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While it won't be a unique support group, a central Illinois non-profit is hoping to bring what they believe is a much-needed support group to Clinton and DeWitt County.


Angie Raymer with Community Care Systems says grandparents raising, or helping to raise, their grandkids is a big challenge among the senior population and she wants to see a support group for those people.



Raymer indicates they are targeting those individuals who need the support of peers and maybe are not getting that among their friends or at home, a support group can be a great outlet.



Grandparents raising grandkids can be a big challenge. Raymer says one of the most difficult things is balancing being a grandparent but also being the caregiver.



Raymer is understanding of those folks that don't want everyone to know what is happening in their lives but points out, it is likely your neighbors or even your friends are likely having the same experiences as you and instead of ignoring the problem, it is best to help each other through their




While no support group meetings are set, Raymer would like to hear from seniors in the community on if they would attend and their overall thoughts on what they would like in a support group. To provide input, contact Raymer by phone at 309-661-6400. 

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