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Community Action Partnership of Central Illinois, CAPCIL, began what was at the time, a one of a kind program and organizers say it has been a huge success.


Katie Dalpoas (dal-paws) says the food pantry cooperative allows their clients to come in, work for a certain amount of time in their Clinton office, and earn credits to shop in their food pantry. She says a lot of people want to earn what they can buy and this allows them to do that.



The response from their clients has been excellent but Dalpoas notes they have received tremendous support from grocers, businesses and non-profits to help keep their food pantry stocked.



The program's success in DeWitt County allowed Community Action to take the program and try it in Logan County. Dalpoas says while it is smaller, it is still having the same impact.



The Client Management Program in Community Action has helped reduce over 10-percent of their clients' dependence on welfare programs. Dalpoas notes that was from 2017. 



If you're interested in being a part of the Community Action food pantry program, you can call their corporate office in Lincoln at 217-732-2159. 

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