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Is your house chaotic at bedtime? Do you have a hard time getting kids out the door or to go to school? Perhaps a seminar coming up next week could help.


Pre-K coordinator at Clinton Schools, Lauren Johnson indicates their 'establishing routines for preschoolers and their families' seminar will be next Wednesday night at 6:30 pm at Lincoln School gym and next Thursday morning at 11 am at the Clinton YMCA Community Room. She says it's a chance to set a plan to get your young kids on a routine you set.



Principal of Lincoln and Douglas Elementary Schools in Clinton, Beth Wickenhauser, says kids with routines find comfort in know what is next in their day. She says it makes them better-behaved individuals as well.



Additionally, Wickenhauser says establishing a routine will help children get more sleep, adding, a lot of parents underestimate how much sleep their young kids need.



Childcare will be available for the March 7 seminar with light refreshments available. The March 8 seminar will offer a light lunch as well. You can RSVP to the seminar by contact Johnson via phone at 217-650-9382 or by emailing ljohnson@cusd15.org. 

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