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The Vespasian Warner Library had their library card month in September and had a great turnout of events.

They continue to run events throughout the month of October as well. One event for kids ages kindergarten to 8th grade will get to take a part of is Puffy Paint Creation. The kids will go to the library to learn how to make puffy paint and what they can do with that paint says Business Manager Samantha Rusk.

Rusk says they will get to learn how to put the puffy paint on shirts creating their own design of whatever images the kids have. All supplies will be provided by the library.

The event will be Tuesday, October 9th at the Vespasian Warner Library. Rusk did ask that if you are interested to contact the library to let them know you are coming. You can call the library at 217-935-5174 or by going to their website at www.vwarner.org.

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