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Between four and eight new COVID cases at Monticello High School and the impacts of contact tracing have forced Monticello school administrators to go to remote learning this week.


Dr. Vic Zimmerman tells Regional Radio News they became aware of this over the weekend and because of the health department's backlog of contact tracing efforts, they did their own limited efforts and found over 30 students impacted from the contact tracing.



As the high school goes to the remote learning plan this week, Dr. Zimmerman says it is something they are completely prepared for. He says this was something they planned for in their return to school plans.



Dr. Zimmerman anticipates a decision about next week's plans by mid-week. On Twitter, he says all other school buildings will remain open and implores the community to reconsider attending events where multiple individuals may be congregating without social distancing or masking. 


Dr. Zimmerman also re-tweeted an earlier tweet pointing out they have students in the building five hours per day and are most concerned about what happens the other 19 hours in the day. 



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