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Posted March 12, 2020


Dear Editor:


County Board members are elected by us to represent our interests, address our concerns and serve those who elected them. We the people have the right to expect our public servants to listen to our concerns, to seriously consider our input, to make informed decisions on our behalf and to explain those decisions to us when we disagree. 
We elect them to represent us.


I attended a majority of the meetings regarding Tradewind’s SUP application. There were far more residents at each meeting in opposition than there were in support of it.  Both sides made their points in a respectful manner.  While I was impressed by the passion on both sides, it was apparent to me those opposed to the project had done their research and I feel they proved their points.


After hearing the evidence from both sides, I believe there are serious issues with this proposed wind development, even beyond the fact that their application clearly does not conform to the requirements of our current zoning ordinances.  I am not alone in this conclusion as the Regional Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals both recommended against the approval of this application.


Unfortunately, there was one thing I was very disappointed with in this process.  I only saw three of our county board members in attendance at the majority of the ZBA meetings.  Where were the remaining nine?  Most of those did not attend one meeting.  This is the most important issue our county is facing right now and could forever change our county.


I do not believe our elected representatives can make a truly informed decision by trying to read over 50 hours of transcripts.  They should have been there to hear the residents speak with their own voices.  It’s their job as our elected representatives.


We have a choice in the upcoming elections to keep the same people in office who let us down or to elect new representatives to the County Board who will be engaged with county residents.  I believe it is time for a change. I just hope it’s not too late.


Alaina Russell

Clinton, IL


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