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Station Editorial: Supreme Justice Gorsuch Comments on Civil Liberties During COVID


Posted June 17, 2023


This is a station editorial, I'm Randal J. Miller, station president.  Some comments that got little traction from the mainstream media from Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch on what he considered government overreach of our civil liberties during the COVID pandemic, I thought were worth pondering over with you.

In a statement in a lawsuit over the Title 42 public health order, Justice Gorsuch gave a stern overview of how civil liberties were trampled during the COVID-era — and the lessons that America could learn from it.

He said that we should, quoting the Justice:  "Fear and the desire for safety are powerful forces.  They can lead to a clamor for action, almost any action, as long as someone does something to address a perceived threat".  End of quote.  

Justice Gorsuch added that a leader or expert who claims they can fix everything if we only do exactly as he says, can prove to be an irrestible force.   But the Justice said that we don't need to confront a bayonet, we need only a nudge, before we willingly abandon the nicety of requiring laws to be adopted by the legislative process and accept rule by decree.

Justice Gorsuch in his written statement, said the Title 42 case addessing response to the pandemic was, again quoting:  "illustrates the disruption we have experienced over the last three years in how our laws are made and our freedoms observed."saying we saw, "the greatest intrusions on civil liberties in the peacetime history of this country."

His statement continues.  Quote:  "Executive officials across the country issued emergency decrees on a breathtaking scale. Governors and local leaders imposed lockdown orders forcing people to remain in their homes. They shuttered businesses and schools, public and private. They closed churches even as they allowed casinos and other favored businesses to carry on. They threatened violators not just with civil penalties but with criminal sanctions too. They surveilled church parking lots, recorded license plates, and issued notices warning that attendance at even outdoor services satisfying all state social-distancing and hygiene requirements could amount to criminal conduct. They divided cities and neighborhoods into color-coded zones, forced individuals to fight for their freedoms in court on emergency timetables, and then changed their color-coded schemes when defeat in court seemed imminent," end of quote.

Couldn't have said it better myself.  That's our opinion, we welcome yours.   Our e-mail address is editorial@randyradio.com.

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