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Tradewind Energy's first appeal to the Zoning Board of Appeals took place Tuesday night to establish a wind farm in the northwest corner of DeWitt County and drew an expected big crowd on the first night.


Tom Swierczewski, the project development manager for the Alta Farms II wind project presented what was the first presentation on what the project would look like. He indicates it covers three townships across 12,000-plus acres with 88 agreements with landowners.



According to Swierczewski, there will be no more than 67 turbines of different with a height of no taller than 591 feet. Additionally, they plan to use "one or more" models.



The project would create access roads and each turbine would be connected to one central location and Swierczewski says the project would have a central location where the turbines would be controlled.



In addition to the turbines the project would construct, Tradewind is also asking to construct up to four meteorological towers. Swierczewsi says these would be a little different from the towers they used almost a decade ago when they first started exploring the project.



Pending approval from the County Board, Tradewind hopes to get the project going in the late spring or early summer with a targeted completion for next year.


Testimony in front of the ZBA will continue Thursday and Friday of this week and then February 19 through February 22 (Tuesday-Friday). 


All meetings are at Clinton High School from 5 pm to 10 pm. 

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