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Letter to the Editor: Supporting Randy Keith in 101st Republican State Rep Race


Posted February 28, 2018


Dear Editor:


I am writing to voice my support of Randy Keith, Republican candidate for the office of 101st State Representative.  Randy has served on the Piatt County Board for the last 8 years, and I have had the privilege of working with him for the last 3 years. During that time Randy has held the position of Chairman of the Piatt County Board. I have been most impressed by Randy’s integrity and commitment. 


When faced with problems large and small, I cannot count the times I have heard him weigh what is “best for the folks”, and remind those in attendance of that test. Randy’s real-world experiences as a factory worker, business owner, parent, grandparent, veteran and public servant give him the ability to look at multiple sides of an issue, empathize with those involved, and come to a fair, balanced conclusion. 


I have watched Randy handle difficult, contentious situations with kindness and aplomb on numerous occasions. Randy possesses an uncanny ability to bring people of different groups, opinions and goals together to accomplish a task. We need selfless leadership with integrity in Springfield if our state is to weather these difficult times.


Randy Keith embodies the qualities of the leadership we need. His character and integrity will not fail the people of the 101st. Please join me in supporting Randy Keith for the 101st in the March 20 primary.


Keri Nusbaum
Farmer City, Illinois

Letter to the Editor Supporting Keith for State Rep Republican Nomination


Posted February 23, 2018


Dear Editor:


I am writing to offer my support for Randy Keith, Republican candidate for 101st State Representative.


I have known Randy for more than 10 years, first when I was a member of the Piatt County Zoning Board, and more recently as a fellow Piatt County Board member. I have personally witnessed his hard work and dedication as he has worked through the issues facing Piatt County with great results.


Randy Keith has strong family values, and a positive view that reflects that of most of the constituents in our district.  As our state representative, he will represent all people of our district honorably and ensure that our voices are heard in the State Capitol.


The people of our state are not just looking for answers, they are looking for the truth, and we can trust that Randy won’t lie or sidestep that truth. Randy has a common-sense approach and the motivation required to make a difference in the future of Illinois.


Please join me on March 20 in voting for Randy Keith as the Republican candidate for the 101st State Representative.


Randy D Shumard
Bement, IL 

Letter to the Editor: Theme Parks and Trade Winds


Posted February 18, 2018


Dear Editor:


I’am not usually into politics but after attending the last couple of land use committee
meetings it has aroused some interest in me.
Back in the early 1960 a company decided to start buying up swamp land in Florida keeping it secret as long as possible and ended up purchasing around 27,000 acres of land. Some of it very cheap until people caught on and then the price increased. They ended up purchasing 30,000 acres.
From that land this company built a theme park.
In 2009 I guess trade winds started leasing ground around a small community to start a theme park of their own on about 30,000 acres.
I guess you may say that I sort of like going to the park in Florida. Everyday around dark they light up Main Street with thousands of lights on the buildings and trees and it makes for a very nice evening at the park. If you decide to stay around between the hours of 8-10 depending on the time of year they have fabulous fireworks and light shows. They last around 15 minutes or so and everyone seems to enjoy them and always wish they lasted longer.
Back to trade winds theme park they want theirs to be bigger and more spread out covering the whole 30,000 acres (Florida’s park has only developed one forth of their land ) with towers up to 600 ft tall. Once the sunsets over the horizon and mother nature’s colors are gone they will also have a light display however theirs will not bring smiles to anyone’s faces unless you you like hundreds of flashing lights or are employed by trade winds and unfortunately will last way to long.
So I guess that the next time I visit my favorite theme park I will have to pick up a few pair of of the ears so I can cut them off and mount me a tiny windmill on top so I can sit on my deck and curse the flashing red pains in my _ _ _.
Like I said to start I’am not into politics but after ambush that Melonie took at the last meeting I had to give my opinion.
The motion to send wind energy ordinance revisions to full board with no recommendations or changes was a joke as everyone in the gallery knew as soon as he opened his mouth that there had been a private meeting before the real meeting started.
I know that is the way politics are run but when there is something as important as this that will effect this county for years to come you can’t get to much information.
I know I don’t need to worry because the chair person said she knows everything about the towers. She needs to share that information with the rest of the taxpayers in the county. I have read several articles and don’t think I could make a decision that would effect the lives of so many so please inform us.
As for Tom the head man with trade winds if you have been paying out two million dollars since 2009 and don’t know how many towers there are and where they are located if you worked for me you would be unemployed.
Trade winds a little bit of honesty would go a long way.


Mike Tilley
Clinton Il 61727


Letter to the Editor Supporting Randy Keith for Republican Nomination for 101st State Rep


Posted February 16, 2018


Dear Editor:


I am pleased to write in support of Randy Keith's candidacy for State Representative in the 101st District. I have observed Mr. Keith in his role as chairman while serving with him on the Piatt County Board. I am most impressed by his leadership ability. Mr. Keith has a talent for assessing a situation and moving forward decisively with what is best for the people we are elected to serve. Tough decisions must be made, and a good leader focuses on what needs to be accomplished while making sure those with differing points of view are included and given a voice. He is a Republican with conservative core values. Mr. Keith is extremely attentive to others' opinions, yet decisive when embarking on a course of action. He is never vindictive toward those opposed to his ideas and is always looking ahead. This skill set will serve him well in Springfield where he will reach across the aisle to achieve consensus on issues that currently divide the legislature.


As an individual who genuinely likes people, Mr. Keith will serve all residents. During this campaign, he has tirelessly worked to meet as many voters as he can. If elected, he will continue to interact with individuals and small groups of constituents to make sure their voices are heard and their concerns are addressed. Piatt County's loss of a valued county board chairman will be the 101st District's gain. It is refreshing that Randy has pledged to serve just two terms and then return home. During those four years, he will make a difference in changing "business as usual" in Springfield. I hope voters in the 101st District will join me in voting for Randy Keith on Tuesday, March 20.



Ray C. Spencer
White Heath, IL

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