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Uncertainty is the buzz word for how one school leader feels about the new Governor in Illinois.


Superintendent of Heyworth Schools, Lisa Taylor, says any time there is a change in leadership in Springfield it brings a lot of uncertainty among school leaders. 



While education funding and the flow of dollars to schools has become much more consistent in recent years, Taylor indicates that is still front of mind for her but she also points to the teacher shortage as a major challenge facing schools in 2019.



Taylor is very concerned about the perception of public education and points to laws that have set unrealistic expectations for educators and instead of blame being placed on those policies, it has crippled how the public views education in a lot of places.



Earlier this week lawmakers took up legislation that would require districts to pay teachers a minimum of $40,000 a year by 2023 and Taylor says that would be crippling legislation if the state is not going to provide additional dollars for that.

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