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The new Communications Manager at the Clinton Power Station presented the Clinton Rotary Club with an update on how things are going since the signing of legislation about a year ago.
Gabe Goldsmith has been the communications manager for the station for about a month now. He says it has been a lot to take in but is excited about the opportunity.
At the Tuesday afternoon Rotary meeting, he calls the plant's mentality, full speed ahead.
Because the plant is running at near capacity, Goldsmith indicates the upcoming outage in the spring is going to bring the plant up to full capacity.
Earlier in the month, the power station completed an emergency preparedness drill. Goldsmith says they passed that with flying colors.
Exelon has a great relationship with the Clinton and DeWitt County community and Goldsmith says they will continue to maintain those relationships. 
Goldsmith indicates since the passage of the energy legislation last year, the plant has re-hired or hired 150-plus employees to positions that were reduced because of the anticipated closure. 

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