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Letter to the Editor: Last Chance to Save Clinton Power Plant

Letter to the Editor

Posted November 15, 2016


Dear Editor:


The November veto session is the last chance for the passage of legislation that would save the Clinton and Quad Cities nuclear power plants, which are threatened with premature closure due to their inability to compete with heavily subsidized wind and solar energy sources and historically low natural gas prices. The proposed legislation, known as the Future Energy Jobs Bill, would level the playing field by treating all sources of clean energy equally.

Closure of the Clinton and Quad Cities plants would cause Illinois to lose nearly a quarter of it’s clean energy — a change that would be the equivalent to adding about 2 million cars to the road. Closure of these two plants would result in the loss of about 4,000 jobs, which would be devastating for Clinton, the Quad Cities, and surrounding regions.

Please take the time today to contact the governor and legislative leaders to show your support for the Future Energy Jobs Bill. Failure to pass the legislation that will save these plants would not only have a negative impact on the economy, it would also be a major step backward for the environment.

To learn more about the Future Energy Jobs Bill and to send a message to your legislators please visit NuclearPowersIllinois.com.

Stefanie Ellis Wrage
Wapella, IL  61777


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