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Station Editorial: Spending Ourselves Into Oblivion


Posted September 4, 2023


This is a station editorial, I'm Randal J. Miller, station president.  Myself and many others have long lamented about the lack of self-control in government spending on both the state and federal levels, no matter what party is in power.   

Seems like those running Illinois' checkbook just keep taxing us to fund what they think the priorities are but many times they aren't what Joe and Nancy Lunchbucket want.  What looms in Springfield is the public pension debt which according to the illinoispolicy.org web site, is now 4-point-4 billion because legislators are supposedly underfunding that pension fund on purpose.

And, on the federal level, politicians think they have an open-ended credit card and as a result the country now has a debt the legislators claim is only 32-trillion, but according to the web site "truthinaccounting.org" where the national debt tally shows by the second, the true U-S debt is closer to 159-trillion dollars.   That's just short of one MILLION for each U-S taxpayer.

The sad part about all this, is that spending both in Illinois and in Washington is in the "runaway" category with no signs of ending.

The U-S government is the biggest borrower in the country.   Can you imagine what the true interest rate you and I pay to borrow, would be, if our country didn't have to make principal and interest payments on that 159-trillion dollar debt?

This issue doesn't make the headlines because frankly politicians want to ignore it.  Passing out money, whether it's COVID funding or pork projects, get them re-elected.   It's like being on an addictive drug.  Once you've tasted the candy, you don't want to stop.

With an election year looming next year, it's time you and I start asking the question to whoever runs for any office:   What are you going to do about the out of control government spending, whether in Springfield or Washington?   If they give you a gobbly-gook answer, you know they're either not going to answer the question, or do nothing about it.
And, that unfunded state pension obligation, and the national debt clock, both continue to roll on.   That's our opinion, we welcome yours.   Our e-mail address is editorial@randyradio.com.

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