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Letter to the Editor: Support Pro Wind Farm County Board Candidates

Posted October 2, 2018


Dear Editor:


As an employee of Trinity Structural Towers, I am deeply disturbed by the group DeWitt County Residents Against Wind Turbines. I’ve seen their billboard on Route 51 that says, “No Wind Turbines in DeWitt County”.


But upon visiting their Facebook page I learned they are advocating the elimination of the wind turbine subsidy, or Production Tax Credit, through mass post card mailings to the White House. Trinity is the leading manufacturer of wind towers in North America. By stopping this subsidy, employees like me will lose our job. Have these people even thought of what will happen to the employees and their families? Who will buy our groceries, pay our utilities, and ensure we have a roof over our head?


Am I to assume if jobs are lost at Trinity the DeWitt County Residents Against Wind Turbines will foot our bills, feed and clothe our children? Have they thought about how the loss of Trinity will negatively affect DeWitt County?


This November I’ll be voting for the county board candidates that are for jobs, economic stability, and who will do what is best for EVERY citizen of DeWitt County.


Vote for Cris Rogers, Sue Whitted, and Randy Perring!




Frank Igaravidez
Clinton, IL 61727

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