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The Farm Show With Jared White - Schedule 10/28/19 - 11/1/19

Next week on the Show....


10/28 am
Matt Hughes – Southwestern McLean County Harvest Report


10/28 noon
Danny Himes – Sales MGR in Christian, Shelby, Montgomery, & Sangamon Counties for LG Seeds


10/29 am
Jeff Scott – Southern Christian County Harvest Report


10/29 noon
Robert Klemm – Northwestern DeWitt County Harvest Report


10/30 am
Brad Wade – Southern McLean County Harvest Report


10/30 noon
Mellisa McMillan – Christian County Farm Bureau Manager


10/31 am
Andrew Newberg – Southern DeWitt County Harvest Report


10/31 noon
Craig Paulek – Northern Christian County Harvest Report


11/1 am
Jim Harrington – LG Seeds DSM in DeWitt, Macon, Piatt, Champaign


11/1 noon
Ryan Utterback – Southeastern DeWitt County Harvest Report






The Farm Show With Jared White - Schedule 10/21/19 - 10/25/19

Lots of time on combines this week!  Next week on The Show....


10/21 am (6:40a & 1:07p on WHOW)
Alex Head – Southwestern Macon County Harvest Report


10/21 noon (12:20p & 4:35p on WHOW)
Andy Bolsen – Northern Moultrie County Harvest Report


10/22 am
Chad Kalaher – Agronomist w/ Beck's Hybrids


10/22 noon
Marvin Finfrock III – Central DeWitt County Harvest Report


10/23 am
Lucas Roney – Central Moultrie County Harvest Report


10/23 noon
Matt Bennett – Central Shelby County Harvest Report


10/24 am
Elliott Burgett – Western Macon County Harvest Report


10/24 noon
Stephanie Porter – Agronomist w/ Golden Harvest


10/25 am
Brian Schaumberg – Northern McLean County Farmer


10/25 noon
Paul Butler – Macon County Harvest Report



The Farm Show With Jared White - Schedule 10/14/19 to 10/18/19

On the Show next week....


10/14 am (6:40a & 1:07p on WHOW)
Scott Durbin – Central Christian County Harvest Report


10/14 noon (12:20p & 4:35p on WHOW)
Jake Lieb – Southern Piatt County Harvest Report


10/15 am
Molly Pelzer – New CEO of Midwest Dairy


10/15 noon
Jeff Brown – Southern Macon County Harvest Report


10/16 am
David Brown – Western Macon County Harvest Report


10/16 noon
Ken Franklin – Western Christian County Harvest Report


10/17 am
Jim Reed – Northern Piatt County Harvest Report


10/17 noon
Nathan Wentworth – Western Macon County Harvest Report


10/18 am
Bryan Sharp – Central Christian County Harvest Report


10/18 noon
Kyle Meece – Innovative Agronomy Lead w/ United Prairie




Wet Weather Possible For Fall and Winter

After a challenging start to the 2019 growing season, September precipitation patterns split the state with repeated heavy rainfall in northern Illinois, while south of I-72 saw less than half of normal rainfall. Temperatures were above average allowing for the crucial accumulation of growing day units late in the season before the first frost. Cold weather is coming behind a powerful winter storm on Oct. 10-13 that will likely bring frost to the northern parts of Illinois, but the biggest challenge through October might be frequent rainfall.
Keep a close eye on the Pacific Ocean this fall as a “Modoki” EL Niño sets up with cool water off South America, but warm water in the central Pacific. This, combined with a warm north Pacific Ocean and the strongest positive Indian Ocean Dipole in recent years will likely produce a strong subtropical jet stream. If these features dominate the flow of the atmosphere, expect a very active and potentially wet start to winter for Illinois farms in November and December.

Aaron Johnson Named Interim Farm Credit Illinois President

Following the unexpected passing of president & CEO Tom Tracy last month, the Association's leadership succession plan was activated and Aaron Johnson was named interim CEO by the FCI Board of Directors. On Oct. 10, the Board held a special meeting to finalize a selection process for naming FCI's next permanent CEO.

"As challenging as the loss of Tom has been for this organization, the Board is absolutely confident in the steady and competent leadership of Aaron and the senior management team at this critical time," states Eric Mosbey, FCI Board chair. "The Board commits to exercising due diligence over the coming weeks to name a permanent CEO."

"Thank you to so many extended members of the FCI family for the comfort and support expressed to the Association over the past few weeks," says Aaron Johnson. " It's genuinely humbling to continue building on Tom's impactful legacy at FCI as your interim CEO. We have an extraordinary team in place dedicated to Helping Farm Families Succeed - just as our members have come to expect."

With more than 32 years of Farm Credit career experience, Johnson served as FCI's executive vice president since Jan. 1, 2015.

The Farm Show With Jared White - Schedule 10/7/19 to 10/11/19

Harvest is slowly starting to pick up steam.  Hopefully a full week of combine riding next week!  


On the Show next week....


10/7 am (6:40a & 1:07p on WHOW)
Matt Bennett – Bennett Consulting &


10/7 noon (12:20p & 4:35p on WHOW)
Adam Brown – Macon County Farmer & USDA Advisory Committee Member


10/8 am
Ken Ferrie – Crop Tech Consulting & Farm Journal Agronomist


10/8 noon
Brian Basting – Economist @ Advanced Trading Inc.


10/9 am
Heath Houck – Montgomery County Farmer


10/9 noon
Dave Steward – Western DeWitt County Combine Report


10/10 am
Shaun Tyson – Market On The Hill In Mt. Pulaski


10/10 noon
Randy Niver – Dekalb/Asgrow Agronomist in East Central IL


10/11 am
Matt Meisner – Farmers Business Network on 2019 Seed Pricing Report


10/11 noon
Gary Schnitkey – U of I Ag Economist on Incomes & Cash Rent