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Halloween weather is on the warm side around the state but it’s far from a record setting night of Trick or Treating. 
The National Weather Service is predicting pretty balmy weather for kids to go door to door but it pales in comparison to October 31 in 1950. 
Weather records around the state were set as kids in costumes might have needed the legs cut off of them. Most cities in Illinois saw high temps in the mid 80’s that year. 
Warmest: 85 in 1950
Coldest: 14 in 1925
Normal High: 59
Warmest: 83 degrees in 1950
Coldest: 20 degrees in 1925
Normal High: 59 degrees
Warmest: 84 degrees in 1950
Coldest: 14 degrees in 1925
Normal High: 58 degrees
Warmest: 85 degrees in 1950
Coldest: 17 degrees in 1925
Normal High: 61 degrees

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