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Letter to the Editor Supporting David Newberg in DeWitt County Board Primary


Posted February 28, 2020


Dear Editor:


Editor -

DeWitt County is having an election on March 17, 2020, for the County
Board in District C.  There are five candidates from the Republican ticket
and one candidate from the Democratic ticket that are running for
election.  That is six candidates with three of them to be elected.  It is
a good thing that we have as many good people running for office as we do
in our County.


I am recommending that David Newberg be reelected to the County Board.  I
have known David for many years and he is a friend of mine.  That fact is
not what qualifies him for election, but the fourteen years on the board


As a board member he served as chairman of the board through some
difficult times.  While on the board, there were acrimonious times that he
handled judiciously.


It is common that a voter will find one issue and vote against whoever is
for it.  It is very seldom that the voters have the truth of all the facts
of either side.  As Mark Twain said, "A lie can travel half way around the
world while the truth is putting on its shoes."


David is very approachable and if he is taking a position a voter
disagrees with, a civil conversation might change the voter's mind or the
voter might change David's mind. 


I realize civil disagreement in politics
is hard to come by these days, but try.

Ray Moss
Clinton, IL 61727


Letter to the Editor Supporting Cole Ritter in DeWitt County Primary


Posted February 24, 2020


Dear Editor:


I have known Cole Ritter since he was a kid. He is honest, hardworking and a good member of the DeWitt County Board. He believes in DeWitt County and understands the duties that go along with being a responsible board member.


He is for economic growth, against increasing tax burdens, has been an active member of our community, and will continue to do a great job for DeWitt County.


Steven Paddock
Clinton, Il


Letter to the Editor on DeWitt County Primary


Posted February 24, 2020


Dear Editor:


This is my first time writing to endorse political candidates because I believe this election cycle is one of the most important ever in DeWitt County.


About a decade ago, DeWitt County voters voted out almost every incumbent.  What resulted was a group of board members who damaged the finances of the county through inexperience.  We are about to face the same problem.


I would like to urge DeWitt County voters to retain current board chairman David Newberg and incumbents Jay Wickenhauser and Cole Ritter.  These people spend hours at the courthouse each week making sure the county stays on track.


In order for them to win in the primary, I urge voters from District C to vote ONLY for Newberg and Wickenhauser, though the ballot says they can vote for up to three.  I urge voters from District A to vote ONLY for Cole Ritter.


Becky Adams, Clinton

Letter to the Editor on DeWitt County Primary


Posted February 24, 2020


Dear Editor:


With the primary election of the County Board coming up, I am writing to put my support behind Jay Wickenhauser, Dave Newberg, and Cole Ritter.

These three members of the county board want to see Clinton grow economically and prosper by bringing in new industries to DeWitt County.

We have many assets in our town, such as three new schools, a beautiful library, and a caring hospital, just to name a few.

With the possible closing of the Power Plant in a few years, what’s going to happen to these places? I don’t want to see my taxes going up further to keep them running or maybe eventually closing.

We have a chance right now to bring a new industry to DeWitt County and these three incumbents approve of this opportunity.

So if you want to see Clinton grow and keep taxes lower, put your support behind these candidates.


Peggy Lamar

Letter to the Editor on DeWitt County Board Primary Races


Posted February 24, 2020


Dear Editor:


Dear Editor-

And now comes the March Primary Elections for voters in DeWitt County on March 17th. Voters, this may possibly be the most important election within our county in several decades.


The reason being-the urgency to elect county board members who will assertively address issues facing us now and in our future. 1. Pro-job creation for our work force. 2. Keep property taxes affordable. 3. Maintain safety and emergency services in our county. 

I urge you to talk to the candidates. Ask them questions and voice concerns you have. Find out their stances on the issues at hand. 

The future financial security of this county hangs in limbo. When financial challenges become reality, some may choose to leave DeWitt County while others will choose to stay to protect and preserve the place that is and has been their life-long home. Help protect the future of our county by voting for Cole Ritter, David Newberg, and Jay Wickenhauser. 

Respectfully submitted,
Jane Ann Thomas


Letter to the Editor on Senator Chapin Rose's Stance on Dewitt County Wind Farms


Posted February 8, 2020


Dear Editor:


Recently Senator Chapin Rose came out against wind energy by making some very negative comments. The question is why did Senator Rose wait until now to come out against the wind industry when we are in the midst of public hearings trying to get Zoning Board approval for a Special Use Permit for the Alta II Wind Farm project? 


All of the DeWitt County Wind Farm supporters are very disappointed in the negative comments that he made in January. His comments could not have come at a worse time.  It seems to me that he was given a lot of misinformation and he used that misinformation to form the comments that he made in January.  Where did he get this information? 


It is very apparent that the misinformation came from the opposition side; and I am fairly confident that it came from a DeWitt County Board member.  Senator Rose has not reached out to any of the supporters of the Alta II Wind Farm project in DeWitt County that I have talked to. 


Why is that? Ever since he made the comments in opposition of the wind industry, he has been dodging our attempts to contact him.  Senator Rose represents all of us in DeWitt County and it is disappointing that he won't give us the time of day. 


We would love for Senator Rose to come before our DeWitt County Wind Farm Supporters Group to present his official position on wind energy. 

Roger Fatheree
Clinton, IL  61727


Letter to the Editor on ZBA Hearings on Wind Farms


Posted February 5, 2020


Dear Editor:


Thursday night at the Zoning Board of Appeals was a night of "do-overs".  It seemed that every presentation was a recycled presentation of a previous night.  There have been many previous nights.  Three weeks in fact and counting of opposition presentations about the proposed wind turbines.


The difference is that the last couple of weeks seemed to be the form of the presentations and the length of them.  Most of the presenters seemed to have a basic form in what they said and what was shown on the overhead projector.  It seemed all were basically the same except with a change of names and places.  Did anyone else notice that?


Most of the presentations were lasting 60 to 90 minutes.  Most people can say what needs to be said in a much shorter time.  It was as if the time used had a propose other than giving out information.  Did anyone else notice that?


I appreciate the patience and the time the zoning board has in letting everyone have their say but how many times do we all have to hear the same things over and over.  Is this an attempt at "brain washing"!?!  We need to appreciate the time involved in going through all of these tons of presentations for the County Board members before they make their decisions!!


My concern and everyone else's concern should be the future of DeWitt County.  What will life in DeWitt County be if and when the Power Plant closes?  Where are the abundant taxes they have provided for the county going to come from to keep our new school building operating and our staff of excellent teachers, aids, custodians, kitchen workers, and many more unsung heroes employed?


Who is going to support the ambulance services that is doing a good job of being where they are needed and when they are needed?  Who is going to support the police and sheriff departments when a crisis happens or when someone is worried about their safety?


DeWitt County has much to be thankful for and I am afraid we won't realize it until our blessings have been taken away!


The wind turbines are not the complete answer.  The taxes from them will not be as much as the power plant has provided, but it would be good to have another source of taxing income available.  This opportunity might not come along again.  I hope we can all be good citizens and weigh the facts of the situation and support the County in their effort to keep DeWitt County at the point that we can provide the citizens, young and old, with a life that we have had up to this point.  It can be done with the help of those seeking reelection in the coming months, that support the future of DeWitt County and cultivate an environment that businesses will want to come into instead of facing a battle of the citizens!! 


Sonna Hoke
Clinton IL  61727

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