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Supporters of the Dr. John Warner Hospital Foundation are being called on in a new way this year.

The Foundation has decided this year, instead of doing their annual Gala event, which is a one night fundraiser for the Foundation, they will be giving an opportunity to the whole community. Dixie Walden, President of the DJWH Foundation explains they will be sending out a mailing, offering anyone the opportunity to make a monetary donation.

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The goal of the Foundation is to help the hospital out in any areas they can. But one opportunity they provided for the first time this year was a scholarship opportunity to college students seeking to enter the medical field. Walden explains the opportunity came about thanks to the dissolving of the Auxiliary and she notes they plan on continuing to offer that opportunity.

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Over the years, the foundation has provided equipment needs to the hospital. Walden says last year they were able to provide auto-pulse units to the ambulance department, this year they donated equipment to the emergency room and the physical therapy department among others things.

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The Foundation's goal is to raise $30-thousand through this fundraiser. The Foundation began their mailing campaign last week. To make a donation to the DJWH Foundation, you can mail a check payable to the DJWH Foundation. You can mail those to the Hospital, at 422 West White Street in Clinton.

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