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With tax season upon, everyone is on high alert to make sure the 'Is' are dotted and 'Ts' are all crossed correctly.


With everyone trying to make sure everything is in order with April 15 looming, Social Security says to be aware of people trying to take advantage of your heightened urgency. Jack Myers with Social Security in Springfield says one thing they are starting to see is impersonators of Social Security personnel going after the public.



With the advancements in technology, Myers adds, they are also getting reports from the public that these attempts are starting to manipulate caller ID numbers to reflect the national toll-free Social Security number.



Myers reminds the public, Social Security almost exclusively reaches out to individuals via the mail, although there are those circumstances you might receive a call from your local office, you are likely to be anticipating that phone call.



Myers says the best way to find contact information for Social Security is to simply get on their website, socialsecurity.gov and find that information there. And again, stresses the domain is dot-g-o-v. 

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