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The Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital Foundation is supporting Logan County school children thanks to a grant they are providing to put a counselor in each school.


ALMH's Angela Stoltzenburg explains MOSAIC is a program mimicked from Sangamon County but it gives students support right there in their school building.



The program doesn't just put the counselors in the school and then checks in every now and then. Stoltzenburg indicates they are tracking the progress of at-risk students and says they are getting back encouraging results early on.



The importance of this program can be very beneficial for kids today. Stoltzenburg explains recognizing what kids are going through early can keep them from dealing with issues longer than they need to.



Currently, the program offers support for three schools in Logan County with the goal to expand to all schools. Additionally, they are hiring staff to expand the service. If you're interested in being a part of MOSIAC in Logan County, visit choosememorial.org for more information. 

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