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Earlier this week we highlighted a one of a kind winter event in central Illinois, the Argenta Ice Fest.


In its third year, the annual festival that highlights an Argenta celebrity, Aaric Kendall, the group Argenta in Motion, or AIM, is the organizer of the annual event. Robin Walters says the group's mission is to better their community through hosting various activities and beautification projects.



The upcoming Argenta Ice Festival is a dual-purpose fundraiser and fun event they host for the community. Walters says the funds raised help them put on their other events through the year but it's also nice to do something unique and bring people together during a time of the year when you normally aren't thinking about going outside.



The Argenta Ice Festival is this Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm in downtown Argenta and it stretches to their local parks as well. Walters indicates there's something for everyone. Get more information by finding the event's Facebook page or visiting argentafest.org/ice-fest. 

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