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Station Editorial: Being Thankful


Posted November 5, 2022


This is a station editorial, I'm Randal J. Miller, station president.  Well, it's the holiday season...the season of thanks for our many blessings and for the birth of Jesus Christ.  

Despite another year of rancor and division in our country, we still live in the greatest country in the world, where we can do and say just about anything as long as we follow the rule of law.  Not many countries have the freedoms we do and many times we don't stop and think about it.

Time marches on for us all.  I thank God for my faith, my family, and for the extended family I have in every one of you, our listeners.  

I'll be celebrating 50 years in the radio business I love, in 2023.  

I've been blessed to have been part of the Taylorville-Shelbyville-Pana communities with our Taylorville cluster of stations the past 30 years, and 15 years in our Clinton-Monticello-Lincoln markets.

Our 2 legacy stations this year celebrated anniversaries, too.  WTIM in Taylorville threw a party in May with the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce to honor that station's 70th anniversary, and WHOW in Clinton is celebrating 75 years of service with a fun evening as well.

While all of us have challenges every day, it's important to stop, reflect, and be thankful for all that God has given each of us.

May you and your family have a most blessed holiday season, and may the love we share this time of year extend into the new year ahead.

Quoting Henry Wadsworth Longfellow from the poem "The Harvest Moon":  
"It is the Harvest Moon! On gilded vanes
And roofs of villages, on woodland crests
And their aerial neighborhoods of nests
Deserted, on the curtained window-panes
Of rooms where children sleep, on country lanes
And harvest-fields, its mystic splendor rests!" 

That's our opinion, we welcome yours.  Our e-mail address is editorial@randyradio.com.

Station Editorial: Help WHOW Celebrate Its 75th Anniversary and Raise Money for 2 Local Charities


Posted November 1, 2022


This is a station editorial, I’m Randal J. Miller, station president.

The year was 1946.  A group of Clinton area residents decided it was time for the DeWitt County seat to have its own radio station.  After over a year of work, WHOW THE BIG 1520 signed on August 2nd, 1947.  WHOW has provided 75 years of service to Clinton, DeWitt County, and Central Illinois ever since, and since it's the station's 75th anniversary, it wants to CELEBRATE!  

We're inviting you to our WHOW 75th Anniversary Banquet taking place Saturday, November 12th at the Clinton Country Club!   We're footing the bill for everything—the venue, entertainment, food, everything—AND will debut the showing of the WHOW 75th Anniversary video! Social hour starts at 5:30, dinner is at 6:30, and the debut of our WHOW 75th Anniversary video at 7:30 that night.   

The evening includes entertainment by country singer Gracia Harrison, and a delicious plated pork chop meal with all the trimmings.  There'll even be a special WHOW 75th Anniversary cake to enjoy!  This special night will be a fund-raiser with all ticket sales going to the Neighborhood Care Center No Fee Grocery, and the Clinton High School Student Activity Fund.  

The clock is ticking to the deadline to buy tickets to this special night!  THIS FRIDAY, November 4th at 5pm is the absolute deadline for you to buy your tickets, so that we know how much food and cake to plan for.

Tickets are 50-dollars each or buy a table of 8 for 360-dollars!  Tickets can be purchased at the Clinton High School office during school day business hours.  Help WHOW raise money for these 2 special causes, and watch the debut of the WHOW 75th Anniversary video, Saturday, November 12th at the Clinton Country Club.

We hope you’ll support these 2 worthwhile local non-profit causes, and help WHOW celebrate 75 years of service to Clinton, DeWitt County, and Central Illinois, by purchasing your tickets at Clinton High School by the deadline this Friday at 5pm.  

Just as a group of local people had the vision of local radio in Clinton, let’s celebrate their legacy, WHOW’s past, and look to the future as we continue serving our listeners on AM, FM, audio and video streamed from the Big Red Barn!

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