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Local schools throughout the area will be returning to school this week, and local law enforcement officials want to send a friendly reminder to motorists to be aware of the kids in the area when near a school.

Clinton Police Chief Mike Reidy says while the weather is still nice, many students will take advantage of that and ride their bikes or walk to school. He says the police department tries to make crossing guards as available as possible, however they cannot cover every intersection so he reminds motorists to watch out for kids in the street or on the sidewalks.

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Chief Reidy says the school buses that gather to take kids home after school make the elementary schools in Clinton a very congested area to be. He reminds anyone picking kids up from the elementary schools to abide by the laws when near a school bus, especially one that has kids getting on or off. He adds penalties for not following those laws can be very stiff.

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Chief Reidy reminds those that will be riding their bikes the rules of the road apply to them as well. He also encourages bicyclists to wear their helmet anytime they are on their bike.

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Chief Reidy says the younger kids will not always use their best judgment around traffic at school, he encourages motorists passing any school zones to slow down and anticipate any kids not paying attention.

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