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Letter to the Editor: Time to Pass the Buck

Dear Editor,
Another tragedy in the United States and another “pass-the-buck” to guns, people, Christians, conservatives, veterans, etc.  Please note, the aforementioned are not the problem.  The problem is the removal of God from our society.  When God is removed Satan immediately fills the void.  There is no neutral ground here.  All of us do have the Truth, because since the creation, God’s existence is clearly seen, so we are without excuse, period.  We have willingly excluded God’s existence from our perception of reality because God’s existence has serious implications on our lives.  Since we don't want to change our morality and ethics, we have to reject God’s existence, which is a volitional act of our will.  Our governmental leaders and the press have willingly suppressed and imprisoned the knowledge of God.  These ungodly people have exchanged God’s Truth for Satan’s lie, and even worse, have condoned and encouraged this destructive behavior in our society.  Until all of us face up to this truth and vote these godless men and women out of office our country will stay on the path of self-destruction.  We have given over our sovereignty to the enemy and we're now being crushed and are slipping into a national anarchy as witnessed by the lies and cover-ups in the government and witnessed by the crime, stabbings, murders, and the listlessness of big populations on the dole in every city.  Hardly a day goes by that we don't read of debauchery, crimes against women and children and corruption in industry, local, state and national government.  We have become a huge welfare state taking from the productive and giving to the lazy idlers.  It’s called legal plunder.  This has to stop, and only a moral and educated populace can vote this incompetence out and replace them with men and women of character and honesty.  It’s imperative we go back to the Constitution if this country is to survive.

Steve McGuire
Decatur, IL 62521


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