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The Clinton Police Department's School Resource Officer, Mike Bennett has been working with the school's youth for about four years now through a one-week self-awareness program.


According to Bennett, the program helps the youth recognize what is happening in their surroundings and avoid bad things happening to them before they can even get started. He says it stretches from youth in the junior high all the way to the high school, covering a wide variety of topics.



Yesterday on Regional Radio News, we outlined the community's youth recognizing their peers' challenges with depression and the subsequent ways they deal with that. Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers believes this program is one way to reach youth and indicate to them they are cared for.



Chief Lowers says he has witnessed Bennett and his fellow officers present the program to the students. The Chief believes the most valuable part of the course is when Bennett talks to the youth about what is out in the world beyond Clinton and DeWitt County.



According to Chief Lowers, he and Bennett are taking part in The Vault to be mentors there. 

Later this month, Bennett will begin making the rounds with the self-awareness program in the school district. We'll hear more about this program in the next few weeks on Regional Radio News. 

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