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You may not think that much about it, but the minimum wage hike could have a deep impact on the community of Clinton.


Tim Followell indicates the starting salaries they offer to certain employees is not that significant and a minimum wage hike to $15 over the next several years could have a big impact. He notes it is something they have been looking into for a few years and are now serious about. 



According to Followell, plan on hearing more about what the City has planned, whether it be fewer employees in a department or fewer first responders to the scene. He says almost every part of local government will be impacted.



Local businesses are already thinking about how this is going to impact them. Followell says he's made contact with a number of the community's business leaders and they too are wondering what is next for them with this change. 



While businesses can raise prices on their goods or services, Followell says there's nothing for government to raise their prices on. The next best option is to raise taxes which he points out they are doing their best to refrain from.



The $15 an hour minimum wage became law earlier this week when Governor Pritzker signed it ahead of his budget address where he touted it further. 

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