention. They are knowledgeable of the pitfalls of bad decisions and steer the Board in a more positive direction. With their leadership the Board has been a productive and responsible body with no drama or confusion. 


 I am the Vice-Chair of the Public Safety Committee with Lance Reece as its Chairman and I can say with confidence that his performance in resolving ambulance service for my District was an example of dedication to the citizens of DeWitt County. This was a critical care issue that had consequences for over 2,000 residents. He handled the problem with a sense of urgency, spent many hours resolving roadblocks as they appeared, and always kept his eye on ensuring that the citizens were protected! Because of his leadership those citizens are now protected and can rest well at night knowing they have ambulance service. 


 I have watched Jay Wickenhauser as Chairman of the Marina Committee spend an enormous amount of time and effort to make the Marina a more inviting and enjoyable recreational area. Under his guidance the Marina is surely to become a "destination spot" for many Illinois residents. This will not only bring exposure to DeWitt County, it will also increase revenue to make it an even a better destination. 


Because of their performance and abilities they should be retained to continue the forward looking vision for the County and its residents. Your vote for these Candidates is needed for the good of the County. 


Vote for Camille Redman, and Lance Reece in District "A" and Dave Newberg, Scott Nimmo, and Jay Wickenhauser in Distrct "C"


Thank you,
Christy Pruser
DeWitt County Board Member
District B


Letter to the Editor on Upcoming DeWitt County Board Election


Posted October 15, 2020


Dear Editor:

After hearing the news that the DeWitt County anti-wind group is suing the County, I feel the necessity to speak out!

We are about to conclude an election which will determine who will be our next representatives on the DeWitt County Board.  We must seriously consider who our best choices are.

I don't think that the four challengers running for these positions are a wise choice! These folks have the backing of the anti-wind group and they have all endorsed the anti-wind group’s cause. Do we really want to elect Board members who are presently backing a lawsuit against the County to make future decisions for the people of DeWitt County?      

I THINK NOT!  Of course, the true irony would be to elect them to sit on a Board that they are in favor of suing. 

I ask you to support and elect the following five non-partisan incumbents.

REDMAN and REECE in District A


Roger Fatheree
Clinton, IL



Station Editorial: The So-Called "Fair Tax" Is Anything But


Posted October 7, 2020


This is a station editorial, I'm Randal J. Miller, station president.


Voters on November 3rd will vote on an Illinois constitutional amendment to change the state from a flat income tax to a progressive income tax based on income.


Before you believe the ad campaign being ran by a PAC funded by Governor Pritzker calling it the quote "Fair Tax" to soak the few rich and the fat cats there are left in the state, please consider these points.


Passage of this amendment will give the Legislature unprecedented new authority to increase income tax rates on any group of taxpayers at will – including lower- and middle-income taxpayers and small business owners – and lock those new powers into our State’s Constitution. 


There would be no limit on the number of tax brackets that could be created and no limit on how high tax rates could be increased on groups of individual taxpayers. 


The day after the election, there would be nothing to prevent the Legislature from raising state income taxes on everyone. 

With the state's budget deficit standing at over 6-billion dollars, that's 6-billion with a B, you'd better believe that they won't just be taxing Frank Fat Cat.  They'll come after farmers, small business owners, and middle class families because of the Democrats' penchant for wanting to spend money whether they have it or not.


There hasn't been an OUNCE of discussion about CUTTING the state budget in this year of the coronavirus outbreak.  Not one OUNCE.


When you and I's checkbook doesn't stretch, we cut expenses.  But, Democrats spend, and spend, and spend some more, whether they have the money or not.


And, as they always do, they'll hide behind the state's school children--my grandchildren--stating if this doesn't pass, there will be cuts to the education your children--my grandchildren--receive.

The so-called Fair Tax is anything but.  Anything that gives ANY politician--Democat or Republican--the ability to raise my taxes without any accountability, is a just plain bad idea.


That's our opinion....we welcome yours.  Our e-mail address is editorial@randyradio.com.


Letter to the Editor on DeWitt County Board Races


Posted October 5, 2020


Dear Editor:


DeWitt County has one of its most important races this year for County Board.


In 2018, all the members elected to the Board were newcomers.  At least one of the newcomers has attended less than 40 percent of the meetings he was scheduled for. None have served as committee chairmen.


When WHOW held a candidates’ forum last week, only the five incumbents showed up, even though all candidates on the ballot were invited.  None of the new people who hope to be elected came to answer questions about their reasons for running or plans for our county. 


What do they have to hide?  If a person plans to run for public office, that person has a duty to make his/her views known to the voters. The residents of DeWitt County were deprived of that, and I believe we should deprive this group of our votes.  I believe we can count on those who showed up, answered Seth Lawrence’s questions, and have worked successfully together for the last several years..


In District A, incumbents are Camille Redman, chair of the finance committee and vice chair of the board.  The board has balanced our budget, kept our county taxes from rising, and has pulled us out of a financial hole created by an earlier, inexperienced board. Her expertise has been invaluable.


Lance Reece is chairman of the health/safety committee and has spent 18 months juggling talks with Farmer City, their former ambulance provider, and the county's current ambulance service, negotiating successfully to make sure the 2,000 residents from Farmer City have access to ambulance service after their former ambulance provider served notice.


In District C, incumbents are Dave Newberg, board chairman, who has turned a part-time position into a full-time one, spending hours nearly every day at the courthouse, checking on each of the county departments and educating himself on their accomplishments and problems.


Jay Wickenhauser is head of the Marina Committee, and one look at what has been accomplished at Clinton Lake’s marina is very impressive. Note the new roof and the ADA compliance additions.


Scott Nimmo, chairman of the property committee, has construction experience and has saved the county lots of money supervising construction projects and concrete work, such as at the animal shelter and ambulance complex.


These people are a mix of Republicans and Democrats, but have worked seamlessly together for years, emphasizing the best interests of DeWitt County. 


Our country and our county need such bipartisan cooperation.


Please vote for experience. It is essential this year.


Becky Adams



Station Editorial on 2 Great Communities


Posted October 4, 2020


This is a station editorial,  I'm Randal J. Miller, station president.  I'm recording this editorial on October 4th during the second day of the 35th annual Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Chillifest on the Square.  I'm doing this editorial from this location because I want to give 2 shout outs to 2 great communities.


The first is the Taylorville community and the Greater Taylorville Chamber Chillifest committee for the hard work they put in to pull off the 35th edition of Chillifest.  Chillifest is a 2-day event that features International Chilli Society judging, entertainment on 2 stages, over 90 arts and crafts vendors selling their wares, and chilli in cold quarts being sold by the Chamber as a fund raiser, instead of by the bowl which was eliminated this year due to the coronavirus outbreak.


As a member of the Chillifest committee, I personally know the immense amount of work they did in making sure the event was socially distanced and safe for the public, including encouraging the wearing of masks, and providing countless hand sanitizing stations.  


Several thousand people from out of state and Central Illinois, came to Taylorville for the weekend.  It's the biggest event of the fall season for the Christian County seat.


The other shoutout I want to give, is to my staff and those involved in the September 26th virtual live coverage of the Clinton Apple and Pork Festival.  Although the event itself was cancelled due to the coronavirus, WHOW WEZC station manager Jared White and our news and sports reporter Seth Laurence, spent 8 hours that day at our studios, bringing in representatives from the C-H Moore Museum, who came up with the idea of the Apple and Pork Festival some 50 years ago to raise money to maintain the beautiful house which was turned into a museum.  


White and Laurence also scheduled and interviewed countless representatives from the many non profit organizations that man various booths at the festival, who make their yearly budget with what they make at the festival.  All of these organizations are now having to come up with alternate fund raisers to make their budget to serve the community.


Kudos to all those involved in our WHOW WEZC virtual Apple and Pork Festival coverage, and those who made the 35th annual Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Chillifest happen.  


Both are examples of people who made lemonade out of lemons, and I'm proud of them all.


That's our opinion....we welcome yours.  Our e-mail address is editorial@randyradio.com.


Letter to the Editor on DeWitt County Board Election


Posted October 2, 2020


Dear Editor:

The upcoming DeWitt County Board race is a serious decision for the county’s future. This race will decide the path of this county’s financial future. Will it be a path of continued achievement or one of confusion and unfortunate errors?

It concerns me that those who are running to replace the seated Board members entered the race only based on the wind farm issue. They have all come out publicly, saying that if they are elected, they will reverse the vote of the Board eliminating this project. These statements show exactly how misinformed they are. It cannot be done without putting the County in "breach of contract" and an almost certain lawsuit. These actions will cost the County's taxpayers many thousands of dollars in litigation which it cannot afford.

They have also stated that the Board should "live within its means". The answer to any financial problems is " a better budget." Again, this shows us how ill-informed they are. The existing Board has always presented a balanced budget, has never run in the red, and have been good stewards of taxpayer money.

They have made these statements but have never explained HOW they were going to fix these perceived problems! Where were these financial watchdogs when the County was in a definite financial strain because of poor decisions made by elected, one issue Board members? Funds were misused and almost depleted. The final budget approved by that board was not balanced and in the red!

Because of these questions, I encourage everyone to vote for those who have proven that they can run this County in a professional and unbiased manner.

Camille Redman and Lance Reece in District A
Dave Newberg, Scott Nimmo, and Jay Wichenhouser in District C

Barbara McMath  



Letter to the Editor: Vote for DeWitt County's Experienced Candidates for County Board


Posted October 1, 2020


Dear Editor:


Vote for DeWitt County’s future Experience is a valuable characteristic in life and is especially valuable in a leadership position. We need people who are diligent,dedicated,willing to work long hours when working on important decisions, and care about the future of all the residents of DeWitt County.


Camille Redman, Lance Reece in District A and Dave Newberg,Scott Nimmo,and Jay Wickenhauser in District C are some of these leaders. They want to see DeWitt County grow economically and prosper by bringing in new industries. They are fiscally responsible and have never passed a budget that’s not balanced.


They have spent hours lobbying for the Power Plant, finding ways to fund schools and county services without increasing tax burdens and have worked in a bi-partisan manner to make the best decisions for our county.


If you want to see DeWitt County grow, keep budget in the black, maintain our county services and have an experienced group of leaders you will support these individuals.


Peggy Lamar



Letter to the Editor on Upcoming DeWitt County Board Election


Posted September 24, 2020


Dear Editor:


The election coming up is not only important on a national level but also right here in DeWitt County.  The race for the County Board seats will have an enormous impact on us more quickly than any other race in the country. Actions of the County Board from taxes, to public safety, and county infrastructure are immediate. A vote taken on a Thursday night about an issue can be effective Friday morning! Because of this, it is important to maintain experience on the Board.


If the incumbents lose in this election, more than half the Board will be composed of members who have fewer than 2 years of experience, with none of those having been chairs of any committee. We don't have the luxury of waiting for these folks to get up to speed and be ready for the challenges facing this County. 


It is also alarming that those who are challenging the incumbents are one-issue candidates on an issue which, without a legal battle, will cost the County money it doesn't have and cannot be reversed. With so much at stake, we need to elect those who have a working knowledge of how the County operates; those who are concerned about its financial stability; and those who have the ability to leave politics out of their decisions. 


The incumbents have kept the County on a positive course, and it should stay on that course!


Please vote for the following candidates:


   Dave Newberg

   Jay Wickenhauser

   Scott Nimmo



   Lance Reece

   Camille Redman


Thank you for voting for a positive, experienced group of DeWitt County leaders.



Dennis Rich

Clinton, IL  61727


Letter to the Editor on DeWitt County Board Candidates in General Election


Posted September 21, 2020


Dear Editor:

I believe we must consider leadership in the DeWitt County Board election this year.


As a former member of the County Board, I have worked alongside the incumbents who are running for reelection, and I would like to outline my experiences while doing so.  During my time on the County Board, everyone worked in unison to make sure that we were doing what was right for the County’s residents. We always presented a balanced budget, took care of County infrastructure, and gave the employees the tools they needed to perform their jobs with the most efficiency. 


All Board members respected one another and understood that "we were all in this together."   This is a result of leadership provided by David Newberg as Chairman and Camille Redman as Vice-Chairman.  Because of their vision for a better government, the Board worked its way out of a financial hole and still took care of the demands of the County’s needs. This was done without raising taxes!  The attitude of the Board starts with its leaders. 


Scott Nimmo, Jay Wickenhauser, and Lance Reece worked shoulder to shoulder with the other Board members to resolve all issues presented. 


Although not in leadership roles at that time, they participated in discussions and presented ideas to help reach a working solution.  It takes leadership to operate a governmental body, and these candidates have proven their ability to do just that!


Please vote for proven leaders:

Dave Newberg, Scott Nimmo, and Jay Wickenhauser in District C
Lance Reece and Camille Redman in District A


Randy Perring
Farmer City, IL  61842


Station Editorial: Miller Media Group Starting Suicide Prevention Campaign


Posted August 29, 2020


This is a station editorial, I'm Randal J. Miller, station president.


The Regional Radio listening area has seen an abnormally high number of suicides in recent months and years.  And, the stress of the coronavirus outbreak has made it worse.


The word suicide is one we don’t like to talk about or deal with.  We think it’s someone else’s problem, and then when you least expect it, a friend or loved one takes their life and you then wonder why.  Why did they feel like their life wasn’t worth living?  Didn’t they think about those they would be leaving behind?  What would lead them to make such a drastic decision?


As I said, we don’t like dealing with the subject because it’s uncomfortable, but too many times even in recent months in our own communities, it’s affected our families and friends.


That’s why we’re going to do something about it.  Over the next several months, you’ll hear law enforcement officials, health care professionals, and clergy in interviews and news stories on our group of stations, talk about suicide prevention.   Please don’t turn it off because it’s an uncomfortable subject.  Listen.  Truly listen to understand the “why”, so that maybe you and I can help a relative, neighbor, or friend that may be feeling depressed to the point they’re contemplating suicide.  


I’ll be listening even though discussing it or listening about it, IS uncomfortable.  But, what’s more uncomfortable is reporting news stories and obituaries about local friends and neighbors that have lost loved ones due to suicide.


Together, let’s address this subject, so we don’t lose anymore of our loved ones, friends and neighbors in our local communities.  Together, let’s help those who may be contemplating suicide.  Let’s tackle this problem...together.


And, if YOU feel depressed, call 800-273-TALK.  That's 800-273-TALK.


That’s our opinion...we welcome yours.  Our e-mail address is editorial@randyradio.com.


Letter to the Editor: Vote No on Fair Tax


Posted August 29, 2020


Dear Editor:


Our Governor is promoting his tax amendment as a fair tax. It really is the opposite. Let’s look at some examples:


If you earn $25000 a year and pay a 7% flat tax, you will owe $1750 in taxes.

If you earn $100000 a year and pay 7% flat tax, you owe $7000 in taxes.


So, higher earners already pay more taxes. The fact that everyone pays the same percentage rate is actually what makes this the fairer tax. As your income rises, so does your tax amount.


Don’t let the misleading ads on TV convince you otherwise. If nothing else, I just don’t trust the politicians when it comes to future tax increases and this so called “fair tax” will allow legislators to increase taxes more easily. I’d be more inclined to support an amendment for controlling spending.

I’m voting NO on the tax amendment and I hope you will too.


Rodney Karr
Clinton, Il


Station Editorial: The Answer Is In The Middle


Posted August 2, 2020


This is a station editorial, I'm Randal J. Miller, station president.  In my travels across both of my Taylorville and Clinton markets the last several months during the coronavirus outbreak, I've heard the same thing from our listeners and advertisers.  And, it's this question:  Who are we to believe?


Sadly, I don't have an answer for them.  When you mix an unknown virus, politicians and fear, that's a bad combination.  Going into the outbreak, both Republicans and Democrats scared us into staying in our homes as much as possible because they didn't want to be blamed for killing off Grandma.


As the months have worn on, the noise from both the left and the right, has gotten louder.  We have Al Sharpton on the left and Tucker Carlson on the right, espousing their views on the coronavirus outbreak, and basically saying if you don't believe everything they tell us, you're stupid.


Unfortunately, the answer to all this noise is in the middle, but no politican is willing to go there for fear they'll be severely criticized for moving from the far left or far right.


The answer is in the middle because that's where common sense is.  Common sense is to respect this virus by being responsible and making smart decisions.  Practice social distancing, wear a mask anytime you're out of the house going to the store or pharmacy, and wash your hands. If you're in the vulnerable population or have other health conditions, take that into consideration anytime you do anything or go anywhere. 


We should all just be using common sense thru this.  A vaccine is coming.  We don't know when.  But, until then, let's not go off the cliff and believe everything the left or the right are telling us.


Because, the answer is in the middle.


Stay healthy and safe and there will be a positive end to this.


That's our opinion, we welcome yours.  Our e-mail address is editorial@randyradio.com.


Letter to the Editor: THANK YOU!


Posted July 29, 2020


Dear Editor:



 It is not often that a problem arises which impacts the health and well being of a sector of citizens so profoundly. Unfortunately, such an issue came forward approximately a year ago concerning the possible loss of ambulance service for the Farmer City Fire Protection District. 

When the issue was presented to the County, all involved stood up and took notice. It was understood by everyone that failure to correct this loss of service was not an option, if at all possible. 

 After researching many different answers to solve this problem, and finding out this hill was going to be a tough one to climb, a dedicated and driven group of individuals rose to the occasion! Without a sense of cooperation, optimistic attitude, and a desire to rectify a bad situation, the outcome could have been catastrophic.

2,000 plus residents would have been left without adequate ambulance service. It would have meant longer response times, or possible diminished services, and a realistic chance that a life could be lost.

 Because of this group's efforts, the citizens within the Farmer City Fire Protection District have ambulance service for the next 8 years and won't reach the maximum levy during the term of this agreement. It is possible that the levy could even go down. Additionally, the levy for service within the existing area will not change. This means no increase in levies for any DeWitt County citizen!
 DeWitt County is now unified and all citizens are under the same ambulance service.

 FCFPD will now have a new Advanced Life Support ambulance stationed in Farmer City 24/7 manned with 6 newly hired licensed personnel consisting of Paramedics and EMT's. Response time within the district is anticipated to be 4-6 minutes. Also, the response time to the towns of DeWitt and Weldon will be improved, as responses for emergencies could be dispatched out of Farmer City. 

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who worked so relentlessly to assure this loss of service was prevented and the residents were protected:

 The Counties Public Safety Committee for their patience while working through the process and input in trying to find solutions. 

County Board Chairman David Newberg, Vice-Chairman Camille Redman, and County Administrator DeeDee Rentmeister for their help in negotiations with Paramedic Services Inc. to arrive at an agreement that was much better than we expected. 

To Christy Prusser for stepping up as a member of the ad hoc committee.

States Attorney Dan Markwell as he kept us on stable legal ground and assured the language in our agreement and addendum covered all of the legalities needed to ensure they were on a solid base.

The Trustees for FCFPD for working in concert with the County, Mike Hammer, Kurt Wells, and Dale Whisman.

Moe Winstead and his part acting as a liaison with the Committee. 

Dan Warren, Farmer City Fire Chief for his valuable insight. 

FCFPD Attorney, Jim Sinclair who worked so well with the States Attorneys office in getting the 
Inter-Governmental Agreement written so both entities were protected. 

Last but not least, Larry Robbins and Mike Hansen with PSI. Without their willingness to negotiate and commitment to help, none of this would have come to fruition, and we all would have been in a much darker place! They were the key in resolving such a critical care problem. 

Thanks to all, you are greatly appreciated!


 Lance M. Reece
 DeWitt County Board Dist "A"
 Chairman, Public Safety Committee 


Letter to the Editor on Alzheimer's Disease and COVID-19


Posted July 27, 2020


Dear Editor:


When our mother's dementia progressed, our family began to research and visit local care facilities. Good references, a personal visit and related experience with the Ingham County Medical Care Facility's ("Dobie Road", Okemos), helped us choose the Golden Pond, Memory Care Unit.


When Covid-19 struck Dobie Road was no exception; everything changed regarding our ability to provide direct family care, love, and comfort to our loved one. Phone calls, Skype and window visits helped, but proved difficult and did not nearly come close to personal visits for me and my siblings.


The latest "end of life" restrictions were too much to accept for our family, only allowing two designated family members to visit one hour per day until she passed. That, combined with an additional life-threatening health event and our intent to have her home in her final days regardless, we decided to bring our mother home to spend time with loved ones.


Dementia is a horrible disease, and Covid-19 only made it worse for our mother. The Golden Pond caregivers were outstanding; the services at Dobie Road were and remain exceptional. But with the new restrictions, (given "end of life" process), we made the right decision to take our mother home.  We now provide necessary services through Hospice, and equally important, family care, love and comfort that only a family care provide.


Our mother and family are among Michigan's 190,000 persons living with dementia and its 518,000 unpaid caregivers navigating an already isolating and emotional journey - and COVID has made life even more challenging. COVID has put added stress on dementia patients and their caregivers, in and out of long-term care facilities.


Fortunately, the Alzheimer's Association Michigan Chapter is ready to assist persons with dementia and their caregivers 24/7. I personally have benefited and feel so grateful for their help. Monthly Support Group meetings held at Dobie Road, I listened to the stories of other families and found acceptance. 


The Association - which is available 24/7 via its Helpline at 800.272.3900 or alz.org/gmc - is offering more virtual education programs, caregiver tips, support groups and services to help individuals, caregivers, practitioners, and facilities navigate dementia during COVID. Unfortunately, many affected individuals and families are unaware of the resources that could help them.


 Dementia can quickly zap a person's memory and caregiver's ability and intent to care for their loved one. It is important for any caregiver to seek and get personal support. Surrounded by family we are creating new memories with our mother. 


The Alzheimer's Association can help. Reach out today.


Michael E. Botke

DeWitt, MI 48820


(Family of Marguerite I. Botke)


Letter to the Editor Asking DeWitt County Board to Support Tradewind Energy's Alta Farms Wind Project


Posted July 10, 2020


Dear Editor:


Communities much like ours throughout Illinois are benefitting from wind farm development and the jobs and tax dollars they bring with them. Nearby communities have improved their schools and are actually keeping some of their kids in the community because for the first time in a long time there are good-paying jobs available to them.


We have the same opportunity here in DeWitt County. Following years of obstructionist behavior from a small handful of our neighbors, our County Board has an opportunity on July 14 to move our county forward and approve Tradewind Energy’s Alta Farms application.


The time is now for our community to start realizing the same benefits as our neighbors.


Please support Alta Farms.

Vincent Peters 
Clinton Il 


Letter to the Editor from Community Action Partnership of Central Illinois


Posted July 10, 2020


Dear Editor:


It is the mission of Community Action Partnership of Central Illinois (CAPCIL) to empower persons with low income and aged by creating and implementing poverty fighting initiatives for those in crisis and those that endeavor a lifetime of lasting independence.  Currently we find ourselves amid two crises that that have dramatic physical and social implications.


As we continue to battle the COVID-19 health pandemic, we are also acutely aware that the conversation of race and its role in our societal interactions and civil systems is an issue of grave importance. CAPCIL joins this conversation by uniting with local, state, and national leaders in denouncing discrimination of any kind on the basis of race.


We also join our leaders in denouncing lawlessness and campaigns for anarchy. They are equal in their destruction to the fabric of our society and counterintuitive to the CAPCIL’s objective of partnering to find solutions that raise all residents of our communities

The wisdom found in our rich and colorful history reminds us that at our core, we as Americans value all people, and that, “…all men/women are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”(US Declaration of Independence, 1776)  While we wholly believe that these rights are absolute in nature, CAPCIL also acknowledges that our understanding of these sentiments have evolved for the better over time. These principles are not inherently or systemically racist.


These are inclusive and freeing ideals that belong to all Americans and transcend the daily news cycle. Today we are engaging in uncomfortable conversations around the dinner table, in our places of business, at the neighborhood coffee shop, in our classrooms, and within our public offices. These complicated conversations are nurturing a better understanding of how we can and must continue our traditions of celebrating both our differences and commonalities as one people. That is good for us. It is good for our communities and all those who live in them.

Community Action envisions a resilient community where we work as collaborators to raise up the marginalized and vulnerable populations. We advocate for an intentional and planned devotion of time and resources.  Helping people, changing lives is our promise.


That promise doesn’t change with skin color, zip code, educational attainment, gender, disability, or religious beliefs.  But we cannot achieve this great feat through divisiveness and disunity.  CAPCIL chooses to take this moment to lead, to love one another, to listen and to speak.


Submitted by 

Breann Titus 

Director of Agency Development

Community Action Partnership of Central Illinois (CAPCIL)


Letter to the Editor: Newberg's Folly


Posted July 8, 2020

Correction submitted and posted July 10, 2020


Dear Editor:


First, do no harm.


The citizens of DeWitt County, who are unlucky enough to be in the footprint of the proposed wind farm, are asked to suffer and sacrifice so Chairman of the County Board, Dave Newberg, and his group of YES votes, will have another stream of income for the County.  None of these six County Board members voting YES have homes located near proposed wind towers.


These are no ordinary wind turbines.  Some are 599 feet high, only 31 feet shorter than the St. Louis Arch, and there are lots of them.  There is only one St. Louis Arch, and it does not make noise, blink red lights at night continuously, or send giant moving shadow flickers across the countryside.  


What about the lives at risk of the people downwind from the wind farm who will be without the Doppler early warning system for tornado activity? The Doppler radar would be obscured by the wind turbine blade activity. 


Aren’t these DeWitt County residents’ lives valuable? 


One Board member told me that the wind farm project income stream was “for the greater good.” And what is “the greater good”?  Are we choosing money over public safety?


Speaking of money, we now know that the Clinton Schools will not get a very significant sum of money from the wind farm because we have been blessed for many years by the income from the power plant and the State of Illinois formula for school funding limits the wind farm subsidy to the schools.


It is just plain wrong to approve the Special Use Permit on July 14 without a mutually agreed upon decommissioning plan in place before the vote. In addition, we can’t trust Tradewind Energy to “pursue” a system that stops those never-ending blinking red lights at night (when aircraft are not in the area of the towers.)
We have precedence for selling out DeWitt County. Years ago, the Board sold the landfill and lost control of that.  The landfill, now operated by Area Disposal Corporation, is located over the Mahomet aquifer that supplies water to several adjoining counties, and has risen to the heights of “Mount Clinton” and keeps growing!  Garbage comes in from many states. 


We need to stop selling our County off to the highest bidder.

In the future, every time we look at these turbines built in the western part of DeWitt County, we need to remember Newberg’s Folly, and the legacy of grabbing the money instead of protecting our friends and neighbors in the footprint of this foreign-owned wind farm.  


Mary Pat Killian
Clinton, IL 




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