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A central Illinois non-profit aimed at supporting fellow non-profit groups has opened up their spring grant cycle.


If you are a central Illinois group, Michele Evans with the Illinois Community Prairie Foundation hopes you'll consider applying for one of their grants this spring. 



The spring grant cycle will award over $140-thousand and Evans notes they also are able to award money back to the community through private donors who earmark their donations to certain non-profits.



If you visit ilprairiecf.org, you will find all the information for the current grant cycle. Evans says you don't need to have a professional grant writer on your staff to be awarded a grant. She explains they seek quality groups who will put the grants to good use.



The Illinois Community Prairie Foundation serves McLean, Logan, DeWitt and Livingston counties. 


Evans indicates they have a program that engages their communities' youth but right now they desperately need youth to volunteer, especially outside of McLean County. Next week on Regional Radio News we'll hear more from Evans on what they are looking for from youth in central Illinois. 

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