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Minimum wage hikes and raising minimum salaries for educators are just a few of the proposals coming from a Democrat-controlled legislature in Springfield, and those two proposals specifically would greatly impact schools in Illinois and the leader of Clinton Schools is reacting to the two pieces of legislation. 


Superintendent of Clinton Schools, Curt Nettles indicates raising the minimum teacher salary to $40,000 a year isn't necessarily a budget strain but he doesn't like it because it takes away local control. He says Clinton Schools offer a very competitive starting salary to their teachers.



The minimum wage increase will impact Clinton Schools. Nettles indicates there will be a portion of their support staff receiving raises and while it won't force them to cut back, the district will have to evaluate other parts of their budget a little more.



According to Nettles, the overall big picture of the minimum wage hike along with the rise of the minimum teacher salary won't have a major impact on the district. 

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