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Farm Progress Show Manager Reviews 2023 Show

In visiting with local farm broadcaster Jared White Thursday afternoon, Farm Progress Show Manager Matt Jungmann said that he was very pleased with this year's show.



He said that with the exception of a Tuesday morning accident in a road leading to Progress City, parking went well.   Overflow parking was used both Tuesday and Wednesday.


Jungmann is already having conversations about the 2025 show in Decatur.  Next year's show is in Boone, Iowa, August 27-29, 2024.

Day 3 Brings Another Big Crowd to Farm Progress Show Thursday

Day 3 of the Farm Progress Show in Decatur Thursday brought a big crowd.   The weather in Decatur was picture perfect.


It was the final day of the show, which saw record crowds on Tuesday and Wednesday thanks to the weather.



Perfect Weather Brings Record Day 2 Crowd to Farm Progress Show Wednesday

Picture perfect weather brought a record Day 2 crowd to the Farm Progress Show on Wednesday.



The overflow parking lot had to be used earlier than usual for a typical Wednesday, another sign of a record Wednesday crowd.  Food tent lines were also longer and lasted into mid-afternoon.

Governor Pritzker Announces Farm Family Resource Initiative at Farm Progress Show

Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker Tuesday announced a new Farm Family Resource Initiative at the Farm Progress Show.  It's meant to address the continuing mental health issues farmers experience.


According to the Governor's Office,  the funding will be for a grant program aimed at breaking down the stigma of accessing mental health services in agricultural communities. The announcement was made in partnership with the Illinois FFA Foundation and the Southern Illinois University (SIU) School of Medicine.


The Farm Family Resource Initiative (FFRI) was created initially as a pilot program covering six Illinois counties providing telehealth mental health access in addition to a helpline. Following its overwhelming success, the FFRI was expanded to cover all 102 counties in the state. In addition to the telehealth helpline, family members can now access six free telehealth mental health sessions.


The program will also fund up to 20 grants at $1,000 each to support FFA chapters implementing local initiatives encouraging access to mental health resources. Grants will be used to increase awareness of mental health and wellness in schools and communities across Illinois. All FFA chapters in Illinois are eligible to apply for the grant, and grant applications will be available from the Illinois FFA Foundation in fall 2023.


A Tour of the Farm Progress Show Day 1 From a Golf Cart

Here's a tour of the Farm Progress Show amidst the record crowd, on Tuesday, the first day of the show, from a golf cart.



Record crowds visited the enlarged Varied Industries Tent.  It had a record number of vendors, and still has a waiting list for future shows.



Chevrolet showed off their 2024 trucks with a "Ride and Drive."









Mansea Metal Providing Locally Produced Pole Barn Components; See Them in Varied Industries Tent

Mansea Metal of Mt. Zion again has a presence at this year's Farm Progress Show.


District Sales Manager Mike Barringer (right) is manning the booth all 3 days showing prospective customers the many sizes and styles of pole barn building components made at their local plant.


Here's the interview did with Mike, discussing the larger buildings farmers are demanding for their machinery:



Stop by their booth or go on-line to



Brock Grain Systems Exhibit at FPS Introduces New Vector Grain Dryer


Brock Grain Systems' footprint at this year's Farm Progress Show again shows off the latest in grain bin technology. visited with Vice President of Sales and Marketing John Tuttle about all that Brock is showing off at this year's show.





The new Vector grain dryer is being unveiled at the FPS for the first time, and culminates several years of research and development at Brock. visited with District Sales Manager Shawn Gearhart during our coverage Thursday morning:



Here is Shawn's interview from Wednesday morning:






Stop by the Brock Grain Systems exhibit on the northeast quadrant of the show. Farm Progress Show 2023 Interviews Posted Here

Here are this year's Farm Progress Show interviews heard on during our over 30 hours of coverage:

Heard August 31, 2023:


Shawn Gearhart, Territory Sales Manager, Brock Grain Systems



Jacob Hansen, Co-Founder, ALA Engineering



Eric Potter, Inventory Manager, Haber Technologies



Abagail Peterson, Director of Agronomy, Illinois Soybean Association



Brad Belzer and Trevor Foling, Common Ground


Chase Burns, The Land Guys



Linda Underson, Grass Works Manufacturing



Mike Barringer, Sales Manager, Mansea Metal



Craig Gansel, Founder, Farm Wave



Zack Corbin, Founder, AWS Airbar



Crystal Kopecke, Director of Sales, Walkabout Mother Bins



Heard August 30, 2023:

Matt Jungmann, National Events Manager, Farm Progress Show



Phil Montgomery, Co-Owner, AMFM Hemp Farm



Taylor Whetley, US Commercial Manager, Solentech



Charles Verron, one of the co-founders, Farmers Business Network



David Brix, one of the host farmers of the Farm Progress Show



Shawn Gearhart, District Sales Manager, Brock Grain Systems


Jim Reid, Piatt County Farmer and member, US Grains Council


Jeff Cooper, CEO, Renewable Fuels Association



Cody Faas, President, Faas Sprayers



Greg Rober, Vice President Sales, Ag Direct 


Eric Shuman, General Manager, Raven



Jennifer Ferkins, Vice President, Springfield Plastics




Ron Harmon, founder and CEO, Big Equipment Show



Ryan Berg, Chief Operating Officer, Farm Credit Illinois



Jeff Akel, Global Product Manager, Case IH



Tom Curlee, Global Product Manager, Case IH



David Brennan, Planning Market Manager, Case IH



Keith Barkema, volunteer, Farm Rescue



Ken Paul, Product Marketing Manager, New Holland



Cole Sanford, Cash Crop Product Specialist, New Holland




Heard August 29, 2023:


John Tuttle, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Brock Grain Systems



Andy Thompson, AOR Manager, Yetter Farm Equipment



Kevin Bernson, Vice President of Media and Public Relations, Shelby Electric Cooperative



Colin Rogers, Sustainable Systems Agronomist, Bayer



Chris Turner, US Country Division Manager for Seed Brands, Bayer




Lance Darkeeohnee, Agronomist, DeKalb Asgrow



Denise Bouvet, Team Lead, Corn Systems, Bayer



Alex Harrold, Georgia Farmer at the Bayer exhibit



Mike Barringer, Territory Sales Manager, Mansea Metal



Jason Faulkner, Director of Field Operations, Terrakamp



Adam Nielsen, National Legislative Director, Illinois Farm Bureau



Doug Yoder, Crop Agency Manager, Country Financial



Susan Moore, Director, IAA Foundation



Raelynn Parmalee, Environmental Programs Manager, Illinois Farm Bureau



Ron Knidel, Assistant Director for Transportation and Infrastructure, Illinois Farm Bureau



Elizabeth Burns Thompson, Vice President for Government and Public Affairs, Navigator CO2



Josh Robinson, Product Support Specialist, Precision Planting



Josh Stoler, Region Manager, Southern Illinois, Precision Planting



Jim Zinc, Director of Biological Products, Indigo



Craig Lee, Director of Sales, Gearinghoff



Adrian McMorris, Video Marketer, Evolution Wheels



Justin Welch, Head of Digital Ag, Syngenta



Eric Blake, Head of North America Operations, Syngenta Seeds; and Mike Harts, Head of Sustainable Oils



Kramer Farney, Head of Marketing, Golden Harvest Seeds



Chris Reynolds, Midwest Director, America Farmland Trust



Jake and Jonathan, Pegasus Ag Spray Drones



Nick Yates, Central Region Farm Server Rep, Beck's Hybrids



Nick Tylertson, CEO, Rise Recon




Heard August 28, 2023:


Matt Jungmann, National Events Manager, Farm Progress



Carter Hitchings from Clinton, Ag Student at Richland Community College



Lindsay Mitchell, Communications Manager, Illinois Corn Marketing Board



Craig Johnson, VP Marketing, Monarch Electric Tractors



Mike Miller, Director of Sales for North America, GTS



Mike Earles, Regional Manager, Wyffels Hybrids



Tim Harmon, Area Team Leader, Beck's Hybrids




Greg Sauder, Founder, 360 Yield Center



Heard August 23, 2023:


David Brix, Host Farmer



Greg Florian, Richland Community College



Dena Morgan, Farm Progress Show




Matt Jungmann, National Events Manager, Farm Progress Show




Tim Stock, Manager, Macon County Farm Bureau and FPS Volunteer




Heard August 25, 2023:


Stephanie Porter, Illinois Soybean Association




Jess Smithers, Director of Ag Curriculum, Richland Community College




Beth Bolger, Farm Credit Illinois




Erin Bellinger, Show Manager, AGCO





Farm Progress Show Set to Kickoff in Decatur Tomorrow


Final preparations are being made for the gates to the Farm Progress Show in Decatur to open tomorrow morning at 8.



The show again has a record number of exhibitors including in the Varied Industries Tent.



Show hours are Tuesday and Wednesday 8 to 5, Thursday 8 to 4.


Listen to all of's platforms on air and on line for extensive live coverage all 3 days from 6am to 3pm.


Farm Show Schedule - 8/28-9/1/23

Coming up next week on The Farm Show....LOTS of coverage from the 70th Annual Farm Progress Show in Decatur!!


8/28 am
Lance Tarochione – Dekalb/Asgrow Agronomist in West Central IL


8/28 noon
LIVE @ Farm Progress Show
(12:20-2p on WHOW
12:20-1p on WTIM)


8/29 am
LIVE @ Farm Progress Show
6:40-6:55a on Both

Extra FPS Coverage:

7:40-7:45am  &  8:40-10a on Both WHOW & WTIM


8/29 noon
LIVE @ Farm Progress Show
(12:20-3p on WHOW
12:20-1p on WTIM)


8/30 am
LIVE @ Farm Progress Show
6:40-6:55a on Both

Extra FPS Coverage:

7:40-7:45am  &  8:40-10a on Both WHOW & WTIM


8/30 noon
LIVE @ Farm Progress Show
(12:20-3p on WHOW
12:20-1p on WTIM)


8/31 am
LIVE @ Farm Progress Show
6:40-6:55a on Both

Extra FPS Coverage:

7:40-7:45am  &  8:40-10a on Both WHOW & WTIM


8/31 noon
LIVE @ Farm Progress Show
(12:20-3p on WHOW
12:20-1p on WTIM)


9/1 am
Doug & Jordan Zimmer – Logan & Tazewell County Farmers


9/1 noon
Jon Skinner – Regional Agronomy Manager @ Beck's Hybrids


Farm Show Schedule - 8/21-8/25/23

Coming up next week on The Farm Show...


8/21 am
Rich Guebert – ILFB President &
Marty & Evan Marr – Sangamon Co Farmers


8/21 noon
Scott Beck – President @ Beck's Hybrids  &
Keith Enhle – Beck's El Paso PFR Site Manager


8/22 am
Five Illinois State FFA Officers &
Tim Thompson – ILCMB


8/22 noon
Tyler Barringer – Seed Advisor for Beck's Hybrids in Central IL


8/23 am
Sean Murray – Chief Marketplace Officer @ Farm Credit IL  &
Samantha Hazelwonder – Sect. 16 FFA President


8/23 noon
LIVE @ Farm Progress Show Media Day

(12:20-2p on WHOW)
(12:20-1p on WTIM)


8/24 am
Chad Kalaher – Agronomist @ Beck's Hybrids in East Central IL


8/24 noon
Mark Gebhards - Chief Strategy Officer @ IL Farm Bureau


8/25 am
Dave Duzan – President @ IL Beef 
& Jim Love - Light Robotics Mgr @ Beck's


8/25 noon
LIVE @ Farm Progress Show
(12:20-2p on WHOW)
(12:20-1p on WTIM) Broadcasts Live from Ag Day at Illiinois State Fair August 11


Friday, August 11th was Agriculture Day at the Illinois State Fair.   It was also the first day of the Fair's 10-day run.


Agriculture was in the spotlight, with agriculture leaders from across the state converging on the Commodities Pavilion during the noon hour for interviews with farm broadcasters and media. broadcast its Noon Farm Show live from the event.   Here are the interviews that were featured during the broadcast:


FFA Section 16 president Samantha Hazelander:



FFA State Officer Team:



Shawn Murray, Senior Vice-President and Chief Marketplace Officer, Farm Credit Illinois:



Mark Gebhards, Chief Strategy Officer, Illinois Farm Bureau:



Tim Thompson, District 10 director, Illinois Corn Marketing Board:



Marty and Evan Marr; Marty is past president of the Illinois Corn Marketing Board:



Dave Duzan, president, Illinois Beef Association:



Rich Guebert, president, Illinois Farm Bureau:



Farm Show Schedule - 8/14-8/18/23

Coming up next week on The Farm Show...


8/14 am
Andy Thompson – AOR Mgr @ Yetter Farm Equipment


8/14 noon
Brian Randle – Henderson County Strip Till Farmer


8/15 am
Dale Kock – Product Lead @ Radicle Agronomics


8/15 noon
LIVE @ DeWitt County Farm Bureau


8/16 am
Tony Vyn – Professor of Agronomy @ Purdue University


8/16 noon
LIVE @ Macon County Farm Bureau


8/17 am
Jake & Sara Hotze – Effingham Co. Producers & FCI Director's Cup


8/17 noon
Natalie Kerr – IL Coordinator @ Saving Tomorrow's Ag Resources


8/18 am
Lynn Curry – Scholarship Chair @ IL Agri-Women


8/18 noon
Chad Conder – Shelby Co. Producer & FCI Director's Cup



Farm Show Schedule - 8/7-8/11/23

Coming up next week on The Farm Show...


8/7 am
Dan Halstrom – CEO @ US Meat Export Federation


8/7 noon
Bryce Baker – Marketing Director @ Precision Planting


8/8 am
Chris Enroth – U of I Horticulture Educator on Ginger


8/8 noon
Claire Weinzerl – Communications Manager @ IL Soybean Association


8/9 am
Noah Newman – Technology Editor @ Strip Till Farmer Magazine


8/9 noon
LIVE @ DeWitt County Farm Bureau


8/10 am
Marion Calmer – Owner @ Calmer Corn Heads


8/10 noon
Jason Webster – PTI Farm Director @ Precision Planting


8/11 am
Kaitlin Tharp – Farm Credit Illinois On FreshRoots Director's Cup


8/11 noon
LIVE @ IL State Fair Ag Day
(12:20-1p on Both)



A View of Progress City Before Farm Progress Show Move-In

Jim Wilkerson with Vieweg Real Estate, provided us a link to a drone view of Progress City before move-in of this month's Farm Progress Show.   Enjoy:


Listen to, WHOW's AM-FM-streaming platforms, and WTIM's AM-FM-streaming platforms, for extensive coverage of this year's show starting with Media Day on Wednesday, August 23.


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