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U of I Says It's Saved $26 Million

A University of Illinois panel looking for ways to save money in the school's administration says it's nearly halfway toward its goal of saving $60 million over the next three years.

The administrative working group says the university has achieved $26 million in recurring savings stemming from changes in procurement, information technology and off-campus leasing, among other areas.

More than half of the $26 million comes from centralizing how the university buys supplies, from copy paper to computers.

The university says the savings program was launched in late 2009 as the school's three campuses and hospitals struggle with less money and slow payments from the state.

Teachers Ok New Deal, Students Back In Schools

Teachers in a central Illinois school district have agreed to a new contract and students are back at school after a strike that extended their summer vacations.

The 61 members of the teachers union at Illini Bluffs School District in Glasford approved the deal Monday night.

The district's roughly 1,000 students went back to school Tuesday.

School was supposed to start Aug. 17. But teachers went on strike in a dispute over the district's plan to start random drug testing. Teachers had proposed for-cause testing.

Neither the school board nor teachers have said whether how the new contract handles drug testing.

Peoria Airport Gets $3.5 Million Grant

The U.S. Department of Transportation has awarded a nearly $3.5 million grant for improvements at Peoria International Airport.

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin says the money will be used to improve the airport's aircraft rescue and firefighting building. Two runways and a taxiway will also be rehabbed.

A new airport terminal opened in April, replacing a 50-year-old facility.

Peoria's airport offers service to several cities, including Chicago, Dallas, Orlando and Las Vegas.

Catholic Charities To Appeal Judge's Ruling

The state has ended its foster and adoptive care services with Catholic Charities but the religious group isn't going down without a fight.  Springfield diocese executive director Steven Roach says the judge's ruling didn't determine if they're in violation of the new Civil Unions law. 

[audio:rddSRoach1.mp3]A Word From Roach[/audio]

Roach says they'll file an appeal by the end of this week.  Meanwhile, the state has not yet started transferring kids out of Catholic Charities care.  Roach says they'll ask the judge to halt that move until the case has been settled.

AARP Wants Governor To Keep Veto Promise

One citizen's group is asking Governor Quinn to make good on his promise to veto a plan to raise electric rates for Ameren and ComEd customers.  Scott Musser with AARP says a rate hike is the wrong approach to take. 
[audio:rddMusser1.mp3]A Word From Musser[/audio]

A recent report shows the hike will save customers nearly three-billion dollars over the next 20 years. Musser says that savings doesn't help the pockets of actual customers.

[audio:rddMusser2.mp3]A Word From Musser[/audio]

Musser says the cost savings plan has yet set to be seen.  The electric companies want to upgrade their infrastructure and roll out a new smart grid but they want customers to foot the two-point-six-billion dollar bill.  Governor Quinn has said the plan is quote, "dead on arrival."

State Rep Charged With DUI

State Representative Randy Ramey is the latest lawmaker to make criminal news.  He was ticketed early Sunday morning for driving under the influence of alcohol.  His blood alcohol level was zero-point seventeen which is more than twice the legal limit.  Ramey has apologized for his actions.  He says he takes full responsibility and is prepared to face the consequences.  A first time DUI offense in Illinois is a Class A misdemeanor.  That means Ramey could lose his driving privileges for one year, pay a minimum fine of 500 dollars and work 100 hours of community service.  He may retain his driving privileges, however, if he's eligible to have the Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device installed on his vehicle.

State Fair Brings In 800-Thousand Visitors

It was a record breaking year for the Illinois State Fair.  More than 800-thousand people came out during the run of the fair.  Governor Quinn says country singer Jason Aldean was one of the biggest attractions. 

[audio:rddfairsuccess.mp3]A Word From The Governor[/audio]

The country singer wasn't the only one breaking records this year.  A Sherman teenager sold his steer for a record 51-thousand 200-dollars.  The grand champion sheep sold for 12-thousand 500 and the Land of Lincoln barrow brought in an additional ten-grand.  The event raised over 135-thousand bucks not only for the youths who raised the animals, but also for the state's 4-H and FFA youth education programs.

Quinn Stops By Farm Progress Show

Governor Quinn made a pit stop at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur today.  He says the show is a great display of how Illinois makes an impact on feeding the world. 

[audio:rddFPQuinn1.mp3]A Word From The Governor[/audio]

Quinn says he's overwhelmed at seeing all of the new advances in the farm industry.  The ag industry is the biggest booster of the state's economy but Quinn says he wants to reach beyond the borders of Illinois and even the U.S.  He says he's looking forward to making trade agreements with countries like Korea and Panama.  Meanwhile, anyone who's interested in checking out the Farm Progress Show has until 4:00 p.m. Thursday to see what it's all about.

Monticello Schools Forced To Switch Transportation Providers

Monticello Schools recently made a switch away from a provider they have been with for many years.

The school district was recently forced to part ways in their contract with Monticello Bus Service. Superintendent of Monticello Schools Dr. Vic Zimmerman explains state law requires the district to put out for bid for the bus services and Monticello Bus Service was outbid.

[audio:monticellobus1.mp3]A Word From Dr. Zimmerman[/audio]

Dr. Zimmerman says many in the community and school district were disappointed to end the contract with Monticello Bus Service. He says because they were outbid by nearly 100-thousand dollars, the only choice was to make the switch.

[audio:monticellobus2.mp3]A Word From Dr. Zimmerman[/audio]

The district had been with Monticello Bus Service for over 40 years. Monticello Bus had recently lost their contract with the Cerro Gordo district as well. Dr. Zimmerman says he has contacted Monticello's local legislators to discuss adjusting the law and giving local businesses, such as Monticello Bus Service, who have long standing relationships the opportunity to continue serving the local districts.

[audio:monticellobus3.mp3]A Word From Dr. Zimmerman[/audio]

Dr. Zimmerman also adds he has been in contact with the owners of Monticello Bus and they say things are still well with the company and he feels they understand the process and the way things are with schools financially.

Opening Day of Farm Progress Show Huge Success

Thousands upon thousands made their way to Decatur for the Farm Progress Show on the campus of Richland Community College Tuesday.

The close to 600 exhibits on the 80 acres figures to draw almost a million visitors from all over the United States. Stu Ellis is one of the organizers of the Farm Progress Show and played a large role in Decatur being the permanent site for the event, he says of all the Farm Progress Shows he has been a part of, the yesterday's attendance was the largest for a Tuesday he has ever seen.

[audio:tuesday1.mp3]A Word From Ellis[/audio]

Ellis points out the volunteers in the community stepped up when they heard the Farm Progress Show was coming to Decatur. He adds the Farm Progress Show added some incentive to organizations for getting involved.

[audio:tuesday2.mp3]A Word From Ellis[/audio]

The Farm Progress Show may be one of the biggest events of the year for the exhibitors. Ellis says the number of people at the show Tuesday certainly had exhibitors excited, and he feels the crowds have not even reached their peak, as traditionally Wednesday is the busiest day at Progress City.

[audio:tuesday3.mp3]A Word From Ellis[/audio]

The Farm Progress Show runs today (Wed) and Thursday, and Ellis figures the show could break one-million visitors to the site.

DeWitt County Board Hears More On Landfill Issue

The Clinton Landfill issue continues to be a reoccurring issue at DeWitt County Board Meetings.

The board has been approached several times on why they should take a stance against the proposed dumping of higher concentrations of PCBs, or polychlorinated biphenyls into the waste facility. President of WATCH Clinton Landfill, George Wissmiller says if this is allowed to happen, there is no way to fix it.

[audio:watchpres2.mp3]A Word From Wissmiller[/audio]

Wissmiller believes the wrong approach is being taken to getting rid of the controversy. He suggests perhaps the issue is not whether it is right or wrong, but if it is responsible.

[audio:watchpres1.mp3]A Word From Wissmiller[/audio]

Wissmiller called on the Board to utilize the State's Attorney's position better. Wissmiller says Dick Koritz is a DeWitt County Board employee when he is seated before the Board. He believes the County Board should not allow Koritz to make policy decisions, but instead guide the Board in the things they want to do. Wissmiller asked the Board to use Koritz services to help find a way to legally fight the issue.

[audio:watchpres3.mp3]A Word From Wissmiller[/audio]

Despite repeated appeals from the public, the DeWitt County Board as a whole has not voiced an opinion either in favor or against the Chemical Waste permit. A clause in a 2008 contract with the landfill states the board will remain neutral on the issue. Representatives from Peoria Disposal, the landfill's owner, have threatened a breach of contract lawsuit should the county violate the clause.

DeWitt County Sheriff's Report for 8-31

August 30, 2011


Jail Population: 62

Summons Served: 3

Warrant Arrests: 1


Kelsey Doenitz, 19, Bement, was arrested on a DeWitt County Warrant charging her with Failure to Appear. Doenitz posted the necessary bond and was released.


Daniel Zummo, 21, Lake Zurich, was issued a citation for Speeding (68 mph in a 45 mph zone). Zummo posted his Illinois Driver’s License as bond and was released.



Law Aimed To Help Smokers Kick Habit

A new Illinois law requires insurance companies to offer coverage for services meant to get smokers to kick the habit.

The American Lung Association in Illinois enthusiastically backs the law. It says the law could be a tremendous help to tens of thousands of tobacco users who want to quit smoking but can't afford the services they need to make that happen.

A vice president at the state association, Kathy Drea, argues that getting smokers to quit not only improves the health of individuals: She says it reduces the several billion dollars that smoking-related diseases cost Illinois as a whole each year.

The smoking-cessation programs that insurance companies would be required to offer coverage on include various medical treatments and counseling by physicians.

Gov. Quinn signed the law on Monday.

SIU Faculty Still Working Without Contract

Students may be filling the classes at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, but not everyone in the room is filled with excitement.  Many of the school's faculty members are working without a contract.  Negotiations between the university's administration and several unions have spilled over from last year.   NTTFA President Anita Stoner says they've had two bargaining sessions since mid-July and another is scheduled next week.  Stoner says most of those represented by her union have been given one semester contracts but they're concerned about layoffs and appointments beyond that point.  Other faculty members have gone more than 400 days without a contract.  University's chancellor Rita Cheng says she hopes to see a resolution soon.

Catholic Charities Plans To Appeal

Catholic Charities isn't going down without a fight.  The agency will file an appeal against a ruling that allows the state to end its contracts for foster and adoptive care placement services.  They had initially asked a judge to protect their religious right to deny licenses to same sex couple, but a judge ruled against the religious group.  According to court documents, the judge claimed no one is entitled to a state contract, and if the agency couldn't follow Illinois law, then the state is not obligated to continue its services with Catholic Charities.  A lawyer for the agency says they plan to ask the judge to reconsider his decision.

Job Seekers Get Leads At Drive-Thru Job Fair

Looking for a job lead in a hurry?  Some Central Illinois job seekers may have gotten their best lead at a recent "Drive-Thru Job Fair" in Decatur.  A local customer service company called StarTek turned to Innovative Staff Solutions for help because it needs to hire more than 130 workers by the end of next month.   And instead of a traditional fair, they set up shop in a driveway and pitched the job opportunities as people lined up in their cars.  Karen Lay with Innovative Staff Solutions says it's a convenient way for job seekers to get a lead without having to worry about how they're dressed or trying to find a baby-sitter.  They simply drive up, get information about the company and even ask questions before being referred to a website to fill out an application.

Small Illinois Communities Get Money For Water

Some small Illinois communities are getting money from the state to repair or improve their public drinking water systems.

The Illinois EPA says it is handing out almost $2 million for projects in 18 communities from DeWitt in central Illinois to Colona in western Henry County and Elizabethtown in Hardin County near the Metro East region.

The agency says it has the money on hand to disperse. Illinois EPA interim director Lisa Bonnett says smaller communities often don't have the money to make needed repairs.

Some of the issues to be fixed include arsenic violations, unsafe source waters, and inadequate pressure tanks. The projects range in cost from $5,200 up to $200,000.

The agency got 67 applications for money.

Poor Crop In Western Illinois

Even before heading into the field for the 2011 harvest season, producers in Western Illinois are already projecting yield loss.  Rowen Ziegler says his corn crop has taken a beating this summer and his soybeans are also in poor shape. 

[audio:rddpoorcrop1.mp3]A Word From Ziegler[/audio]

He says a good rain could pump up the beans but he's not banking on that.  While he hasn't done any ear or kernel counts on his corn, Ziegler says he's pretty sure the yield will be disappointing.  He farms 17-hundred acres near LaHarpe.

Half Century Of Progress Show Success

Thousands made the trip this past weekend to the Half Century of Progress Show.

The show shows off old farm equipment from all over the country and features all kinds of makes and models, which draws people from all over the world to the National Aviation Center. Max Armstrong is one of the organizers of the event, he feels having all the farm equipment on display brings back a lot of memories for farmers who used the equipment several years ago.

[audio:halfcenturyshow1.mp3]A Word From Max Armstrong[/audio]

The Farm Progress show thought they should have something to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Progress Show in 2003. Russel Buwer explains the first Half Century of Progress show was such a big hit, it came back around when Illinois was the host of the Farm Progress Show again.

[audio:halfcenturyshow2.mp3]A Word FromBuwer[/audio]

The Half Century of Progress Show took place over the past weekend in conjunction with the Farm Progress Show which takes place this week. Organizers were pleased with the turnout this past weekend and hope for a great event again in 2013.

'Super Bowl of Agriculture' Here

The waiting is over, and the "Super Bowl of Agriculture" has arrived in Decatur.  Jared White has more...

[audio:8-29-11 Farm Progress Is Here WRAP.mp3]Jared White With The Story[/audio]

Backpacks For Kids Program Back in Blue Ridge District

The Blue Ridge School district will be bringing back their Backpacks for Kids program this fall.

The school district last year began the program that puts food in the backpacks of children for the weekend. The food from the program is distributed once a month before school lets out. Susan Wilson, Superintendent of Blue Ridge Schools, says last year the program served around 90 students a month in its first year.

[audio:backpacks1.mp3]A Word From Wilson[/audio]

Wilson gives a lot of credit to the many volunteers who lend a hand to help make the program possible. The program runs in conjunction with the Salt Creek Resource Center in Farmer City. Wilson says right now the program is currently seeking volunteers. The volunteers in the community make the many programs similar to Backpacks for Kids a success.

[audio:backpacks2.mp3]A Word From Wilson[/audio]

The Backpacks for Kids program uses the Midwest Food Bank as their food supplier, which helps save the district money because there is not cost to work with the Midwest Food Bank. Wilson notes, the program being in its second year is not as advanced as other districts with the program.

[audio:backpacks3.mp3]A Word From Wilson[/audio]

Wilson notes with nearly 40% of Blue Ridge students qualifying for the free or reduced lunches program, the Backpacks for Kids program has been well utilized in the district.

Big Red Barn Gets Water Leak Fixed

The Big Red Barn 4 miles south of Clinton, which houses radio stations WHOW THE BIG 1520 AM and 92.3 FM, and WEZC 95.9 FM, along with dewittdailynews.com, had some drainage work completed this week.

Water was seeping into the stations' transmitter room, causing minor flooding during heavy rains.  Nelson Excavating of Clinton, spent 2 days this week, digging out several feet of dirt, and installing a drainage system just outside the east side of the Big Red Barn building, to prevent future flooding in the station's transmitter room.

Ameren, ComEd Sending Crews To East Coast

Illinois utilities are rolling to the rescue as Hurricane Irene bears down on the East Coast.

Ameren Illinois and ComEd say they're sending more than 200 crews to help fix electricity outages.

Ameren says it's sending nearly 100 workers to Vermont in response to a request from Central Vermont Public Service - a utility that has helped Ameren's Illinois customers in recent years through mutual assistance. Ameren says it's agreed to send linemen, supervisors, and safety and logistics personnel.

The company says It will take days for its employees to safely drive line trucks and other equipment to the Northeast.

ComEd says it'll send more than 100 crews to support its sister utility, PECO, in Philadelphia.

The workers will begin helping to repair damage and restore service on Sunday.

Governors Face Limits on Appointment Power

Illinois governors face new limits on how long people can run state agencies without legislative approval.

Gov. Pat Quinn signed a bill Friday that requires him to submit nominees for Senate review more quickly. It also bars him from naming someone an "acting" agency director if that person has already been rejected for a permanent appointment.

Agency directors and commission members serve for specific terms. But often their terms expire and governors don't replace them or reappoint them. The official simply keeps serving month after month.

A governor also can name someone to a temporary position without submitting the nomination for review.

Lawmakers objected, saying these practices undercut the Senate's role in reviewing key government personnel.

Old Plan For U of I Engineering House Moves Ahead

A four-decade-old plan to construct a building to house the University of Illinois' electrical and computer engineering programs is finally moving ahead.

The university's Urbana-Champaign campus says it plans to call for bids on the $95 million Electrical and Computer Engineering Building in October. The building would house programs that are now scattered across several buildings.

Half of the project will be paid for with state money. The rest is being covered with private donations.

The building will have about 230,000 square feet.

Timothy Trick is a professor emeritus in electrical engineering. He says the project has been discussed at least since he came to the university in 1965.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is among the top programs on campus.

Man Leads Police On Chase With Toddler in Vehicle

A Springfield man is in custody after he allegedly hijacked a sport utility vehicle with a 19-month old girl inside and led police on a chase that reached 100 mph. The child was not injured.

The chase occurred Friday after officers recognized the 23-year-old Ross as someone being sought on an arrest warrant. Ross jumped into the vehicle, pushed the child's mother out and drove off with the girl in the back seat.

After a chase through a neighborhood and onto an expressway, he stopped, jumped out and was arrested as he tried to run away. He faces several charges, including vehicular invasion and aggravated fleeing. He's being held in the Sangamon County jail without bail.

Decatur Mother Allegedly Fractures Baby's Skull

A Decatur woman is in jail after she allegedly slammed her 5-month old son's head against a hard floor and fractured his skull, because he would not stop crying.

18-year-old Heather R. McKinney also allegedly broke the baby's ribs, collarbone and bones in both legs.

The paper says McKinney was arrested this week on preliminary charges of aggravated battery to a child and child endangerment. According to the paper, the woman told police she slammed the baby a number of times into his swing set and then when he continued to cry slammed his head against the floor.

The boy was taken to Decatur Memorial Hospital Friday and transported to St. John's Hospital in Springfield.

Keep Tabs on Farm Progress Show With Social Media Outlets

The 2011 Farm Progress Show is upon us, and even if you can't make it to the "Super Bowl of Agriculture" you can still keep tabs with what's going on.  Jared White has more...

[audio:8-29-11 Farm Progress Social Media WRAP.mp3]Jared White With The Story[/audio]

Gov. Quinn Say Courts Made Right Decision About Regional Superintendents

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn expects the state's regional school superintendents to keep working without pay until at least October.

He said Friday he expects lawmakers to resolve the dispute over cancelled salaries for the 44 superintendents and their assistants when they return to work in Springfield in October. They have been working without pay since July 1 after Quinn cancelled their salaries.

The Democrat says important policy questions are at stake. He says the education bureaucrats should be paid with local money, not state dollars that are better spent in the classrooms to teach students.

The superintendents sued, but a central Illinois judge refused to intervene earlier Friday, ruling Quinn had "broad" power. Quinn says the judge made the right ruling.

DeWitt County Farm Bereau Holds Annual Meeting

The DeWitt County Farm Bureau held its 94th annual meeting this week.

During the gathering, Farm Bureau members unanimously re-elected Tom Heironymous to another term as the organization's president.  In his remarks, Heironymous noted the important role Farm Bureau plays in educating the public about key agricultural issues.

[audio:dcfb1.mp3]A Word From Heironymous[/audio]

Dave Steward was re-elected to the role of Vice President.  Also during the meeting, two of those in attendance were honored for their service to the Farm Bureau.  Longtime board member Mike Arnold was recognized as he is retiring from the board.  He feels Farm Bureau is keeping with its foundation of being a grass roots organization.

[audio:dcfb2.mp3]A Word From Arnold[/audio]

Ken Bjelland was also recognized for his 30 years of service as the DeWitt County Farm Bureau manager.  He notes a lot has changed in the world of agriculture and in DeWitt County since taking over the role.

[audio:dcfb3.mp3]A Word From Bjelland[/audio]

The DeWitt County Farm Bureau's 94th annual meeting took place Monday in the Revere Room at the Warner Public Library.

Clinton Board of Education Discusses Elementary Building

The Clinton Board of Education held a special meeting prior to last Tuesday's community engagement to talk with the architects of the building.

Of the many things the Board discussed, the majority of the discussion focused on the size and cost of the building. Finding areas to scale down on the 100-thousand square foot and estimated $18-million proposed conceptual design of the building and what parts of the building were wants over needs was what was debated extensively.

Board member Rod Werts calls the conceptual design "The Wish List", but he says the challenge for the board is to find ways to get what is both wanted but in budget the Board has for the building.

[audio:elementarybuildin1.mp3]A Word From Werts[/audio]

The conceptual designs allows space in the gymnasium for two regulation IHSA basketball courts. President of the Board of Education Buck Carter says many in the community have said the cost is too much and suggests maybe eliminated some space from the gym would be a start.

[audio:elementarybuilding2.mp3]A Word From Carter[/audio]

Architect of the building Craig Welter says the designs are based off community input, staff and administration input. He believe the challenge facing the Board now becomes, what is going to be the purpose of the building and what will the community support.

[audio:elementarybuilding3.mp3]A Word From Welter[/audio]

The Board faces deciding what things to eliminate from the conceptual design, which some of those things could go against what the community has expressed an interest in, but could also go against what the Board of Education feels is a necessary part of the elementary building. Regardless of what is eliminated from the proposed designs, the Board will shoot for an approximately $12 million dollar project without raising the taxes of the district.

White Sox, Cards Win; Cubs Swept; NFL Notes

>>White Sox Complete Sweep Of M's

(Seattle, WA)  --  Tyler Flowers belted a grand slam as the White Sox ripped the Mariners, 9-3.  Dayan Viciedo added a three-run blast to help Chicago complete a three-game sweep on Sunday at Safeco Field.  Gavin Floyd fired seven-and-a-third innings of two-run ball to improve to 12-and-10.  Josh Bard hit a two-run homer and plated all three runs for the Mariners.  Jason Vargas allowed all nine runs in 10 hits in five-and-two-thirds innings to fall to 7-and-12.  The Southsiders return to The Cell this evening to open up a three-game series against the Minnesota Twins.  Mark Buehrle gets the nod against Kevin Slowey in the opener.

>>Cards Clip Bucs

(St. Louis, MO)  --  Skip Schumaker and Ryan Theriot both had two hits and drove in two, helping the Cardinals to a 7-4 victory and series win against the Pirates.  Allen Craig's sacrifice fly in the fourth plated the go-ahead run, while Kyle Lohse allowed four runs, two earned, in five innings to pick up the victory.  The Cardinals won three of the four games in the series, and rebounded from Saturday's 7-0 loss.  The Cards have the day off but will travel to Milwaukee to open a three-game series with the Brewers tomorrow.  Jaime Garcia will take the ball in the opener against Shaun Marcum.

>>Greinke, Crew Sweep Cubs

(Milwaukee, WI)  --  Zack Greinke allowed one run through seven-and-two-third innings and Corey Hart belted a two-run homer, leading the NL Central-leading Brewers over the Cubs, 3-2, to complete a three-game sweep.  Greinke held Chicago to four hits, struck out seven and walked two while adding a single and a steal before scoring on Hart's blast to left field in the fifth.  John Axford yielded a one-out, solo homer to Tyler Colvin in the ninth, then put the tying run in scoring position before holding on for his 40th save and the Brewers' 50th home win.  Casey Coleman was touched for three runs on six hits over seven innings for Chicago, which has dropped four straight and seven of eight overall.  The Northsiders head to AT&T Park this evening to kick off a three-game series against the San Francisco Giants.  Randy Wells will toe the rubber opposite Tim Lincecum in the opener.

Atlanta Braves at New York Mets (PPD)
Cincinnati Reds 5, Washington Nationals 4 (14 inn)
Houston Astros 4, San Francisco Giants 3 (11 inn)
Arizona Diamondbacks 6, San Diego Padres 1
Colorado Rockies 7, Los Angeles Dodgers 6

Kansas City Royals 2, Cleveland Indians 1
Tampa Bay Rays 12, Toronto Blue Jays 0
Baltimore Orioles 2, New York Yankees 0 (G1)
Minnesota Twins 11, Detroit Tigers 4
New York Yankees 8, Baltimore Orioles 3 (G2)
Texas Rangers 9, LA Angels of Anaheim 5

NFL Preseason
New Orleans Saints 40, Oakland Raiders 20

NFL Preseason (SATURDAY)
Buffalo Bills 35, Jacksonville Jaguars 32 (OT)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17, Miami Dolphins 13
Pittsburgh Steelers 34, Atlanta Falcons 16
Dallas Cowboys 23, Minnesota Vikings 17
Houston Texans 30, San Francisco 49ers 7
Detroit Lions 34, New England Patriots 10
Tennessee Titans 14, Chicago Bears 13
Denver Broncos 23, Seattle Seahawks 20
San Diego Chargers 34, Arizona Cardinals 31

>>Rams Top Chiefs In Show-Me State Rivalry

(Kansas City, MO)  --  Second-year quarterback Sam Bradford completed 9-of-16 passes for 95 yards, two touchdowns and one interception to lead the Rams to a 14-10 win over the intrastate rival Kansas City Chiefs on Friday night in the third game of the preseason for both teams.  Steven Jackson rushed 15 times for 72 yards and a long run of 25 yards, while former Buccaneer Cadillac Williams ran 12 times for 53 yards.  Donnie Avery caught two passes for 26 yards for St.Louis, while Mardy Gilyard grabbed three balls for 18 yards.  Mike Sims-Walker and Lance Kendricks both caught touchdown passes from Bradford.  Bradford led the first-team offense down the field for two first-quarter scores and that proved to be all the offense the Rams needed.  Bradford connected with Sims-Walker on a six-yard touchdown pass to cap a 12-play, 73-yard drive, and then connected with Kendricks on an 11-yard score.  The Rams head to Jacksonville on Thursday to close out their preseason schedule against the Jaguars.

>>Bears Fall To Titans In Preseason

(Nashville, TN)  --  Tommie Campbell's 90-yard interception return for a touchdown late in the third quarter was the difference as Tennessee topped Chicago, 14-13, in preseason action on Saturday evening at LP Field.  Jay Cutler was 13-of-21 for 170 yards and one interception for the Bears.  Caleb Hanie came on late to go 9-of-18 for 107 yards, but threw the costly pick.  Matt Forte totaled 74 yards and a rushing TD on 17 carries, and Robbie Gould connected on a pair of field goals in defeat.  Chicago hosts the Cleveland Browns on Thursday night in its preseason finale.

DeWitt County Sheriff's Weekend Report


August 26, 2011


Jail Population: 60

Summons Served: 4

Warrant Arrests: 2



August 27, 2011


Jail Population: 61

Summons Served: 3

Warrant Arrests: 0



August 28, 2011


Jail Population: 63

Summons Served: 3

Warrant Arrests: 1


James Filey, 31, Clinton, was arrested on a Macon County Warrant charging him with Failure to Appear and Failure to Pay. Filey posted the necessary bond and was released.


Darren Cole, 40, Clinton, was arrested on a DeWitt County Warrant charging him with Failure to Appear. Cole posted the necessary bond and was released.


Matthew Mahan, 29, Warrensburg, was arrested on a DeWitt County Warrant charging him with Failure to Appear. Mahan posted the necessary bond and was released.


Alec Palmer, 21, Bloomingdale, was issued a citation for Speeding (85 mph in a 65 mph zone). Palmer posted his Illinois Driver’s License as bond and was released.


Michael Kochniarczyk, 51, Geneva, was issued a citation for Speeding (64 mph in a 45 mph zone). Kochniarczyk posted the necessary bond and was released.


Tyler Gaherty, 24, Farmer City, was issued a citation on May 30th for Driving Under Influence. Gaherty was issued a Notice to Appear and released.


Jacob McCauley, 22, Kenney, was issued two citations for Driving Under Influence. McCauley was issued a Notice to Appear and released.


Randall Stalter, 57, Champaign, was issued a citation for Speeding (73 mph in a 55 mph zone). Stalter posted his Illinois Driver’s License as bond and was released.


Richard Moore, 64, Clinton, was issued a citation for Improper Lane Usage – Violated Median. Moore posted his Illinois Driver’s License as bond and was released.


Investigation into the scene of an accident, which occurred at approximately 5:15 p.m. on Saturday, August 27, 2011, revealed that a vehicle driven by Lyndsey Peek, 26, Clinton and a vehicle driven by Michael Kardas, 32, Normal were traveling south on US Highway 51 near the intersection of US Bus. 51. Kardas was in the turn lane to turn onto US Bus. 51 when Peek collided with Kardas when her car was to far over towards the turn lane. No one was injured and Peek was issued a citation for Improper Lane Usage – Laned Roadways. Peek posted the necessary bond and was released.


Investigation into the scene of an accident, which occurred at approximately 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, August 27, 2011, revealed that a vehicle driven by George Moyer, 66, Decatur, was westbound on Ospur Road at Locust Road. According to witnesses Moyer was traveling 50 to 60 mph ahead of a group of motorcycles. Moyer failed to negotiate the curve and drove off the road into a cornfield where the vehicle fell over on him. Both Moyer and his passenger were taken by Ambulance to Decatur Memorial Hospital. Moyer was issued citations for Improper Lane Usage/Driving on the Shoulder, Failure to Reduce Speed/Accident, and Under the Influence of Alcohol. Moyer was issued a notice to appear.


Scott Pond, 44, Decatur, was issued a citation for Speeding (70 mph in a 55 mph zone) and Operating Uninsured Vehicle. Pond posted his Illinois Driver’s License as bond and was released.


Sara Stokes, 29, Bethany, was issued a citation for Speeding (60 mph in a 45 mph zone). Stokes was issued a Notice to Appear and released.


Rylie Van Valey, 19, Clinton, was issued a citation for Speeding (72 mph in a 55 mph zone). Van Valley posted her Illinois Driver’s License as bond and was released.


Mitchell Bachtold, 16, Forsyth, was issued a citation for GDL – Unlawful Number of Passengers. Bachtold posted his Illinois Driver’s License as bond and was released.


Glodeana Ryan, 66, Weldon, was issued a citation for Speeding (78 mph in a 55 mph zone). Ryan posted her Illinois Driver’s License as bond and was released.




DeWitt County Sheriff's Weekend Report


August 26, 2011


Jail Population: 60

Summons Served: 4

Warrant Arrests: 2



August 27, 2011


Jail Population: 61

Summons Served: 3

Warrant Arrests: 0



August 28, 2011


Jail Population: 63

Summons Served: 3

Warrant Arrests: 1


James Filey, 31, Clinton, was arrested on a Macon County Warrant charging him with Failure to Appear and Failure to Pay. Filey posted the necessary bond and was released.


Darren Cole, 40, Clinton, was arrested on a DeWitt County Warrant charging him with Failure to Appear. Cole posted the necessary bond and was released.


Matthew Mahan, 29, Warrensburg, was arrested on a DeWitt County Warrant charging him with Failure to Appear. Mahan posted the necessary bond and was released.


Alec Palmer, 21, Bloomingdale, was issued a citation for Speeding (85 mph in a 65 mph zone). Palmer posted his Illinois Driver’s License as bond and was released.


Michael Kochniarczyk, 51, Geneva, was issued a citation for Speeding (64 mph in a 45 mph zone). Kochniarczyk posted the necessary bond and was released.


Tyler Gaherty, 24, Farmer City, was issued a citation on May 30th for Driving Under Influence. Gaherty was issued a Notice to Appear and released.


Jacob McCauley, 22, Kenney, was issued two citations for Driving Under Influence. McCauley was issued a Notice to Appear and released.


Randall Stalter, 57, Champaign, was issued a citation for Speeding (73 mph in a 55 mph zone). Stalter posted his Illinois Driver’s License as bond and was released.


Richard Moore, 64, Clinton, was issued a citation for Improper Lane Usage – Violated Median. Moore posted his Illinois Driver’s License as bond and was released.


Investigation into the scene of an accident, which occurred at approximately 5:15 p.m. on Saturday, August 27, 2011, revealed that a vehicle driven by Lyndsey Peek, 26, Clinton and a vehicle driven by Michael Kardas, 32, Normal were traveling south on US Highway 51 near the intersection of US Bus. 51. Kardas was in the turn lane to turn onto US Bus. 51 when Peek collided with Kardas when her car was to far over towards the turn lane. No one was injured and Peek was issued a citation for Improper Lane Usage – Laned Roadways. Peek posted the necessary bond and was released.


Investigation into the scene of an accident, which occurred at approximately 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, August 27, 2011, revealed that a vehicle driven by George Moyer, 66, Decatur, was westbound on Ospur Road at Locust Road. According to witnesses Moyer was traveling 50 to 60 mph ahead of a group of motorcycles. Moyer failed to negotiate the curve and drove off the road into a cornfield where the vehicle fell over on him. Both Moyer and his passenger were taken by Ambulance to Decatur Memorial Hospital. Moyer was issued citations for Improper Lane Usage/Driving on the Shoulder, Failure to Reduce Speed/Accident, and Under the Influence of Alcohol. Moyer was issued a notice to appear.


Scott Pond, 44, Decatur, was issued a citation for Speeding (70 mph in a 55 mph zone) and Operating Uninsured Vehicle. Pond posted his Illinois Driver’s License as bond and was released.


Sara Stokes, 29, Bethany, was issued a citation for Speeding (60 mph in a 45 mph zone). Stokes was issued a Notice to Appear and released.


Rylie Van Valey, 19, Clinton, was issued a citation for Speeding (72 mph in a 55 mph zone). Van Valley posted her Illinois Driver’s License as bond and was released.


Mitchell Bachtold, 16, Forsyth, was issued a citation for GDL – Unlawful Number of Passengers. Bachtold posted his Illinois Driver’s License as bond and was released.


Glodeana Ryan, 66, Weldon, was issued a citation for Speeding (78 mph in a 55 mph zone). Ryan posted her Illinois Driver’s License as bond and was released.




Want to Control Cholesterol

High blood cholesterol can increase a person’s risk for coronary heart disease, but a few lifestyle changes can lower one’s cholesterol level and improve health.

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of Americans and one of the risk factors for heart disease is high cholesterol. Cholesterol is a substance that occurs naturally in the body and when it is too high, can cause a build up of plaque in the heart vessels, says Dr. Tiffany Malli (molly), assistant professor of internal medicine at SIU School of Medicine in Springfield. She says several things can affect cholesterol levels.

[audio:siuchol.mp3]Dr. Malli 1[/audio]

Dr. Malli says cholesterol is measured with a specific blood test, which is done after fasting for nine hours. The test results will provide various readings for cholesterol. She explains the ideal readings.

[audio:siuchol2.mp3]Dr. Malli 2[/audio]

Dr. Malli advises all adults to see their personal physician and have their cholesterol checked regularly. If cholesterol readings are not in a healthy range, the physician may recommend lifestyle changes as well as medication to lower cholesterol.

Illinois DCFS Head Steps Down

Illinois will need a new director at the Department of Children and Family Services. Erwin McEwen, who has lead DCFS since late 2006, announced Thursday that he is stepping down effective September 30th. A replacement has not yet been named

Central Illinois Car Plant Changing Gears

 It's a changing of the guard, or more specifically, a changing of the cars in Normal. The Mitsubishi Motors plant in the central Illinois city will change the vehicles made there by the end of the week. Mitsubishi has been producing Eclipse coupes, Spyder convertibles and Endeavor SUVs. But the company is ending that production, and will transition the plant to make Outlander Sport crossover SUV's by mid-2012.  In February Mitsubishi announced a 100-million dollar investment in the plant to produce the Outlander Sport.

Prison Time for Former Central IL Cop in Porn Case

It's two, ten year sentences for a former central Illinois police officer who plead guilty to sexual abuse of a young girl.  Forty-four-year-old Douglas Spensley, a former officer in Warrensburg, will serve ten years in state prison after he serves ten years in federal prison. Spensley admitted to having sex with the girl, who was younger than 12-years-old, and then taking pornographic pictures of her.  Spensely is currently serving his federal sentence, once he is released he will begin serving his decade behind bars in Illinois.  Spensley will also have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

Constitution Issues At Heart of Superintendents Pay Case

It's not just an issue of whether Illinois' regional superintendents should be paid. The legal challenge now before a judge in Springfield has become a serious constitutional question.

Sangamon County Judge John Schmidt will issue a ruling Friday on whether he will force Governor Pat Quinn to pay the regional superintendents, who have not been paid since Quinn zeroed-out their money from the state budget in July.

Schmidt heard arguments from the regional superintendents and the state Thursday. The lawyer for the superintendents, Charles Schmadeke said the governor has stepped beyond his bounds.

The governor wants to pay the superintendents, but from local tax money not state dollars.

But it will be October, at the earliest, before lawmakers will be able to act on Quinn's proposal.

Governor Wants To Make Illinois Capitol of Electric Vehicles



[audio:elec1.mp3]A Word From The Governor[/audio]


[audio:elec2.mp3]A Word From The Governor[/audio]


Decatur Mayor: I'm Running for State Senate

The mayor of Decatur wants to get a job in Springfield.  Mayor Mike McElroy made it official Wednesday morning that he intends to run for the Illinois Senate in 2012.  Lawmakers drew a new political map this year, so the seat would be open to new candidates.  The 48th District includes parts of Decatur and Springfield, and stretches into Macoupin and Madison counties.  Political insiders say the map was drawn to favor a Democrat.  McElroy is a Republican.  Two Democrats, including a man who works for the Illinois Senate President, have already expressed their interest in the seat.

Illinois, DeWitt County See Unemployment Numbers Jump in July

Illinois saw unemployment numbers jump almost a half-percent from June to July, while the US was steady at 9.3 according to the Illinois Department of Employment Services(IDES).

The unemployment rate reached double digits in Illinois hitting 10% exactly for the month of July, however, in July of 2010, unemployment in the state was 10.5%.

In DeWitt County, unemployment jumped a half percent, going from 7.6% to 8.1% from June to July. Last July, unemployment was 8.7%, down over a half-percent.

Piatt County had one of the lowest unemployment rates in the area, only seeing their unemployment rate jump 0.2%, from 7.3% to 7.5% and almost a full percent decrease in unemployment from last year, which was 8.4%.

From June to July, Macon County saw a 0.7% increase, going from 9.8% to 10.5%, but almost a full percentage and a half drop from last July, which then was 11.8%.

Logan County's unemployment went from 8% to 8.5%, up a half percent, but over the past year has dropped 1.1%, down from 9.6% in 2010.

McLean County saw unemployment go from 7% to 7.4%, one of  the lowest rates in the area. Over the past year, unemployment is down from 8.1%, a 0.7% drop from July of 2010.

In Illinois, Alexander County had the highest unemployment rate for July at 13.6%. The biggest jump in unemployment came from Massac County, who went up almost a percent and a half(1.4%). Only a handfull of Illinois counties saw their unemployment rates drop, the biggest rate drop by far was almost a full percent in Stark County, at 0.7%.

Lincoln's Art And Balloon Festival This Weekend

If you are making your way to the Lincoln area this weekend you may notice things will be a little busier than normal.

The annual Art and Balloon Festival takes place this weekend. The weekend event figures to draw several thousand people from all over central Illinois. Lincoln Mayor Keith Snyder explains there will be a couple new events to the festivities this year. Saturday will be the inaugural Kansas City BBQ cook off on the square in downtown Lincoln. According to Mayor Snyder around 40 BBQ enthusiasts will be on the grill Saturday afternoon.

[audio:balloonfest1.mp3]A Word From The Lincoln Mayor[/audio]

Another event being added to the festivities this year is a sidewalk chalk competition. Mayor Snyder says a few areas have been blocked off for folks to come and get creative and display some art using sidewalk chalk. While the the response was hopeful to be good, Mayor Snyder says he did not think the response would be as good as it has been.

[audio:balloonfest2.mp3]A Word From The Lincoln Mayor[/audio]

Of course, when the Art and Balloon Festival comes to mind the hot air balloons may be the popular part of the event. Mayor Snyder says when the balloons get in the air it is something that is not to be missed. 33 balloonists are expected to make their way across from the Logan County Airport this year to lift into the sky Friday and Saturday evenings and also Saturday morning. Mayor Snyder adds each night also sees the balloons glow at dusk.

[audio:balloonfest3.mp3]A Word From The Lincoln Mayor[/audio]

The 38th annual Art Fair will take place downtown. Mayor Snyder notes the art fair is the original event and several years later the hot air balloon portion of the festival became a part of the festivities. The Mayor notes last years attendance was one of the largest the festival has ever had.

[audio:balloonfest.mp3]A Word From The Lincoln Mayor[/audio]

The festivities this year will provide transportation for anyone attending from out of the area not familiar with the City of Lincoln. Mayor Snyder says a shuttle service will be provide from three place in Lincoln. He says there will be one on the west side of Lincoln off of Interstate 55 in the parking lot of the old Wal-Mart building next to Burger King. The shuttle will run from there to the downtown area and then out to Logan County Airport. He adds a trolly service will be provided throughout the downtown area to all the activities. The Lincoln/Logan County Chamber of Commerce is the organizer of the shuttle service.

For a full list of activities, a schedule of events and directions to the various activities, you can type www.lincolnillinois.com/ABF on your web browser.

Sweeping Drug Arrests Made in DeWitt County Thursday Morning

On Thursday, August 25, 2011, Task Force 6, assisted by the
DeWitt County Sheriff’s Office, Clinton Police Department, Farmer City Police Department, and Illinois State Police SWAT, conducted an early morning warrant arrest detail in Dewitt County for individuals charged as a result of numerous undercover operations dating back to 2010.  Charges for individuals arrested during the detail ranged from Unlawful Delivery of Controlled Substances, Unlawful Delivery of Cannabis, Theft, Possession with Intent to Deliver Controlled Substance, and Possession of Cannabis and Drug Paraphernalia. All suspects were arrested and incarcerated in the DeWitt County Jail.

Chief Deputy Mike Walker with the DeWitt County Sheriff's Office says operations as large as these can sometimes take up to a year to fully investigate and lead to arrests.

[audio:drugarrests1.mp3]A Word From Chief Deputy Walker[/audio]

Chief Deputy Walker says all the people arrested were not working together. He says a few in the same town may have known each other but rules out the possibility of a big drug ring.

[audio:drugarrests2.mp3]A Word From Chief Deputy Walker[/audio]

When serving the warrants and making the arrests, Chief Deputy Walker says none of the suspects were considered armed or dangerous. He says anytime when serving warrants or making arrests he says keeping officers and the public safe is their top priority.

[audio:drugarrests3.mp3]A Word From Chief Deputy Walker[/audio]

Task Force 6 is a multi-agency enforcement unit specializing in narcotics enforcement.  Task Force 6 is composed of officers from Bloomington Police Department, Clinton Police Department, DeWitt County Sheriff’s Department, McLean County Sheriff’s Department, Illinois State University Police Department, and the Illinois State Police.

The public is reminded that charges are merely accusations and criminal defendants are presumed innocent unless proven guilty.  Persons having information regarding illegal drugs are encouraged to contact the Task Force 6 tip line at www.taskforce6.com.
The following persons were arrested on warrants:
Kody Davis, 17, Farmer City, Delivery of a Controlled Substance, bond $100,000
Rachel Proctor, 19, Farmer City, Delivery of a Controlled Substance, bond $50,000
Randall Wisegarver, 25, Farmer City, Possession of Cannabis and Drug Paraphernalia, bond $5,000
Sherman Taulbee, 31, Clinton, Delivery of Cannabis, bond $25,000
Shawna Bryant, 39, Kenney, Delivery of a Controlled Substance, bond $100,000
Lora McKinzey, 30, Clinton, Possession of a Controlled Substance, bond $25,000
Kristen Parker, 23, Clinton, Theft and Possession with Intent to Deliver Controlled Substance, bond $100,000
Sondra Day, 20, Clinton, Delivery of a Controlled Substance, bond $75,000
Cameron Clark, 17, Clinton, Unlawful Delivery of a Controlled Substance, bond $50,000
Anibal Rodriguez, 21, Clinton, Failure to Appear Warrant, bond $10,000
An additional subject was arrested for Unlawful Possession of Cannabis and Drug Paraphernalia.

DeWitt County Board Gets Update on Clinton Lake Development Project

It's been just under a year since the DeWitt County Board voted to proceed with a plan to try and develop 74-acres of county owned property at Clinton Lake.  Thursday night they heard the plan has yet to attract a developer.

Ruth Stauffer, Executive Director of the DeWitt County Development Council, updated the County Board on her group's progress with the Clinton Lake Development Plan.  She explains the project has been looking for qualified developers, however the search failed to yield any.  Stauffer feels several contributing factors are involved.

[audio:82511lakeproj1.mp3]A Word From Stauffer[/audio]

Despite the lack of results, Stauffer notes the project has drawn interest.  She says the DC-DC has fielded numerous calls from interested parties.

[audio:82511lakeproj2.mp3]A Word From Stauffer[/audio]

The results of feasibility studies in 2010 suggested the county pursue a tourist lodging project that includes up to a 140-room lodge with indoor aquatic park, as well as outlying cabins on the property.  Stauffer says the Clinton Lake Development Plan will proceed, but they plan on holding off heavy advertisement for the time being.

[audio:82511lakeproj3.mp3]A Word From Stauffer[/audio]

The DeWitt County Development Council has teamed with Chicago-based Market & Feasibility Advisors to attempt to develop the plan.  The DeWitt County Board has invested 40-thousand dollars in the studies and plan development.

In other business Thursday night, the DeWitt County Board...
> voted unanimously to begin paying members of the Regional Planning Commission 20-dollars per meeting and mileage.  The Chair will receive 25-dollars.

> voted 11 to 1 to slightly increase some slip rental rates in 2012 at the Clinton Lake Marina.

Cards Win, Cubs Lose; NFL/MLB Notes

>>Cards Double Up Bucs

(St. Louis, MO)  --  Matt Holiday clubbed a three-run homer to help the Cardinals double up Pittsburgh, 8-4.  David Freese drove in a pair and Albert Pujols bashed an RBI double for St. Louis, which snapped a three-game slide.  Edwin Jackson gave up one earned run in six frames of work to pick up the win.  The second of the four-game series is tonight, with Jake Westbrook opposing James McDonald.

>>Braves Bash Cubs

(Chicago, IL)  --  Brian McCann clubbed a pair of homers to back six solid innings from Brandon Beachy as the Braves blasted the Cubs, 8-3, on Thursday afternoon.  Beachy fanned eight and gave up three runs, two earned, on six hits to improve to 7-and-2 on the season.  Michael Bourn went 4-for-5 with an RBI and two runs scored for Atlanta, which took three-of-four from Chicago at Wrigley Field.  Marlon Byrd blasted a solo homer, while Darwin Barney and Geovany Soto each knocked in a run for the Northsiders.  Matt Garza was tagged for six runs, only three earned, through five frames to absorb the loss.  The Northsiders head to Miller Park this evening to open ip a three-game series with the Milwaukee Brewers.  Rodrigo Lopez is slated to toe the rubber opposite Randy Wolf in the opener.

>>White Sox Start Set With Seattle

(Seattle, WA)  --  The Chicago White Sox are back in action this evening as they kick off a three-game series against the Seattle Mariners at Safeco Field.  Jake Peavy gets the nod against Charlie Furbush in the opener.  The Southsiders had yesterday off but were recently swept in a brief two-game series against the LA Angels to fall to 63-and-65 on the season.

>>Berkman Hopes To Be Back

(St. Louis, MO)  --  This may not have been the season the team was hoping for, but that hasn't quelled Lance Berkman's love for St. Louis.  The Cardinals outfielder told reporters that he plans to play again in 2012 and would love to return to St. Louis.  Berkman added that the team has a great group of guys with a lot of potential and that the Cardinals would be his first choice.

>>Bears In Nashville This Weekend

(Nashville, TN)  --  The Chicago Bears continue their preseason slate this weekend as they take on the Tennessee Titans at LP Field on Saturday evening.  The Bears are 1-and-1 this preseason with a win over Buffalo in their opener and most recently a loss to the New York Giants.  Chicago wraps up its exhibition schedule next Thursday at home against Cleveland.

>>Rams At Chiefs Tonight

(Kansas City, MO)  --  The Rams will look for more offensive consistency tonight when they play the Chiefs in the annual Governor's Cup tilt in Kansas City.  The Rams struck early for an 83-yard bomb last weekend against the Titans, but the first unit did little else in an eventual 17-16 win.  Fans at tonight's game can make donations and purchases to support the Joplin tornado relief efforts.

Maroons Drop 2011 Season Opener

As heard on 92.3FM WHOW the Clinton Maroons opened up their third season under head coach John Hayden tonight (8/26) in Tuscola. The Warriors jumped ahead early, shutting out the Maroons in the first half with a score 42-0 at halftime. Quarterback Phillip Meyer of the Warriors led the way with 203 yards and 4 touchdowns through the air and with 5 carries, 41 yards, and a touchdown on the ground. Junior quarterback Greg Osgood  gave the Maroons their only score and 15 carries for 27 yards and 1 of 6 through the air for 40 yards. The Maroons fell to the Warriors with a final score of 42-7.

Tune in to the Big 1520AM and 92.3FM WHOW or on the internet at DeWittDailyNews.com to hear Jared and John call the game again next Friday night as the Maroons host the Meridian Hawks for the 2011 home opener. 

Central Illinois Teachers Strike Over Drug Testing

Teachers in the Illini Bluffs School District in central Illinois are striking over a new drug-testing policy that administrators want to add to a new contract.

The district in Glasford was scheduled to start classes on Aug. 17. But teachers don't want to submit to random drug and alcohol testing. Glasford is 15 miles southwest of Peoria.

District attorney Karl Meurlot says most of the 63 teachers are on strike. The district is interviewing potential replacements and could start classes with them next week.

At a rally Tuesday about 300 people, like 16-year-old high school student Kyle Sweet, supported the teachers. He says he's never suspected any of his teachers had a drug problem.

The district's other employees already take drug tests.

Gov. Quinn Signs Bill Affecting Drinking Water

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn has signed three bills he says will help conserve and protect drinking water in the state.

One bill allows recycled, treated wastewater to be used for purposes that don't include consumption, such as watering golf courses or parks. Experts say this would save drinking water used for the same purposes.

Two other bills that Quinn signed Wednesday deal with safely disposing pharmaceuticals and prescription medicines to keep them out of the water system.

One bill, creating creates a pharmaceutical collection and disposal program, is a result of efforts by students at high schools in Pontiac and Antioch to collect and properly dispose of unused pharmaceuticals.

The second bill will allow municipalities to display containers to collect used, expired or unwanted medications.

Coroner: Central Illinois Four-Year-Old's Death Homicide

A Peoria County coroner's jury has ruled that a four-year-old girl in foster care did not die of a seizure or other natural causes. Kianna Rudesill's death has been ruled a homicide.  However, authorities in Livingston County have not arrested anyone in connection with her death.  The little girl died in May, police say someone called 911 to report that she had had a seizure while in foster care. Peoria County Coroner Johnna Ingersoll said a Kianna suffered eight injuries to her head and face, seven to her back and 18 to her arms and legs.

DCFS and investigators in Livingston County, where the young girl lived, are now investigating the foster parents.  Kianna Rudesill's siblings, who were also in foster care n the same home, and the foster parents' own children have been removed from the home.  Officials are not saying if or when they may file charges in the case.

Fake Robbery Ends With Real Arrest

It's always funny until someone calls the cops. Or at least that's what a pair of friends in Peoria found out when they decided to stage a fake robbery at a third friend's cafe.  Jade Katinas and Karen Harris burst into the Leaves 'N Beans Roasting Co. in Peoria Heights Tuesday to "rob" a friend who had no idea about the prank.  Peoria Heights Police Chief Dustin Sutton said he got a 911 call about an armed robbery and rushed four squad cars to the cafe.  The fake robbers, with plastic guns that had orange tipped barrels, were immediately met by real police with real guns.  Both Katinas and Harris were taken to jail.

ADM Begins Work To Capture Carbon Dioxide

 The U.S. Department of Energy says construction has started on a $207.5 million project to capture carbon dioxide produced by an ethanol plant in Illinois and store it underground.

The Energy Department said construction started Tuesday on the project at Archer Daniels Midland's headquarters in Decatur and carbon storage is expected to start in 2013.

The project is intended to capture 1 million tons of carbon dioxide a year and store it 7,000 feet underground. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas linked to climate change.

The government has provided $141 million. The rest of the financing is private.

ADM also has a smaller, existing carbon-capture project at the site.

The new project is 1 of several other government-backed carbon-capture projects being planned or built around the country.

Thursday New Day For Regional Superintendents

Illinois' regional superintendents had hoped to know today when, or if, they will be getting a paycheck. But the 44 local school chiefs will have to wait a few more days.

A judge in Springfield has delayed a hearing on whether he'll force the state to start sending paychecks to the regional superintendents until Thursday.

Illinois' regional superintendents have not been paid since July 1st, when Governor Pat Quinn zeroed-out their $11 million dollars from the state budget. Bob Daiber, president of the Illinois Association of Superintendents of Schools, had been talking with the governor about an eventual payday. But Daiber said it was taking too long.

The judge in the case said he wants to hear arguments about how a temporary restraining order could force the state to start paying the superintendents. Temporary restraining orders usually force someone to stop doing something.

Lawyers for the governor say the case deals with some "serious constitutional questions."

Both sides are due back in court Thursday afternoon.

Farm Progress Show Community Event

As Progress City begins making their final preparations for the Farm Progress Show next week, there are many folks on site working all hours of the day to make the show a success.

Mark Lovig is the operations managers for Progress City in Decatur. He says with all the things going on to get the site ready for the thousands of people that will make their way to Progress City next week, the many workers on the site are working hard and have a great attitude.

[audio:progresspreview1.mp3]A Word From Lovig[/audio]

A day of preparation for Lovig begins by directing those vendors and organizations that arrived during the night to their places, he says upon getting everyone situated his job becomes preparing the ground for the masses that will make their way to the site.

[audio:progresspreview2.mp3]A Word From Lovig[/audio]

For many organizations and groups around Decatur, the Farm Progress Show is a great opportunity for them to get out and do some volunteer work. Lovig says for some groups, this is the biggest fundraiser of the year for them.

[audio:progresspreview3.mp3]A Word From Lovig[/audio]

Lovig adds the community response to the Farm Progress Show is a positive one as well. He says many places he goes the community compliments him on the great work and he feels the community is proud to host the event.

The Farm Progress Show gets underway next Tuesday, Aug 30. For all the information you need to know about the event, you can visit their website at www.farmprogressshow.com.

Stay tuned to Regional Radio News throughout the week for continued coverage of the Farm Progress Show. The Big 1520 AM/92.3 FM WHOW will broadcast live from Progress City from 12:20 until 2 pm Friday(8/26) and Monday(8/29). WHOW will also have full coverage from the event next Tuesday through Thursday.

Clinton Maroon Golf Team Has High Hopes for 2011

The Clinton Maroons Golf team has kicked their season off already, one of the earlier starts in the athletic department at the high school.

Head Coach of the golf team for the Maroons Randy Workman is optimistic about his teams chances this year. He brings back a lot of experience.

[audio:golfteam1.mp3]A Word From Coach Workman[/audio]

Workman says while golf is tough to be a year round sport in central Illinois, once the Clinton Country Club opens the course up in the spring, that is when the golf season and practicing should begin for his team. He adds because of the quick turnaround between the beginning of allowed practices by the IHSA and the official start to their competitive matches, it is imperative they come into the season ready and in shape.

[audio:golfteam2.mp3]A Word From Coach Workman[/audio]

Workman says one unique thing about coaching golf is the coach throughout the course of a match is not allowed to speak with his players. According to Workman, there are also no officials on the golf course so the players have to enforce their own rules and make their own decisions, which is one aspect of the game he feels is a learning experience for the kids.

[audio:golfteam3.mp3]A Word From Coach Workman[/audio]

While the Maroon golf team has a lot of experience, Workman feels the team also has some good young players as well. He says the first couple of weeks have not lived up to what the team is capable of playing. He feels though the team is capable of doing some big things year and looks forward to the 2011 season.

Cubs Win; Cards, Sox Pounded; More

>>Cubs Hold Off Braves

(Chicago, IL)  --  Alfonso Soriano smacked a two-run homer to back six-and-two-third stellar innings from Randy Wells as the Cubs held off the Braves, 3-2, on Wednesday evening at Wrigley Field.  Wells struck out six and gave up just one run on two hits to improve to 5-and-4 on the season and also plated a run for the Northsiders, who snapped a three-game slide.  Carlos Marmol worked a scoreless ninth to nail down his 30th save.  Chipper Jones and Alex Gonzalez each popped solo homers for Atlanta.  Derek Lowe was tagged with the loss for the Braves, who had their winning streak end at six games.  Matt Garza will toe the rubber opposite Brandon Beachy in this afternoon's series finale.

>>Dodgers Crush Cards For Three-Game Sweep

(St. Louis, MO)  --  The Dodgers used a six-run third inning en route to a 9-4 win over the Cardinals Wednesday afternoon.  Juan Rivera and A.J. Ellis hit home runs for Los Angeles, which notched its first road sweep of the season and first three-game sweep in St. Louis since 1993.  Jaime Garcia took the loss.  Skip Schumaker went 4-for-4 and Gerald Laird homered for the Cardinals in defeat.  The Redbirds welcome the Pirates to Busch Stadium tonight for the start of a four-game series

>>Halos Hammer ChiSox Behind Weaver

(Anaheim, CA)  --  Jered Weaver struck out eight over seven shutout innings as the Angels hammered the White Sox, 8-0, on Wednesday night in Anaheim.  Weaver scattered four hits and two walks en route to improving to 15-and-6.  Erick Aybar drove in three runs and scored twice for the Halos, who swept the two-game set and have won six straight overall.  Torii Hunter added a solo homer in the win.  Zach Stewart allowed seven runs over six innings to fall to 1-and-3.  Chicago has dropped five-of-seven.  The Southsiders are off today.  They open up a three-game series in Seattle starting tomorrow night.  Jake Peavy gets the nod against Charlie Furbush in the opener.

Pittsburgh Pirates 2, Milwaukee Brewers 0
New York Mets 7, Philadelphia Phillies 4
Colorado Rockies 7, Houston Astros 6  (10 inn)
Florida Marlins 6, Cincinnati Reds 5  (Gm.1)
Cincinnati Reds 3, Florida Marlins 2  (Gm.2)
Arizona Diamondbacks 4, Washington Nationals 2
San Francisco Giants 2, San Diego Padres 1

Seattle Mariners 9, Cleveland Indians 2
Oakland Athletics 6, New York Yankees 4 (10 inn)
Toronto Blue Jays 4, Kansas City Royals 3
Boston Red Sox 13, Texas Rangers 2
Tampa Bay Rays 3, Detroit Tigers 2 (10 inn)
Baltimore Orioles 6, Minnesota Twins 1

>>Cards Attendance Down But Not Out

(St. Louis, MO)  --  Despite being projected to eclipse three-million fans for the eighth straight year, Cardinals attendance has taken a hit this season.  According to the "Post-Dispatch," the Redbirds have the fourth-highest attendance decline in the major leagues this season at nearly three-thousand fans per game.  The Dodgers are down more than a half-million fans from this time last year.

>>Colts Bring QB Kerry Collins Out Of Retirement

(Indianapolis, IN)  --  With Peyton Manning unlikely to be ready for the start of the season, the Indianapolis Colts are making contingency plans.  The Colts have lured quarterback Kerry Collins out of retirement.  The 38-year-old announced his retirement in early July during the lockout after spending the last five seasons with the Tennessee Titans.  Collins previously led the New York Giants to the Super Bowl in 2000.  Manning has never missed a game in his 13 seasons with the Colts, but has been slow to recover from offseason neck surgery.

CornBelters Win on Walk of Home Run

Home runs were the norm on Wednesday night at the Corn Crib, but the Normal CornBelters clubbed the final one, a three-run blast by Asif Shah, to walk off with a 7-5 win over the River City Rascals.

Mark Samuelson put the CornBelters on the board first with a long home run that nearly reached the clubhouse in right field to lead off the second inning.  The blast was his first home run with the CornBelters.

The Rascals used the long ball to take the lead in the third, and Joash Brodin crushed a long two-run homer to right with two outs..

River City added a run in the fourth to go up 3-1 when Logan Parker led off with a single, stole second, went to third on a fielder's choice and scored on a sacrifice fly by Jareck West.

The CornBelters loaded the bases with no outs in the fourth, but only scored one run, which came home on a double play ball.

Rascals designated hitter Logan Parker deposited the first pitch of the sixth inning from Normal pitcher Ryan Sheldon onto the lawn in right field to increase the River City lead to 4-2.  The CornBelters again loaded the bases in the seventh, but couldn't score. 

CornBelters third baseman Daniel Cox made it a new game at 4-4 in the eighth when he hit a two-run home to the left of the batter's eye in center field off reliever Dustin Umberger, scoring Mark Samuelson who had walked.

The Rascals surged ahead in the ninth.  Jareck West led off with a single, stole second and scored on a double to deep center by Bobby Burk.

The CornBelters came through in the ninth when Alvaro Ramirez reached via error with one out followed by a walk to Frank Martinez.  Asif Shah turned on an 0-2 pitch and sent the game-winning bomb high onto the lawn beyond the right-field fence.

Andy Mee (2-2) pitched three innings of relief for the win.  Rascals closer Derrick Miramontes (9-1) took the loss.

The series concludes tonight at 7 p.m. with left-hander Zach Robertson (7-4, 5.03) starting on the mound for the Rascals and righty Matt Mossey (1-3, 5.48) going for the CornBelters.

DeWitt County Sheriff's Report for 8-25


August 24, 2011




Jail Population: 51

Summons Served: 0

Warrant Arrests: 1



Melissa Koronis, 19, Bloomington, was issued a citation for Speeding (68 mph in a 45 mph zone). Karonis was posted her Driver’s License as bond and was released.


Samantha Leathers, 26, Bloomington, was issued a citation for Speeding (73 mph in a 55 mph zone). Leathers was issued a notice to appear and was released.


Jeffrey Adams, 29, Bloomington, was issued citations for operating an un-insured vehicle and no valid registration. Adams posted his Driver’s License as bond and was released.


Janis Thackrey, 27, Clinton, was issued a citation for Speeding (83 mph in a 65 mph zone). Thackrey posted her Driver’s License as bond and was released.


Tamara Franklin, 41, Maroa, was issued a citation for Speeding (70 mph in a 45 mph zone). Franklin posted her Drivers License as bond and was released.


Eric Gdowski, 22, Normal, was arrested on a McLean County Warrant charging him with Failure to Appear. Gdowski remains lodged in the DeWitt County Jail.


Investigation into the scene of an accident, which occurred at approximately 5:20 p.m. on Wednesday, August 24, 2011, revealed that a vehicle driven by Jacob Smith, 17, Clinton was driving through the parking lot of the Clinton Country Club golf course. Smith turned too fast striking, legally parked, vehicle belonging to Kathy Massey, causing damage to the rear driver’s side quarter panel. Smith’s vehicle sustained very minor damage on the front driver’s side bumper. No injuries were sustained. No citations were issued as the crash occurred on privately owned grounds.


Revision to original accident report dated 8/13/11.


Investigation into the scene of an accident, which occurred at approximately 10:59 p.m. on Saturday, August 13, 2011, revealed that a vehicle driven by Katherine Mollet, 32, Argenta was driving northbound on US Hwy 51 when a semi abruptly stopped at the railroad crossing. Mollet slams on brakes to avoid striking the semi. A car driven by Lucas Johnson, 21, Heyworth hits his brakes, but strikes the rear of Mollet’s vehicle. Mollet’s vehicle had extensive rear end damage, including a broken rear hatch window. Johnson’s vehicle sustained damage to the front end, bumper and grill. Neither driver was injured. No citations were issued.

DeWitt County Sheriff's Report for 8-24


Quentin Stevens, 34, Lincoln, was arrested on a DeWitt County Warrant charging him with Failure to Appear. Stevens remains lodged in the DeWitt County Jail.



Ken Richmond, 23, Anchor, was issued a citation for Speeding (65 mph in a 45 mph zone). Richmond was issued a notice to appear and was released.



Quinn Says Illinois Still Jobs Leader Despite Business Leaving

An Illinois based company is picking up and leaving the state.  Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels says he offered Modern Drop Forge a five-and-a-half-million-dollar incentive to build a new facility in Merrillville.  Despite the move, Governor Quinn says Illinois is still the jobs leader in the Midwest.

[audio:rddMDF1.mp3]A Word From the Governor[/audio]

Despite the move, Governor Quinn says current reforms to the business climate, like overhauling the workers compensation system, will keep business in Illinois.

[audio:rddMDF2.mp3]A Word From the Governor[/audio]

Quinn says he never wants companies to leave Illinois but if that's what they feel is best for their business, then Quinn says quote, "it's a free country."

Soybean Plant Leaving Galesburg

A soybean processing facility in Galesburg is shutting down immediately.  Yesterday, ADM announced it's closing its doors but Governor Quinn says just because ADM is pulling out of Galesburg doesn't mean they're leaving the state.

[audio:rddADM1.mp3]A Word From Quinn[/audio]

Quinn says ADM will be in on new export contracts with China in the near future.  Nonetheless, the closure puts 31 people out of work.  That's on top on the growing unemployment rate Illinois has experienced over the last several months.

Decatur Man Arrested After Robbing His Own Grandmother

Times must be tough for one Decatur man who turned to his own grandmother for money.  But instead of asking for the cash, Nicholas Alexander allegedly forced her to drive to an ATM to withdraw 100-dollars.  According to a sworn statement, Alexander planned to use the money to buy drugs.  He was arrested and charged with domestic battery, unlawful restraint and robbery.  His bond is set at 50-thousand dollars.

Illinois Soybean Association Has New Chairman

The Illinois Soybean Association has a new chairman, and as Jared White reports, he takes over the organization's top spot with a full agenda.

[audio:8-22-11 Hughes New Chair of ISA WRAP.mp3]Jared White WIth[/audio]

Monsanto, United Way Teaming Up At Farm Progress Show

The United Way of Decatur and Mid-Illinois and Monsanto will be teaming up for a good cause next week at the Farm Progress Show.

Monsanto is donating $1 per every pound of food collected by the United Way at this year's Farm Progress Show. United Way volunteers will be at each gate for the three days of the event collecting any monetary donations but mostly focusing on canned food donations for the various entities supported by United Way. Chad Clevenger is the Director of Community Impact with the United, he says each pantry currently serves around one-thousand individuals a month.

[audio:unitedwayfps1.mp3]A Word From Clevenger[/audio]

The Farm Progress Show is adding some perks to those who bring items to donate throughout the week. Each day of the event, the first 500 people who donate food will receive a $5 food voucher to be used at the different vendors on the site.

[audio:unitedwayfps2.mp3]A Word From Clevenger[/audio]

FFA students who attend the show and bring a food donation will receive free admission to the event. Clevengers says this is a great opportunity for those students and to save some money.

[audio:unitedwayfps3.mp3]A Word From Clevenger[/audio]

The United Way of Mid-Illinois will also be collecting food outside of Cubs Food Monday. This will mark the 3rd year Monsanto has sponsored the food drive at the Farm Progress Show, both in Decatur and Iowa. In 2009, the last time the Farm Progress Show was in Decatur, The drive raised the equivalent of nearly 43-thousands pounds of food.

Conceptual Designs For New Clinton Elementary School Received Well

The Clinton Board of Education held another community engagement meeting last night, which focused on the conceptual designs of the new elementary building.

Close to 50 community members showed up in the high school commons area to voice their opinions of the new building. Clinton Board of Education members sat in on the discussions to hear what community members had to say but also to answer any questions. Of all of the things most of the community members found attractive about the new building was the flow of buses and also traffic in front of the building. The Architect of the building Craig Welter explained to those in attendance the design was intentional to make entrances and exits more accessible for both buses and vehicles.

[audio:engagementresponse1.mp3]A Word From Welter[/audio]

Much of the discussion also came from the size of various portions of the rooms throughout the building. Many citizens voiced suggestions in perhaps eliminating multiple rooms and combing class spaces. However, President of the Board of Education Buck Carter says you have to allow for growth in the school district. He says it is cheaper to build bigger up front than to try to add on in the future.

[audio:engagementresponse2.mp3]A Word From Carter[/audio]

The other area of discussion was the size of the gym. The conceptual design allowed for a gym space with two full size IHSA regulation basketball courts. Board member John Blythe believes that amount of space may be a little unnecessary for an elementary building. He says he would rather base the size of the gymnasium on need rather than want.

[audio:engagementresponse3.mp3]A Word From Blythe[/audio]

As a whole the community found the conceptual design very appealing. Many had a hard time finding anything they wanted improved. The biggest reaction was to the flow of traffic to and from and classroom size and also storage space allowed in the building. The Board of Education will now begin to look over the response from the community to find ways adjust the building to fit into the budget the school has. The Board stresses the goal of the whole project is to make the building a reality without raising the taxes of the district.

Quinn Signs Law To Reduce Transportation Costs

A new Illinois law is designed to reduce fuel and equipment costs for Illinois businesses by allowing them to exceed size and weight restrictions for short trips.

Gov. Pat Quinn signed the bill into law Monday. It allows the Illinois Department of Transportation to issue permits for the larger loads for travel on state highways if the load is going less than 5 miles and won't harm pavement conditions.

Previously, such loads had to be broken into separate shipments to meet truck weight limits, increasing costs.

Quinn says the new law is common sense and will allow Illinois companies to put more people to work by cutting costs.

Where Do We Draw The Line Between Religion And Government?

Where do you draw the line between religion and government policy?  State Representative Adam Brown says that's not an easy question to answer.

[audio:rddBrown2.mp3]A Word From Rep. Brown[/audio]

The question comes after two at least two controversial religious issues came out of the Illinois legislature this year.  On one hand, Governor Quinn signed a bill that allows the Secretary of State to honor the Amish's religion by not forcing them to carry photo ID's.  But on the other, the state cancelled contracts with Catholic Charities because the agency wouldn't issue foster and adoption licenses to same sex couples.  Brown says government should be less intrusive.  He pushed for the Amish measure but wouldn't comment on the Catholic issue.

Shooting, Standoff In Taylorville Brings ISP SWAT Team

At approximately 8:13 a.m. Illinois State Police responded to the scene of an armed fleeing subject.  According to witness testimony, Dennis Adams, 58, of Taylorville fled the scene of 516 West Avenue today after shooting his wife, Jolene A. Adams, 32 of Taylorville. After a four hour stand-off with police, Adams surrendered to authorities.

ISP SWAT, Air Operations and Negotiators were called to the scene to assist the Taylorville police department and several area law enforcement agencies in subduing the offender.

Adams was transported to Taylorville Memorial Hospital for observation after complaining of dehydration and a leg wound, and remains in custody. The victim was also transported to a local area hospital.

Community Engagement Meeting Tonight For Elementary Building for Clinton School District

The Clinton Elementary conceptual designs were put on display at the school's registration days earlier this month.

The Board of Education will now hold a meeting tonight from 6-8 pm in the commons at the high school for the community to come out and give input on the designs. Clinton Schools Superintendent Dr. Jeff Holmes stresses the designs that were put on display at registration are not the final draft. He says what folks will see or saw at the registration days is just a rough draft of what the community has given input on so far.

[audio:communityengagement1.mp3]A Word From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

Dr. Holmes says based on the current cost per square foot, the building should be around $18 million dollars. However, he believes based on the economy the cost should be lower than that.

[audio:communityengagement2.mp3]A Word From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

Dr. Holmes says based on input thus far for the new facility, the amount of community use for the building will drive the cost up. He says the decision then becomes how much community use does the Board of Education want and how much can they afford to be able to allow for.

[audio:communityengagement3.mp3]A Word From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

Again the community engagement meeting is tonight from 6-8 pm in the high school commons. At this point the community can give their input on the conceptual designs for the new elementary building to the Board, and Board members will make themselves available to answer any questions as well.

Clinton Athletic Boosters Bringing Back Fund Raising Events From Last Year

The Clinton Athletic Boosters hold several events throughout the year to help with the different facilities used around the junior high and high school.

One of those events that returns later this fall is "Drive One For Your School" through Anderson Ford in Clinton. Brian Ennis is the president of the Clinton Athletic Boosters, he explains the drive last year was a major hit, however, he says they fell just short of their goal. He explains Anderson Ford gives folks an opportunity to come out to their dealership and test drive a new Ford vehicle, and with that test drive, $20 gets donated to the Clinton Booster Club.

[audio:boosters1.mp3]A Word From Ennis[/audio]

Ennis adds, part of the program is there is no follow up phone call or pressure to buy a new car from Anderson Ford, he says it is a pain free process and a quick, easy way to help raise funds for the Booster Club.

The funds the Boosters raise goes towards needs mostly aimed at the athletic programs in the junior high and high school. Ennis says the Boosters try to find areas of need in any sport in the athletic department and to try to meet those needs.

[audio:boosters2.mp3]A Word From Ennis[/audio]

Ennis stresses the Booster Club is not aimed just at the traditional football, basketball and baseball sports. He says the booster club is for every sport in both the high school and junior high. He encourages coaches of any sport to approach the boosters with any needs they have and they will do everything they can to get those programs what they need.

[audio:boosters3.mp3]A Word From Ennis[/audio]

The Booster Club uses other means to raise money throughout the year as well. At the sporting events throughout the various seasons, you may notice Clinton Maroon apparel being sold, the money from those sales goes directly to the Boosters, and then back into the various programs. Ennis is directly responsible for the apparel aspect of the Boosters sales, he says he takes pride in offering a new variety to the community each and every season.

To learn more about the Clinton Athletic Boosters, you can contact Brian Ennis at brian.ennis@frontier.com, or you can visit their website, at www.clintonathletics.org. He also encourages anyone interested in anything Boosters related to sit in on a meeting and share ideas or concerns, those meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of each month in the high school library at 6 pm.

Progress City Continues Preparations For Next Week's Farm Progress Show

The Farm Progress Show is less than a week away and final preparations are being made to Progress City in Decatur for the thousands of people that will be making their way to the site.

Beau Hanger is the "Mayor" of Progress City on the site of Richland Community College. He says preparations for the show are right on schedule. He expects things to come down to the very last minute, but the goal is perfection for the many visitors to the site next week.

[audio:farmprogresspreperation1.mp3]A Word From Hanger[/audio]

Progress City has been working on adding new permanent structures to the site this year. Hanger believes those permanent structures along with several other upgrades should eliminate congestion on the grounds. He adds the site has added a 12th street which should make traffic flow easier for those coming and going.

[audio:farmprogresspreperation2.mp3]A Word From Hanger[/audio]

Hanger says they have been working with local officials, the hospitals all the way up to the county police and state police. He adds the event is a great opportunity for the city of Decatur to showcase itself. According to Hanger, the event would not be possible without the many partners in the community.

[audio:farmprogresspreperation3.mp3]A Word From Hanger[/audio]

The Farm Progress Show gets underway next Tuesday, Aug 30. For all the information you need to know about the event, you can visit their website at farmprogressshow.com.

Stay tuned to Regional Radio News throughout the week for continued coverage of the Farm Progress Show. The Big 1520 AM/92.3 FM WHOW will broadcast live from Progress City from 12:20 until 2 pm Friday(8/26), and Monday(8/29). WHOW will also have full coverage from the event next Tuesday through Thursday.

Cubs, Cards Lose; Bears Crushed in Pre-Season

>>Braves Blank Cubs

(Chicago, IL)  --  Freddie Freeman and Dan Uggla each blasted solo home runs and Jair Jurrjens tossed six-and-a-third scoreless innings as the Braves blanked the Cubs, 3-0, on Monday night at Wrigley Field.  Jurrjens gave up eight hits and walked five with just one strikeouts, but was able to register his 13th win of the season.  Jonny Venters worked through a pair of walks in the ninth to notch his fifth save.  Ryan Dempster fanned eighth through six innings of three-run ball to suffer the tough-luck loss for Chicago.  Aramis Ramirez went 3-for-4 in a losing effort for the Northsiders.  Casey Coleman gets the nod opposite Mike Minor in tonight's second installment.

>>Dodgers Rally To Beat Cardinals

(St. Louis, MO)  --  The Cardinals squandered a tremendous start from Chris Carpenter as they fell to the Dodgers, 2-1.  Carpenter gave up one run and struck out seven through eight-plus innings but did not factor in the decision.  Cards reliever Fernando Salas suffered the loss.  Lance Berkman provided the offense for St. Louis with a solo homer, his 29th of the season.  The second of the three-game series is tonight with Kyle Lohse opposing Clayton Kershaw.

Milwaukee Brewers 8, Pittsburgh Pirates 1 (G1)
Philadelphia Phillies 10, New York Mets 0
Washington Nationals 4, Arizona Diamondbacks 1
Atlanta Braves 3, Chicago Cubs 0
Los Angeles Dodgers 2, St. Louis Cardinals 1
Colorado Rockies 9, Houston Astros 5
Pittsburgh Pirates 9, Milwaukee Brewers 2 (G2)

Seattle Mariners 3, Cleveland Indians 2
Detroit Tigers 5, Tampa Bay Rays 2
Texas Rangers 4, Boston Red Sox 0
Baltimore Orioles 4, Minnesota Twins 1

>>Cardinals Pitching Coach Duncan Taking Leave Of Absence

(St. Louis, MO)  --  The Cardinals will have to get by for a while without pitching coach Dave Duncan.  He's taking a leave of absence to be with his wife.  Jeanie Duncan had major surgery on Sunday and will need additional tests and rehabilitation.  Dave Duncan has been the Cardinals pitching coach since coming to the Redbirds from Oakland with manager Tony La Russa in 1996.

>>White Sox In Anaheim

(Anaheim, CA)  --  The Chicago White Sox are back in action this evening as they open up a brief two-game series against the Angels in Anaheim.  Mark Buehrle will be on the bump against Ervin Santana in the opener.  The Southsiders took two-of-three from Texas over the weekend to improve to 63-and-63 on the season.

>>Giants Rout Bears On "MNF"

(East Rutherford, NJ)  --  Da'Rel Scott capped the Giants' 41-13 blowout preseason win over the Bears with a 97-yard touchdown run on "Monday Night Football" at New Meadowlands Stadium.  Jay Cutler led Chicago to two field goals in his 30 minutes of action, completing 12-of-21 throws for 171 yards.  Marion Barber totaled 80 yards from scrimmage for the Bears, whose only touchdown came in the closing second from Kahlil Bell.  David Carr passed for 84 yards and two touchdowns while Eli Manning added 78 yards.  Da'Rel Scott, Brandon Jacobs, and Danny Ware each scored a rushing TD for New York. Daniel Coats and Domenik Hixon each caught a score in the win.  The Giants host the Jets on Saturday. The Bears square off against the Tennessee Titans at LP Field on Saturday evening as well

>>Rams Release Long Snapper Massey

(St. Louis, MO)  --  The Rams are parting ways with their longest-tenured player.  The "Post-Dispatch" cites league sources as saying the Rams have released long snapper Chris Massey.  He was the team's seventh-round draft pick in 2002.  The 32-year-old will be replaced by rookie Jake McQuaide of Ohio State.  The move saves the Rams about $1-million in cap space.

Clinton Police Report fot 8-23





Berger To Seek Re-Election A Circuit Court Clerk

Lori A. Berger has announced she will seek re-election to the office of the DeWitt County Circuit Court Clerk on the Republican ballot.

Berger is currently working on pleading guilty for traffic tickets online. In May of this year, her office signed a contract with a collection agency at no cost to the tax payer that will help collect all oustanding fines owed to DeWitt County. She was also instrumental in the development to creating a user friendly website for the Circuit Clerk's office, www.dewittcountyill.com.

A Clinton native, Berger worked in the Circuit Clerk's office as a deputy clerk in traffic, felonies, misdemeanors, juveniles, divorces, jury, order of protections, and bookkeeping.

The primary election is March the 20th.

Drunk Driving Crackdown Now Through Labor Day

Law enforcement authorities have kicked off a two-week crackdown on drunken driving called "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over."

The Illinois Department of Transportation says state police and more than 350 local police departments and county sheriff's offices have joined the effort leading up to the Labor Day weekend.

Authorities across the state will conduct more than 200 roadside safety checks and hundreds of additional hours of impaired driving and safety belt saturation patrols.

Motorists are being warned to buckle up, or risk getting a ticket.

During last year's Labor Day weekend, 12 people died in motor vehicle crashes and 1 of the fatalities involved a drinking driver. Another 763 people were injured during the same holiday period.

Peoria Community Center To Close; Hopes To Reopen

A Peoria community center where late comedian Richard Pryor made his first performance is closing its doors, but board members hope to eventually reopen.

George Washington Carver Community Center is closing Sept. 2. The center has roots stretching back to the 1920s.

Board members say the closure is to give them time to reorganize and restructure operations.

The center lost United Way grants last year that made up about 40% of what was then a $200,000 a year budget.

Volunteers and board members are gradually moving the center's Headstart classes, computer lab and senior meals program to other facilities.

Dillard "Johnny Mack" Brown, who left his final seniors' lunch at Carver Friday, called the center a "monument" to black Peoria.

Program Lets Freshman At Bradley University Live Off Campus For First Time

For the first time at Bradley University, some freshmen will get to live off campus.

The university is launching a pilot program allowing around 20 first year students to move into the new $20 million upscale student housing complex off campus.

The private suites in Peoria are called Main Street Commons. Each suite has its own washer and dryer with a private bathroom, among other amenities.

Freshmen also get parking spots, a perk not available to all freshmen on campus. But they'll have abide by campus rules.

Eighteen-year-old Jacob Becker from Amboy thinks the privacy and separate place to study will be nice.

Peoria Woman Dies After Being Stabbed At Work

A 27-year-old Peoria woman is dead after police say her coworker's estranged husband stabbed her at the loan center where they worked.

Peoria County Coroner Johnna Ingersoll says Mary Sue Roberts was pronounced dead early Saturday at an area hospital after suffering a stab wound to the chest.

Police say Roberts was working at the TitleMax loan center with a colleague Friday afternoon when the colleague's estranged husband, 30-year-old Kenon Allen, came in and started a confrontation.

He allegedly stabbed both women and fled the store.

Allen turned himself in to the county jail within an hour.

The sheriff's office says he's being held without bond on charges including first-degree murder, attempted murder and violation of an order of protection.

Escaped Emu Back Home in Colfax

An escaped emu in central Illinois has found her way home.

Sassy was home Thursday evening after at the Central Illinois Small Animal Rescue in rural Colfax. The bird escaped a pen during a fight between another emu and a dog. Colfax, about 25 miles east of Bloomington.

Sassy spent Thursday peeking out of nearby cornfields and running away from staffers who tried to surround her. Animal rescue worker Pat Burr says the bird was frightened.

Burr says, in the end, Sassy walked right into a pen and Burr shut the door. Burr thinks "she was a little thirsty." The bird was spotted Tuesday along Illinois 9 and twice on Thursday.

The animal rescue has found homes for 25 emus.

Event Highlights Activities At Local Parks

Officials say a "park pentathlon" at the Illinois State Fair featuring teams of state workers shows the fun things families can do at their local parks.

Teams made up of employees of the state fair, park districts, secretary of state's office, Department of Natural Resources, Army National Guard, local sheriff's department and city hall participated in the pentathlon on Sunday.

Competitions included a "basketball knockout," hockey shootout, disc golf, a soccer shootout and marshmallow golf drive. The final event, the "recreation relay," featured a dizzy bat station, egg-on-a-spoon race and more.

State Fair manager Amy Bliefnick (BLEEF'-nik) says the event promotes teamwork as well as showing people how much is available at local recreation spots.

Decatur Man Charged With Cyber Stalking

A 20-year-old Decatur man has been charged with cyberstalking after police say he sent a woman cruel messages about her dead father on Facebook.

Cody Suka is free after posting 10% of his $5,000 bond.

The woman reported to authorities that she'd received 40 "vile and vulgar" Facebook messages over nearly two months about the death of her father, who died in a car accident.

And she says she doesn't think she's ever met Suka.

But Macon County sheriff's officers say Suka admitted to sending the messages to upset the victim because he thought he'd overheard her call him a virgin.

No published telephone listing for Suka could be found. It wasn't immediately clear whether he has an attorney.

Quinn Maintains Regional Superintendents Should Be Paid Through Local Funds

Governor Pat Quinn wants regional superintendents to be paid with local funds.

[audio:chiquinneducation1.mp3]A Word From The Governor[/audio]

Quinn has a simple rule regarding education and the state's 44 regional superintendents.

[audio:chiquinneducation2.mp3]A Word From The Governor[/audio]

Speaking Saturday, Quinn says kids should always come first before superintendents.  Illinois' 44 regional superintendents haven't been paid since July.

Regional Superintendents Ask Judge To Reinstate Pay

Regional superintendents are asking a federal judge to reinstate their pay.   They’ve been working for free for almost two months after Governor Quinn eliminated their salaries from the budget.   Kelly Kraft, with the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget says the matter should be worked out sooner rather than later.

[audio:rddKraft1.mp3]A Word From Kraft[/audio]

Kraft says paying the superintendents out of the state’s operating fund isn’t Quinn’s priority.

[audio:rddKraft1.mp3]A Word From Kraft[/audio]

Kraft says they’ve had weekly meetings with representatives from the Regional Offices of Education to work out the deal.  She says legislation is being drafted but that means the superintendents will have to wait until October’s veto session to be paid.  That is of course, unless Governor Quinn sticks to his guns and calls lawmakers back to Springfield on September 13th.

Clinton City Water Department Looking To Make Couple Equipment Upgrades

The Clinton Water Department is looking to make a few necessary upgrades to their equipment in the near future.

John Wise, Commissioner of Public Property explains the Water Department for the City of Clinton is seeking to purchase a new cut-off saw. Wise explains a cut-saw can break through asphalt and concrete should that be necessary for work on the streets. He explains the saw is a valuable piece of equipment to the City and the current cut off saw is getting outdated.

[audio:waterupgrade1.mp3]A Word From Wise[/audio]

The Water Department will also be looking to invest in a portable light system. Wise explains the current system is a safety liability to those who use it. According to Wise, the current system may work one moment, and then go out the next, which slows down those working.

[audio:waterupgrade2.mp3]A Word From Wise[/audio]

Wise says should the city make the upgrade, the portable light system would be available to use by any department in the city. He adds the system should have been upgraded a long time ago, so now is the time to make that happen.

[audio:waterupgrade3.mp3]A Word From Wise[/audio]

The cut off saw and portable light system are both not to exceed a cost of $1500 and will be decided upon by the Clinton City Council for purchase at their next meeting in September.

Clinton Streets Dept. Seeking Leaf Cleanup Upgrade

The Clinton Streets Department could be making an upgrade to their equipment which will help them make leaf clean up in the fall more efficient.

The Street Department is looking into purchasing a new leaf vac system. Steve Lobb, Public Works Director for the City of Clinton explains the unit the Street Department is looking to purchase is different than the current system they use. Currently the units they use once put together are used only for leaf clean up.

[audio:leafvac1.mp3]A Word From Lobb[/audio]

The leaf clean up has not been around very long, and Lobb says adding this new leaf vac will help make the peak season much more bearable for the Street Department in trying to keep up with the demand for leaf clean up.

[audio:leafvac2.mp3]A Word From Lobb[/audio]

When looking into purchasing the leaf vac system, Lobb had received 2 bids, and right away it became apparent who to go with, but not because of cost. Lobb explains one company was the higher bidder, but also their unit would not be delivered to the city until late November or even early December. According to Lobb, the low bidder is guaranteeing the leaf vac system will be here by mid-October.

[audio:leafvac3.mp3]A Word From Lobb[/audio]

The leaf vac system, pending approval from the City Council at their next meeting, will be a cost of just over $27-thousand. Depending on how the new unit does this fall, Lobb says they could be looking to trade in a current unit next year. He also adds, the new leaf vac system will allow for a spring clean up option as well, which is being looked into.

Clinton School District Budget Recently Takes Hit

School districts across the state have been facing funding cuts for several years now, and the trend continues into this fiscal year.

The Clinton School District recently received word their general fund will be cut 5% this year. Clinton Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jeff Holmes explains the payments are made in equal installments throughout the year, however, the final payment in late June of next year will not be made.

[audio:clintonbudget1.mp3]A Word From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

Dr. Holmes says with the announced cut, the budget will be in the same place it was last year. He adds he looks at the $75-thousand as two teachers salaries, which is a pretty significant cut, considering the district was not expecting it.

The districts transportation fund also took a hit recently as well. This hit much more significant than the general state aid fund cut. Dr. Holmes explains there is hope legislators could put some of that money back into the transportation fund, however, he is not counting on it.

[audio:clintonbudget2.mp3]A Word From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

Gov. Pat Quinn cut the funding to schools' transportation funds citing it is the parents of the districts responsibility to get their kids to school. Dr. Holmes takes exception to that and says the state has an obligation to help in transporting kids to school.

[audio:clintonbudget3.mp3]A Word From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

Dr. Holmes believes if the state is going to help fund education, then transportation is a part of that. Dr. Holmes also stresses the district relies on the state to help fund many areas, however, he says compared to other districts they are not as reliant on the state, so they will be able to continue to provide transportation to the students of the district.

Cards Beat Cubs; Sox Crush Rangers; Other MLB Notes

>>Cards Crush Cubs

(Chicago, IL)  --  Yadier Molina homered twice and drove in three to power the Cardinals to a 6-2 win over the Cubs.  Albert Pujols and Jon Jay added solo shots to help St. Louis avoid a three-game sweep.  Jake Westbrook fired seven innings of two-run ball to improve to 10-and-7.  Aramis Ramirez knocked in both runs for the Cubs.  Rodrigo Lopez allowed five runs and 10 hits over five-and-a-third innings to fall to 4-and-4.

>>ChiSox Blank Texas

(Chicago, IL)  --  Gavin Floyd tossed seven-plus shut out innings for the White Sox as they blanked the Rangers, 10-0, on Sunday at The Cell.  Alex Rios and Brent Lillibridge each hit a two-run shot for Chicago, which has won two in-a-row.  Alejandro De Aza drove in three runs for the Sox.  Derek Holland gave up five runs in three-and-a-third frames to take the loss for Texas, which has lost three of the last four games.  The Southsiders are off today.  They open up a brief two-game series against the Angels in Anaheim starting tomorrow night.  Mark Buehrle gets the nod against Ervin Santana in the opener.

Milwaukee Brewers 6, New York Mets 2
Cincinnati Reds 5, Pittsburgh Pirates 4
Washington Nationals 5, Philadelphia Phillies 4 (10 inn)
Atlanta Braves 1, Arizona Diamondbacks 0
San Francisco Giants 6, Houston Astros 4 (11 inn)
Colorado Rockies 5, Los Angeles Dodgers 3
San Diego Padres 4, Florida Marlins 3
St. Louis Cardinals 6, Chicago Cubs 2

Detroit Tigers 8, Cleveland Indians 7
Tampa Bay Rays 8, Seattle Mariners 7
Boston Red Sox 6, Kansas City Royals 1
New York Yankees 3, Minnesota Twins 0
Chicago White Sox 10, Texas Rangers 0
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 7, Baltimore Orioles 1
Toronto Blue Jays 1, Oakland Athletics 0

NFL Preseason
New York Jets 27, Cincinnati Bengals 7
San Diego Chargers 20, Dallas Cowboys 7

>>Quentin Injures Shoulder

(Chicago, IL)  --  Chicago White Sox right fielder Carlos Quentin left Saturday's game against the Texas Rangers with a left shoulder injury.  In the top of the first inning, Craig Gentry hit a fly ball to right.  Quentin made a great diving catch on the play, but he came down on his left shoulder.  Quentin was attended to by the training staff before leaving the game.  Coming into Saturday's game, Quentin was batting .255 with 24 homers and 77 RBI in 116 games this season.  X-rays on Quentin's shoulder were negative.

>>Cards Host Dodgers

(St. Louis, MO)  --  The Cardinals are back at Busch Stadium tonight as they open a three-game series against the Dodgers.  Chris Carpenter is slated to take the mound for the Redbirds.  He's 8-and-8 with a 3.68 ERA.  Los Angeles counters with Nate Eovaldi, who is 1-and-1 with a 2.12 ERA in three career starts.  The Cards took three-of-four at Los Angeles in mid-April.

>>Cubs Host Braves

(Chicago, IL)  --  The Cubs begin a four-game series with the Atlanta Braves tonight at Wrigley FIeld.  Ryan Dempster takes a 10-and-8 mark to the hill for Chicago, while Atlanta will start 12-and-5 Jair Jurrjens.  The Cubs took two-of-three in Atlanta earlier this month.

>>Report: Colletti Might Be Cubs Next GM

(Los Angeles, CA)  --  Rumors continue to swirl that Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti might be heading to the Windy City.  Colletti is a Chicago native, and his name has been mentioned by both the "Sun-Times" and "Tribune" newspapers as a possible replacement for Jim Hendry, who was fired last week.  Colletti says his focus is with the Dodgers.


>>Bears On "Monday Night Football"

(East Rutherford, NJ)  --  The Chicago Bears continue their preseason slate tonight against the Giants on "Monday Night Football" from the New Meadowlands Stadium.  It's the second preseason tilt for both clubs.  Chicago beat the Buffalo Bills, 10-3, last weekend in its exhibition opener.

Kyle Busch Wins In Michigan

(Brooklyn, MI)  --  Kyle Busch claimed his fourth Sprint Cup Series win of the season and became the first driver to clinch a spot in the 12-member field for the championship Chase by taking Sunday's Pure Michigan 400 at Michigan International Speedway.  Jimmie Johnson finished second, Michigan-native Brad Keselowski took the third spot, while Mark Martin and Ryan Newman completed the top-five.

CornBelters Swept in Weekend Series

The Normal CornBelters, presented by Illinois Corn Farmers, committed five errors while dropping the finale of the road trip to the Gateway Grizzlies 4-3 on Sunday night at GCS Ballpark in Sauget, Illinois.  The loss reduces the CornBelters tragic number to one, as any Southern Illinois Miners win or CornBelters loss will officially eliminate the Belters from post-season play.
The CornBelters struck first in the third inning when Daniel Cox hit a one-out single through the right side and moved to second on a passed ball.  Alvaro Ramirez doubled Cox home with two outs on a soft liner just over the infield behind third base.
Defensive misplays gave the Grizzlies the tying run in the bottom of the third.  The CornBelters had allowed two runners to reach via error in the first and escaped, but were not as fortunate in the third.  A bunt by Derek Jennings was thrown away by Normal pitcher Tyler Lavigne, and the recovery was thrown wide by Asif Shah to allow Jennings to land on third base, and he scored on a ground out one batter later.
The Belters got the run back in the top of the fourth to take a 2-1 lead.  A Frank Martinez single and a walk to Steve Alexander led off the inning, and they advanced to second and third on a fly out to deep center by Asif Shah.  Martinez scored on a sacrifice fly to left from Mark Samuelson.
The Grizzlies took the lead in the bottom of the fifth.  Lavigne hit Brian Harris with a pitch with one out and walked Derek Jennings with two outs, and both came around to score.  Joe Agreste doubled Harris home, and Jennings scored on a base hit by Charlie Lisk to put the Grizzlies ahead 3-2.
Another misplay sent the Grizzlies ahead 4-2 in the sixth.  Carlton Salters walked with one out and scored from first base when the attempt to retire him was thrown wide by Cox. 
The CornBelters got a run back with a leadoff home run over the short right field wall by Mike Mobbs, his second in as many nights and his sixth of the season, to cut the deficit to 4-3.  
Mobbs started a ninth-inning rally with one out by reaching on a three-base error on a deep fly to right center.  Daniel Cox was intentionally walked, but A.J. Miller grounded into a double play to end the game.
Brad Stone (2-7) took the win, giving up six hits in his seven innings while walking one and striking out nine.  Chris Enourato pitched the ninth for his ninth save.  Tyler Lavigne (6-8) took the loss, giving up just four hits and two earned runs while walking three and striking out eight in six innings.
The CornBelters take Monday off before beginning a six-game homestand on Tuesday.  The defending champion River City Rascals visit Normal Tuesday through Thursday, and the Southern Illinois Miners visit the Corn Crib on Friday through Sunday.

DeWitt County Sheriff's Weekend Report 8-22

August 19, 2011

Jail Population: 51

Summons Served: 1

Warrant Arrests: 1

August 20, 2011


Jail Population: 52

Summons Served: 4

Warrant Arrests: 0

August 21, 2011


Jail Population: 53

Summons Served: 4

Warrant Arrests: 2


Dustin Gravitt, 19, Wapella, was arrested and charged with Consumption of Alcohol by a Minor. Gravitt posted the necessary bond and was released.

Belinda Leggett, 48, Clinton, was arrested and charged with Driving Under the Influence. Leggett was also issued citations for Driving Under the Influence and Improper Lane Usage. Leggett posted the necessary bond and was released.

Darric Peasley, 35, Mt. Pulaski, was arrested and charged with Driving Under the Influence. Peasley was also issued citations for Driving Under the Influence and Improper Lane Usage Peasley posted the necessary bond and was released.

Vernon Reid, 38, Farmer City, was arrested on a DeWitt County Warrant charging him with Battery/Makes Physical Contact. Reid posted the necessary bond and was released.

Freddie Smith, 43, Bloomington, was arrested on a DeWitt County Warrant charing him with Failure to Appear. Smith remains lodged in the DeWitt County Jail.

William Wooldridge, 40, Clinton, was arrested on a DeWitt County Warrant charging him with Failure to Appear. Wooldridge remains lodged in the DeWitt County Jail.

Joseph Eilers, 28, Kewanee, was issued citations for Operation of Vehicle While Registration Suspended, No Insurance, and No valid Drivers License. Eilers was issued a Notice to Appear and released.

Hemachandran Sundaramurthy, 27, Bloomington, was issued a citation for Speeding (82 mph in a 55 mph zone). Sundaramurthy posted his Illinois Drivers License and was released.

Dylan Holmes, 33, Clinton, was issued a citation for Speeding (71 mph in a 55 mph zone). Holmes was issued a notice to appear and released.

Illinois GOP Says Budget, Economy Key Issues

Illinois Republicans say the state budget and national economy are key to their political fortunes next year.

They hope to chip away at the Democratic majority in the state legislature and protect the congressional seats they picked up in 2010.

As they gathered at the Illinois State Fair on Thursday, Republican leaders accused Democrats of mismanaging the Illinois budget. They criticized the recent income tax increase and Gov. Pat Quinn's proposal to borrow money to pay overdue bills that are piling up.

They're also targeting President Barack Obama's handling of the economy.

Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka called Obama "baggage" that Democratic candidates will have to carry.

Search Continues for Escaped Emu

Searchers are continuing to look for an escaped emu in central Illinois.

The bird, named Sassy, escaped her pen during a fight between another female emu and a dog at the Central Illinois Small Animal Rescue in Colfax. She was last seen on Illinois 9 headed toward Bloomington.

Shelter staffers ask the public to contact them if they see the bird. Emus don't fly, but can run fast for short distances. They are 5 to 6 feet tall and can live up to 35 years.

Emus sometimes hiss when feeling defensive.

Garrie Burr works with the animal rescue group. Burr says the missing emu is used to people, curious and friendly. But Burr says the bird is likely very frightened right now.

Democrats Confident For 2012

Partisan bickering in Washington D.C. and Springfield isn’t discouraging the Illinois Democratic faithful from being confidence they can win big in 2012.
Hundreds of frontline Democrats gathered in Springfield at the annual Democratic County Chairmen’s breakfast before heading to the Illinois State Fair.
Alan Pirtle is the Monroe County Democratic chairman. He says the momentum being created by President Barack Obama and other high profile Democrats will help buoy local candidates.
[audio:081711pirtle.mp3]A Word From Pirtle[/audio]         
Illinois Republican Chairman Pat Brady doesn’t quite see it that way.
[audio:081711brady2.mp3]A Word From Brady[/audio]
All legislators and members of Congress must run in 2012 because of redistricting.

U Of I Plan To Build Supercomputer Thwarted

The University of Illinois' plan to build a supercomputer is dead.  The school was working with IBM to build one of the fastest computers in the world but the technology giant pulled out and returned 30-million dollars to the university.  But officials aren't giving up on the project.  They're looking for a new company to build the system.  They hope to have it complete by the start of school next year.

State To Start Transitioning Kids From Catholic Charities

A judge has given the state the go ahead to terminate its contract with Catholic Charities.  DCFS Spokesperson Kendall Marlow says that means nearly two-thousand foster children will be transferred to other agencies.  But he wants to make it clear that it does not mean the children will have to leave their current homes. 

[audio:rddMarlowe1.mp3]A Word From Marlow[/audio]

Marlowe says the state has had a great relationship with the religious organization.

[audio:rddMarlowe2.mp3]A Word From Marlow[/audio]

Marlowe says this doesn't necessarily mean they're breaking all ties with the agency. 

[audio:rddMarlowe3.mp3]A Word From Marlow[/audio]

Marlowe says DCFS is willing to work with Catholic Charities if they decide to comply with the new Civil Unions law.  At this point, Catholic Charities still has the option to appeal.  A spokesperson for the agency says they're reviewing the ruling and trying to decide how they will proceed.

Caterpillar Reports Rise in Sales in July

Caterpillar says global sales of its heavy equipment grew 35% in July even though last year's numbers were strong.

The world's largest maker of mining and construction equipment provided an update on sales Thursday in documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. In the same period last year, Caterpillar reported a 32% increase in sales.

Jefferies & Co. analyst Stephen Volkmann said in a research note the new figures suggest Caterpillar's profits will be stronger than expected.

Caterpillar said the strongest regions for equipment sales in July were Latin America and Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Both those regions reported sales increases of more than 50%.

Caterpillar's sales figures are considered an indicator of the health of the economy, so they are watched closely.

Illinois Unemployment Up For 3rd Straight Month

State officials say unemployment in Illinois inched up to 9.5% in July, the third consecutive month it has increased.

The Illinois Department of Employment Security says there were 24,900 fewer jobs reported last month.

Unemployment for Illinois was 9.1% in June. But the rate one year ago in July was 10.1%.

The numbers were released Thursday and are based on data from the state agency and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The director of the employment security department is Jay Rowell. He says the July increase, which follows 15 months of declines, reflects uncertainty in consumer confidence and the volatility in the national economy.

He says long term data is a better indicator.

Local Teen Receives Scholarship From Illinois Sheriff's Association

One local teen recently was selected as the recipient of an annual scholarship selected by the DeWitt County Sheriff's Department.

Kristen Miller was the recipient of the 2011 Illinois Sheriff's Association Scholarship(ISA). Miller is a 19-year old sophomore at Souther Illinois University pursuing a degree in Biology/Medical Science. She explains the essay she wrote was about bullying and the response to it.

[audio:isascholarship1.mp3]A Word From Miller[/audio]

DeWitt County Sheriff Jered Shofner explains there are several members in DeWitt County a part of the ISA. He explains Miller was chosen by a panel of unbiased employees at the DeWitt County Sheriff's Department. He feels Miller will represent DeWitt County well with the scholarship.

[audio:isascholarship2.mp3]A Word From The Sheriff[/audio]

Sheriff Shofner adds the ISA Scholarship stresses how important the ISA is to local communities.

Entering her second year at SIU, Miller says she enjoys all the activities there are to be a part of in college, and enjoys the opportunities to get to know new people. The scholarship she received is in the amount of $500.

Time Running Out To Be Farmers Market Vendor At Apple & Pork

If you are a local producer looking to be a part of the Apple and Pork Festival with the Clinton Area Artisans and Farmers Market, you are running out of time to be a part of it.

Each year at the Apple and Pork Festival in Clinton, members of the local Farmers Market is out each day of the festival selling their produce. Elizabeth Burns with CAFAM explains if you are wanting to be a vendor for the Apple and Pork weekend, you need to sell at least one weekend prior to Apple and Pork.

[audio:farmersmarket1.mp3]A Word From Burns[/audio]

Burns believes being a part of the Apple and Pork festival is a good opportunity to meet new people. She says sales are generally good, but it is hard to predict.

[audio:farmersmarket2.mp3]A Word From Burns[/audio]

Burns also adds, the location of the Farmers Market for the festival allows them the opportunity to host musical groups. She says they are currently seeking performers to come and set up at their stage.

[audio:farmersmarket3.mp3]A Word From Burns[/audio]

Burns explains this year "Black Kettle" will be at their booth to serve food. The cost is just $20 to be a vendor at the Farmers Market for the Apple and Pork Festival. Burns adds you do not have to only be selling produce, she says many artists sell their work on the square each Saturday as well. To learn more about being a vendor with the Clinton Area Farmers and Artisans Market, Burns encourages those folks to stop at the market, which takes place each Saturday morning from 8 am to noon. You can also visit their website at cafamil.com.

Sox Fall To Tribe; Cubs Host Cards For Weekend; More

>>Tribe Double Up ChiSox

(Chicago, IL)  --  Matt LaPorta hit a two-run homer as the Indians topped the White Sox, 4-2.  Paul Konerko smacked a solo home run for Chicago, which has lost two straight.  Will Ohman suffered the loss, and starter Phil Humber left the game in the second inning after being hit in the head by a line drive.  The Southsiders welcome in the Texas Rangers for a three-game series starting this evening at The Cell.  Jake Peavy will get the nod against Matt Harrison in the opener.

Los Angeles Dodgers 5, Milwaukee Brewers 1
Washington Nationals 3, Cincinnati Reds 1
Philadelphia Phillies 4, Arizona Diamondbacks 1
Atlanta Braves 1, San Francisco Giants 0
San Diego Padres 3, Florida Marlins 1

Boston Red Sox 4, Kansas City Royals 3
Cleveland Indians 4, Chicago White Sox 2
New York Yankees 8, Minnesota Twins 4
LA Angels of Anaheim 2, Texas Rangers 1
Toronto Blue Jays 7, Oakland Athletics 0

NFL Preseason
New England Patriots 31,Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14
Pittsburgh Steelers 24, Philadelphia Eagles 14

>>Cards In Chicago

(Chicago, IL)  --  The St. Louis Cardinals kick off a three-game NL Central series with the Chicago Cubs this afternoon at the Friendly Confines.  Jaime Garcia is slated to toe the rubber opposite Randy Wells in the opener.  St. Louis dropped two-of-three to Pittsburgh in its last set but took Wednesday's finale, 7-2, to improve to 66-and-58 on the season.

>>Rams Host Titans This Weekend

(St. Louis, MO)  --  The St. Louis Rams continue their preseason slate this weekend.  The Rams host the Tennessee Titans at the Edward Jones Dome on Saturday night in their second preseason tilt.  St. Louis beat the Indianapolis Colts, 33-10, last weekend in its preseason opener.

>>Sprint Cup Series In Michigan

(Brooklyn, MI)  --   Now that the dust has settled from a frantic race on Monday at Watkins Glen International, the Sprint Cup Series moves on to the wide two-mile Michigan International Speedway for Sunday's Pure Michigan 400.  Marcos Ambrose is on cloud nine this week after claiming his first Sprint Cup win at Watkins Glen.  The 34-year-old Australian became the fourth foreign-born race winner in NASCAR's premier series.  Denny Hamlin has won two of the last three races at Michigan, including a victory earlier this season.

WHOW/WEZC Owner Receives Agriculture Award

During Agriculture Day ceremonies on the Director of Agriculture Lawn at the Illinois State Fairgrounds Tuesday, Miller Media Group president Randal J. Miller was presented with the "Service to Illinois Agriculture" award by Farm Credit Services of Illinois.

Farm Credit's marketing director Mike Loyd presented the award to Miller.

This year marks Miller's 25th consecutive year of providing local results in State Fair judging, to a network of 24 radio stations across Illinois that he founded in 1986 called the Hometown Illinois Radio Network. That network also provides radio stations across the state, reports from the Commodity Classic, the Farm Progress Show, and the Illinois Farm Bureau annual meeting each year.

Miller also owns and operates 8 radio stations across central and northwest Illinois, that serve Taylorville, Pana, Shelbyville, Kewanee, Galva, Geneseo, the Quad Cities, and Clinton.

All 8 of his stations feature some type of agriculture programming, and one station in each of his 3 clusters, features 4 to 6 hours a day of agriculture programming.

Miller credits his radio group's success, to connecting with local farm listeners across the state.

Miller is a graduate of the radio-TV program at Lake Land College in Mattoon, and has served Illinois radio listeners either on the air or off, for some 38 years.

DeWitt County Sheriff's Report for 8-19

August 18, 2011


Jail Population: 47

Summons Served: 3

Warrant Arrests: 0


Faith Pruser, 20, Clinton, was arrested and charged with Violation of Probation. Pruser remains lodged in the DeWitt County Jail.

Bryan Williams, 25, Decatur, was arrested and charged with Petition to Revoke Probation for the Conviction of Unlawful Possession of Cannabis. Williams remains lodged in the DeWitt County Jail.


Senate President Cullerton Unveils Comedic Skills At State Fair

Senate President John Cullerton unveiled his comedic skills before a crowd of fairgoers today. 

[audio:rddCuljoke1.mp3]Cullerton's "Act"[/audio]

On a more serious note, Cullerton told the crowd that lawmakers have been very busy over the past two and a half years.  He says impeaching a scandalous governor, passing a capital bill, and implementing reforms to the pension and education systems are just a few of their accomplishments.  Lawmakers will return to Springfield in a few months for veto session.

State Employee Health Plan Not To Change For Now

State workers with Health Alliance insurance plans won't have to change to another provider after all.  The Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability voted on the matter yesterday.  Danville Representative Chad Hays says the governor's plan to change healthcare providers was flawed from the beginning.

[audio:rddHealth1.mp3]A Word From Hays[/audio]

The move extends a temporary contract with the health insurance provider until June 30, 2012.  Hays says he thinks lawmakers will be able to work out a long-range plan for state employee health insurance before that time is up.

Illinois Gets Nearly $17 Million For Highway Upgrades

 Illinois will receive more than $16.9 million in federal grants for highway improvement and planning.

The awards from the U.S. Department of Transportation include $3.75 million toward reconstruction of Interstate 57 and $3.6 million to study the best route for Interstate 66 across southern Illinois between Paducah, Ky., and Interstate 55 in Missouri.

Another $2.7 million will pay for pedestrian safety devices at 78 locations along the Chicago-to-St. Louis high-speed rail corridor and $1.7 million will replace two pedestrian crossings and an underpass at the Lake-Cook Metra station in Deerfield.

More than 1,800 applications totaling $13 billion poured into the Federal Highway Administration in June - more than 30 times the funds available from 14 federal grant programs.

Return To School Safety Tips

Local schools throughout the area will be returning to school this week, and local law enforcement officials want to send a friendly reminder to motorists to be aware of the kids in the area when near a school.

Clinton Police Chief Mike Reidy says while the weather is still nice, many students will take advantage of that and ride their bikes or walk to school. He says the police department tries to make crossing guards as available as possible, however they cannot cover every intersection so he reminds motorists to watch out for kids in the street or on the sidewalks.

[audio:schoolstartsafety1.mp3]A Word From The Chief[/audio]

Chief Reidy says the school buses that gather to take kids home after school make the elementary schools in Clinton a very congested area to be. He reminds anyone picking kids up from the elementary schools to abide by the laws when near a school bus, especially one that has kids getting on or off. He adds penalties for not following those laws can be very stiff.

[audio:schoolstartsafety2.mp3]A Word From The Chief[/audio]

Chief Reidy reminds those that will be riding their bikes the rules of the road apply to them as well. He also encourages bicyclists to wear their helmet anytime they are on their bike.

[audio:schoolstartsafety3.mp3]A Word From The Chief[/audio]

Chief Reidy says the younger kids will not always use their best judgment around traffic at school, he encourages motorists passing any school zones to slow down and anticipate any kids not paying attention.

Local Reaction To DOT Regulation Changes Being Upheld

The United States Department of Transportation recently upheld their push to change trucking regulations for family owned farmers.

The US DOT was attempting to enforce regulations on agriculture operations to license, insure, and outfit equipment on a farmer's operation, which would greatly hamper any operation throughout the country. Illinois Representative Chapin Rose played a great role in raising awareness and helping the cause to defeat the measure. He feels this is a great victory for family owned farm operations throughout the country.

[audio:truckingregulation1.mp3]A Word From Rep. Rose[/audio]

Trisha Brade, Communications Director at the Illinois Corn Growers Association and Illinois Corn Marketing Board, she explains part of her role was to bring officials to local communities and farms and show them the equipment and show them the burden that would be put on local producers in the hopes they would be able to see the effects their proposed regulations would have on farmers.

[audio:truckingregulation2.mp3]A Word From Brade[/audio]

The issues of for hire and implements of husbandry  have been resolved with the US DOT, however, the issues of interstate/intrastate commerce have not been resolved. Mark Gebhardt, Executive Director for Governmental Relations with the Illinois Farm Bureau is confident that those issues can be resolved.

[audio:truckingregulation3.mp3]A Word From Gebhardt[/audio]

All those involved were appreciative of the local grassroots efforts by local farmers and also to the Congressional delegates for help at the Federal level. Many agriculture administrators feel because the issue hit so close to home, it was an issue that was easy to get involved in.

Cards Win; Cubs, Sox Lose

>>Cards Crush Pirates

(Pittsburgh, PA)  --  Allen Craig clubbed a pair of home runs to back seven solid innings from Kyle Lohse as the Cardinals cruised to a 7-2 win over the Pirates.  Lohse struck out seven, while giving up a pair of runs to improve to 11-and-7 on the season.  Craig crushed a two-run shot in the first, a solo dinger in the seventh and added an RBI single in the eighth for St. Louis, which snapped a two-game slide to salvage the finale of a three-game set at PNC Park.  The Cardinals are off today before opening a three-game set at Chicago tomorrow afternoon.

>>Astros Edge Cubs In Rubber Match

(Houston, TX)  --  Matt Downs singled in two runs in the fourth inning to give the Astros the lead for good as they hung on for a 4-3 victory over the Cubs on Wednesday afternoon at Minute Maid Park.  Brian Bogusevic doubled in two in the third inning to tie the game at two for Houston, which took the final two games of the three-game NL Central set.  Bud Norris pitched five innings of three-run ball for the win and Mark Melancon got the final three outs for his 12th save.  Casey Coleman took the loss.  Aramis Ramirez hit a two-run homer in the third and Geovany Soto smacked a solo shot in the fourth for Chicago.  The Northsiders are off today.  They return to the Friendly Confines tomorrow afternoon to open up a three-game series against the St. Louis Cardinals.  Randy Wells gets the nod against Jaime Garcia in the opener.

>>Tribe Trumps ChiSox

(Chicago, IL)  --  Four different players plated a run to back eight-and-a-third stellar innings from Fausto Carmona as the Indians cruised to a 4-1 win over the White Sox on Wednesday night at The Cell.  Carmona struck out six and allowed just one run on four hits to improve to 6-and-12 on the season and Chris Perez recorded the final two outs to pick up his 26th save.  Jack Hannahan, Kosuke Fukudome, Shin-Soo Choo and Asdrubal Cabrera each knocked in a run for Cleveland, which has won three of its last four games.  Alexei Ramirez' solo home run in the second frame accounted for Chicago's lone run of the game.  Mark Buehrle was tagged with the loss.  The Southsiders had won three straight.  Philip Humber will toe the rubber opposite Justin Masterson in tonight's series finale.

Houston Astros 4, Chicago Cubs 3
New York Mets 7, San Diego Padres 3
Cincinnati Reds 2, Washington Nationals 1
St. Louis Cardinals 7, Pittsburgh Pirates 2
Philadelphia Phillies 9, Arizona Diamondbacks 2
San Francisco Giants 7, Atlanta Braves 5
Milwaukee Brewers 3, Los Angeles Dodgers 1
Colorado Rockies 12, Florida Marlins 5

Tampa Bay Rays 4, Boston Red Sox 0
Oakland Athletics 6, Baltimore Orioles 5
Minnesota Twins 6, Detroit Tigers 5
Cleveland Indians 4, Chicago White Sox 1
Kansas City Royals 5, New York Yankees 4
Texas Rangers 4, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 1
Toronto Blue Jays 5, Seattle Mariners 1

Bears' Hester Allegedly Received Benefits At The U

>>Bears' Hester Allegedly Received Benefits At The U

(Undated)  --  Chicago Bears star wide receiver/punt and kick returner Devin Hester received everything from cash to rims for his car in violation of NCAA rules while at the University of Miami from a former booster according to a report on Yahoo! Sports.  Nevin Shapiro is serving a 20-year prison sentence for masterminding a $930-million Ponzi scheme and claims to have provided impermissible benefits to 72 of the university's football players and other athletes between 2002 and 2010.  According to the Yahoo! Sports report, Hester allegedly also received multiple cash gifts, an engagement ring, tickets to a playoff basketball game, VIP access to nightclubs, meals and lodging at Shapiro's $2.7-million Miami Beach home.  Hester refused to discuss the subject on Wednesday.

CornBelters Win

Using a big fifth inning to break up a pitchers' duel, the Normal CornBelters evened up the series with the West Division-leading River City Rascals with a 9-3 win on Wednesday night at T.R. Hughes Ballpark in O'Fallon, Missouri.

The CornBelters put the first run on the board in the third inning.  A.J. Miller drew a one-out walk and went to third on an Alvaro Ramirez double, then scored on a sacrifice fly to left by Brandon Newton.

The Rascals got the run back right away in the bottom of the third with a lead-off double from Bobby Burk, who went to third on a wild pitch and scored on a ground out by Eric Williams.

The Belters batted around with five runs in the sixth to take a 6-1 lead.  Alvaro Ramirez led off with a double and went to third on a fielder's choice from Frank Martinez, who then stole second.  Asif Shah singled both home to give Normal a 3-1 lead.  Shah moved to second on a wild pitch and was singled home by Mark Samuelson, which ended the night for Rascals starter Don Lisi for reliever Kenny Arnerich.  Samuelson went to third on a base hit from Daniel Cox, and an Arnerich balk scored Samuelson.  Mike Mobbs singled to score Cox and end the scoring in the frame to give the CornBelters a 6-1 lead.

Normal extended the lead by two in the eighth.  with one out, Asif Shah singled and scored from first on a Mark Samuelson double..  Mike Mobbs then hit a two-out double off the big scoreboard in right field to plate Samuelson to increase the Belters lead to 8-1.

One more run plated in the ninth when Steve Alexander hit a drive off the base of the right-field wall to score Brandon Newton, who had singled with one out to give the Belters their 9-1 advantage.

The Rascals scored in the ninth when Stephen Holdren led off with a walk and scored on a triple by Chad Maddox, who came home on a ground ball.

Tyler Lavigne (6-7) earned his second straight win with a seven-inning outing in which he gave up one earned run on four hits while walking one and striking out seven.  Don Lisi (6-2) took the loss. 

The series concludes on Thursday night with right-handers starting on the mound, Bobby Pritchett (8-3, 3.75) for the CornBelters and Preston Vancil (1-3, 6.91) for the Rascals.

Clinton Police Report for 8-18


Jake Drive Project In Clinton On Schedule

The Jake Drive project on US 51 on the west side of Clinton continues to make progress.

The project is an economic development project the City of Clinton is pursuing in hopes of developing the southwestern part of the town, in front of the Sunset Inn and Suites. Steve Lobb, Public Works Director for the City of Clinton, he explains the property is being developed into commercial real estate.

[audio:jakedriveupdate1.mp3]A Word From Lobb[/audio]

Lobb says the project is part of the long term plans to develop that part of the town. He says that area of town makes the most sense, being off of a state highway. He believes there will be an ongoing push to continue to develop that part of the city.

[audio:jakedriveupdate2.mp3]A Word From Lobb[/audio]

Lobb stresses bringing business to an area requires preperation. He says developers do not want to wait for an area to be developed, they want it finished so they can bring their business to the area. He says being ready before someone comes to the area is the right way to go about growing the area.

[audio:jakedriveupdate3.mp3]A Word From Lobb[/audio]

Lobb says the project is right on track. He says later this fall, the area should be completely finished. He says right now construction is at a stand still due to water extensions to be completed to continue allowing water to the Clinton Jr. High School and the hotel, so for now the project is in the hands of the EPA to test the area and the water and sewer extensions they have in place. Once testing by the EPA has been completed, the project can continue on.

Clinton Schools Get Results From Adequate Yearly Progress Report

The Clinton Board of Education received the data for the Adequate Yearly Progress Report (AYP) for the previous school year throughout the entire district Monday evening at the Board's regular monthly meeting.

The AYP is a progress report associated with the "No Child Left Behind Act". Clinton Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jeff Holmes presented the Board with the numbers by school, then presented the board with the district numbers as a whole. There are many categories that are taken into effect with the AYP. Of the many categories, Dr. Holmes points out the most important statistics when looking at the data is the percentage of students who met or exceeded on the math or reading portion.

[audio:ayp1.mp3]A Word From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

As a part of the "No Child Left Behind Act", the standard each school must meet each year raises, and Dr. Holmes explains throughout each year, as the bar gets raised, Clinton Schools are able to continue to meet or exceed AYP.

[audio:ayp2.mp3]A Word From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

When looking at the district as a whole, Dr. Holmes points out there are many things the district will be focusing on this school year to improve the districts numbers. He says reading as a district needs to improve, and also meeting the needs of the students in the "Free or Reduced Lunches" program.

[audio:ayp3.mp3]A Word From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

Dr. Holmes explains part of the AYP assessment is should a district not make AYP a certain amount of years in a row, then that district must set aside a large portion of their federal funds to fund professional services to help bring them up to the AYP standard. Dr. Holmes explains the standard set by the "No Child Left Behind Act is very unrealistic for a school district to make.

[audio:ayp4.mp3]A Word From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

According to Dr. Holmes, many of the teachers throughout the district were disappointed when they received word their individual school's did not make the AYP standard because each school worked very hard to try to get to make AYP this year. He says plans are in place to continue to improve and work with students and the areas of need for this coming school year, which begins tomorrow for the Clinton School District.

Sox Win on Walk Off; Cubs & Cards Lose on Walk Off; Baseball Notes

>>White Sox Outlast Indians In 14 Innings

(Chicago, IL)  --  Juan Pierre smacked a walk-off RBI single in the bottom of the 14th inning to give the White Sox an 8-7 win over the Indians on Tuesday night at The Cell.  Pierre also hit a solo home run, while Alejandro De Aza finished 3-for-7 with two RBI and two runs scored for the Southsiders, who have won three games in-a-row.  Jason Frasor was credited with the win.  Travis Hafner homered and Jason Donald knocked in a pair of runs for Cleveland.  Chad Durbin was saddled with the loss for the Indians, who had won four-of-five.  Chicago climbed to three-and-a-half games back of the Tigers.  Mark Buehrle [[ BURR-lee ]] is expected to toe the rubber opposite Fausto Carmona in tonight's second installment.

>>Walk-Off Grand Slam Leads 'Stros Over Cubs

(Houston, TX)  --  Brian Bogusevic clubbed a walk-off grand slam in the bottom of the ninth inning to lead the Astros in a 6-5 win over the Cubs on Tuesday night at Minute Maid Park.  Jimmy Paredes and Humberto Quintero each knocked in a run for Houston, which snapped a seven-game slide.  Aneury Rodriguez was credited with the win.  Tyler Colvin crushed a two-run homer and Aramis Ramirez went 2-for-4 with a home run for the Northsiders, who had won five of their last six contests.  Carlos Marmol blew his eighth save of the season and took the loss.  Casey Coleman gets the nod against Bud Norris in this afternoon's series finale.

>>Pirates Walk-Off On Cardinals

(Pittsburgh, PA)  --  Garrett Jones' solo homer in the 11th inning gave Pittsburgh a 5-4 walk-off victory over St. Louis.  Arthur Rhodes gave up the bomb to Jones to suffer the loss for the Cards, who have dropped three-of-four.  Matt Holliday gave St. Louis a one-run lead with a sacrifice-fly in the ninth.  Albert Pujols added a solo homer in the loss.  Kyle Lohse opposes Pat Maholm in tonight's series finale.


Washington Nationals 6, Cincinnati Reds 4
Arizona Diamondbacks 3, Philadelphia Phillies 2
Atlanta Braves 2, San Francisco Giants 1 (11 inn)
Milwaukee Brewers 2, Los Angeles Dodgers 1
Florida Marlins 6, Colorado Rockies 5
San Diego Padres 6, New York Mets 1

Boston Red Sox 3, Tampa Bay Rays 1 (G1)
Detroit Tigers 7, Minnesota Twins 1
Tampa Bay Rays 6, Boston Red Sox 2 (G2)
New York Yankees 9, Kansas City Royals 7
Oakland Athletics 8, Baltimore Orioles 4
Texas Rangers 7, LA Angels of Anaheim 3
Toronto Blue Jays 13, Seattle Mariners 7

>Pierzynski Lands On DL

(Chicago, IL)  --  The Chicago White Sox have placed catcher A.J. Pierzynski on the disabled list with a fractured left wrist.  The 34-year-old Pierzynski goes on the DL for the first time in his 10-year career.  He suffered the injury on Friday when he was hit by a pitch from Kansas City's Bruce Chen.  Pierzynski was batting .296 with six home runs and 39 RBI on the season.  Rookie Tyler Flowers and Donny Lucy, who was just recalled from Triple-A Charlotte, will now split the catching duties.

>>Tilson Headed To Jupiter

(Jupiter, FL)  --  The newest member of the St. Louis Cardinals is headed to the Gulf Coast League in Jupiter, Florida.  Outfielder Charlie Tilson was signed just hours before Monday night's deadline.  The 18-year-old outfielder was the Cardinals' second-round pick in this year's draft out of New Trier High School in Illinois.  The Cards previously inked first-round pick Kolten Wong on June 25th.

>>Cubs Sign Top Pick Baez

(Chicago, IL)  --  The Chicago Cubs signed first-round pick Javier Baez on Tuesday.  The 18-year-old infielder was taken number-nine overall out of Arlington Country Day School in Jacksonville, Florida.  Also signing with the team was 11th-round pick Shawon Dunston Jr., son of former Cub Shawon Dunston, who was the first overall pick of Chicago in the 1982 draft and was a two-time All-Star with the club.

CornBelters Lose

The Normal CornBelters, presented by Illinois Corn Farmers, began a six-game road trip with a battle but a losing note, falling 6-4 on Tuesday night to the River City Rascals at T.R. Hughes Ballpark in O'Fallon, Missouri. 
The CornBelters drew first blood as Alvaro Ramirez re-entered the lineup after missing four games after being hit by a pitch and promptly doubled to center.  Brandon Newton then walked, and Frank Martinez reached on a fielder's choice.  With two outs, Asif Shah walked to load the bases, and Mark Samuelson lined one through the box to score Newton and Martinez to give the Belters a 2-0 lead after their first time at bat..
The Rascals evened the score at 2-2 in the second inning on the eleventh home run of the season from Chad Maddox, a two-run drive to right center.  
River City took the lead in the third when Jareck West led off with a triple and scored one batter later on a Doug Sanders base hit.  Sanders came home to build the lead to 4-2 on a sacrifice fly from Joash Brodin.  
Normal cut the deficit to 4-3 in the fourth when Ramirez picked up his third hit of the night, stole second and came home on Steve Alexander's team-leading 57th RBI, a base hit to center.  
The Rascals pushed the lead back to 5-3 in the bottom of the fourth when Bobby Burk doubled with one out, went to third on a single and scored on a Doug Sanders sacrifice fly.
The CornBelters punched back in the fifth.  Daniel Cox led off with a single and moved to third on a double by Mike Mobbs, then scored on an error to cut the River City lead to 5-4.  The CornBelters nearly pushed the tying run across on a tough ground ball to shortstop by Frank Martinez, but he was called out on a disputed play that kept the tying run off the board and kept the score 5-4.
The Rascals threatened in the fifth with runners at the corners with one out, but a diving shoestring catch by Asif Shah on a Chad Maddox liner allowed the Belters to double off a Rascal to keep the game at 5-4.
The CornBelters lost their manager as the top of the seventh ended.  Alvaro Ramirez was hit by a pitch on his lower leg, but was ruled to have swung at the pitch to end the inning, resulting in the ejection of manager Hal Lanier as he argued the call.
River City cushioned the lead to 6-4 in the eighth when Bobby Burk singled off reliever Ben Paxton, went to second on a wild pitch, moved to third on a ground ball and scored on a single to right by Doug Sanders, his third RBI of the night.
The CornBelters put a baserunner on in the ninth with a Daniel Cox base hit, but couldn't move him.  Josh Lowey (9-2) earned the win as Derrick Miramontes picked up his 15th save.  Matt Mossey (1-2) took the loss, going five innings while giving up five runs on 10 hits, walking one and striking out three.  The CornBelters stranded 14 baserunners.
The series continues in O'Fallon, Missouri on Wednesday night at 7:05 with right-handers starting on the mound for both teams, Tyler Lavigne (5-7, 3.27) for Normal and Don Lisi (6-1, 3.80) for River City.

DeWitt County Sheriff's Report for 8-17

August 16, 2011


Jail Population: 51

Summons Served: 1

Warrant Arrests: 0




Clinton Police Report for 8-17



Illinois Unions To Protest Quinn At Democratic Events

A day usually devoted to feel-good events for Illinois Democrats could be tense this year as unions protest a decision by Gov. Pat Quinn regarding promised raises.

Democrats will be gathering Wednesday for Governor's Day at the State Fair, a day when party leaders rally the troops and promote candidates.

Unions are angry that Quinn is trying to cancel raises promised in state labor contracts. Quinn says Illinois doesn't have enough money to pay the raises, but the unions disagree and say government should keep its word.

The AFL-CIO and about 10 associated unions plan a news conference Wednesday and a protest outside the main Democratic rally at the fairgrounds.

Unions are a key source of money and manpower for Democratic candidates.

Fair Crowds Could Be Influence In Gambling Expansion

The weather has been nice, and the crowds have been large at the Illinois State Fair. And supporters of more casinos in Illinois hope to use both to sell Governor Pat Quinn on legislation that would a half-dozen casinos and slots are racetracks in Illinois.

Springfield-area Republican Raymond Poe said this could be the best chance to show the governor what could be gained by adding slot machines at the fairgrounds in Springfield.

[audio:081611Poe1.mp3]A Word From Poe[/audio]

But Quinn on Tuesday said he's still not a fan of proposed gambling expansion.

[audio:081611Quinn1.mp3]A Word From The Governor[/audio]

Legislative leaders have not yet sent Quinn the gambling plan, in part because of his opposition.

Gambling supporters are planning a Wednesday rally to try and sway Quinn. The governor will be in town for the Democrat's annual rally at the fair.

Successful State Fair Opening Weekend Opens Up Event

The 2011 Illinois State Fair's opening weekend is behind us, and the long list of attractions and great weather has led to a huge turnout.  Jared White has more...

[audio:8-15-11 IL State Fair WRAP.mp3]Jared White With The Story[/audio]

Western Illinois Crop Still Suffering

Western Illinois producers are getting some cooler days and nights, but they're still not getting any rain.  Lower Rock Island County farmer Gary Blanchard says his corn crop remains under high stress, but his soybean crop still has a slim chance to recover.

[audio:rddcy1.mp3]A Word From Blanchard[/audio]

Blanchard says they were hoping for a little rain over the weekend but it didn't come through.  He farms in the Buffalo Prairie area.

Dance Studio Opens Up in Clinton

Dance enthusiasts will soon have a local option for a studio.

 width=Dance Xtreme owned by Kim and Brian Alexander recently opened up right off of the Downtown Clinton square on Quincy Street. The dance studio will start at age 2, and Kim Alexander notes, goes all way up to anyone willing to continue dancing at any age.

[audio:dance1.mp3]A Word From Kim Alexander[/audio]

Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce Marian Brisard explains the building Dance Xtreme is moving into was once an old hotel that is being restored and now several businesses are located there.

[audio:dance2.mp3]A Word From Kim Alexander[/audio]

 width=Prior to bringing business to Clinton, Alexander was an instructor at Lincoln College. Being a Clinton native, she wanted to bring a dance studio to the area. She says so far there has been a good response to the studio.

Dance Xtreme will hold an open house to go along with their registration Saturday August 20 at 8 am. Alexander notes if you "Like" Dance Xtreme on Facebook, registration is free.

For more information on Dance Xtreme and the classes they will offer, you can contact them at 935-3149. You can also visit their website at www.xtremedancers.com.

Clinton Board of Education Meeting Tonight

The Clinton School Board of Education convenes tonight for their regular monthly meeting.

At tonight's meeting, the results from the Adequate Yearly Progress Report (AYP) will be revealed, which is part of the "No Child Left Behind Act". Dr. Jeff Holmes, Superintendent of Clinton Schools explains there are many factors that determine whether a school district or building has met the AYP standard.

[audio:boemeetingpreview1.mp3]A Word From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

The Clinton School district was one of several area schools to receive the Pre-K grant given out by the state of Illinois. With that grant the district has been able to hire staff members and expand the Pre-K roster for this school year. Dr. Holmes says this is great news for the district and the community.

[audio:boemeetingpreview2.mp3]A Word From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

The district also received word recently the general state aid fund will be cut and districts can expect to see a 5% decrease in that. Dr. Holmes notes that is about a $70-thousand hit to the district, which is pretty significant. He adds the transportation fund also took a hit this week.

[audio:boemeetingpreview3.mp3]A Word From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

Dr. Holmes hopes legislators will reinstate some of the money taken with those cuts. He says while the school will be able to operate functionally without the money, he says not receiving it puts them in a situation similar to last fiscal year when the school district would have come out ahead financially if the state would have made all the payments they said they would make.

The Board of Education's meeting is tonight at 6:30 pm in the Jr. High School library.

Clinton City Council Approves Moving Forward With Kleemann Drive Project

The discussion of moving forward with a project aimed at future economic development in Clinton was the center of discussion Monday evening at the Clinton City Council meeting.

As previously reported, the Council faced the decision to move forward with a repaving of Kleemann Drive on the west side of US Highway 51, and extending sewer and water lines there as well. The Council recently received $1.5 million from the State of Illinois to fund the project, however the city would have to fund part of the project from their own money.

Initially the Council faced adding nearly $1-million to finish funding the project, however, City Administrator Tim Followell felt in working with several local officials, the cost could be cut down significantly. The initial proposal extended sewer and water lines the entire length of the over half a mile of road. However, city officials felt those lines could be run under the road vertically, saving the city a significant amount of money and enabling the project to move forward.

The Mayor and several commissioners gave input on their feelings in moving forward with the project. Mayor Carolyn Peters expressed concerns, by not moving forward with the project would deter the state from providing the City of Clinton with money in the future to fund projects such as these.

[audio:kleemanNresolution1.mp3]A Word From The Mayor[/audio]

Commissioner Tom Edmunds gave his input on the situation. He felt if the City let the opportunity to have the State help fund a project like this it may not ever come around again. He says in moving forward with development, the vision has to be long term.

[audio:kleemannresolution2.mp3]A Word From Commissioner Edmunds[/audio]

Commissioner John Wise felt this is a great opportunity for the City to be ready for developers wanting to come to Clinton. He feels Clinton has always been a step behind, and he feels this is another opportunity to make things ready for growth.

[audio:kleemannresolution3.mp3]A Word From Commissioner Wise[/audio]

The resolution to move forward with the project on Kleemann Drive passed unanimously. The Council will now send off for a revised bid with the Farnsworth Group with intent of construction, but with the water and sewer lines going vertically rather than parallel along the sides.

DeWitt County Sheriff's Report for 8-16

August 15, 2011


Jail Population: 51

Summons Served: 3

Warrant Arrests: 0




Dillon West, 19, Clinton, was arrested and charged with Driving While License Suspended and Illegal Consumption by Minor. West posted the necessary bond and was released. He was also issued citations for Illegal Squealing/Screeching of Tires and given a Notice to Appear.


Charles Kyle, 68, Clinton, was arrested and charged with Criminal Trespass. Kyle remains lodged in the DeWitt County Jail.


Joshua Smith, 28, Mount Pulaski, was issued a citation for Speeding (78 mph in a 55 mph zone) and Failure to Signal When Required. Smith posted his Illinois Drivers License as bond and was released.


Emilee Edge, 19, Clinton, was issued a citation for Operation of Vehicle While Registration Suspended/Mandatory Insurance. Edge was given a Notice to Appear and was released.



University of Illinois Gets Grant For Nuclear Research

The University of Illinois is getting a $538,000 research grant to find ways to make nuclear power plants safer and more efficient.

The Energy Department grant focuses on developing new technology and educating the next generation of leaders in the U.S. nuclear industry.

James Stubbins is head of nuclear, plasma and radiological engineering at the university, and he says researchers will study materials that can withstand extraordinarily high temperatures and resist corrosion.

Stubbins says that would make nuclear energy more efficient and make plant equipment less likely to leak.

The university's research project could start by Oct. 1.

Work, Still No Pay For Illinois Regional Superintendents

Across Illinois the state's 44 regional schools superintendents are on the job - even if they're not getting paid.

Those administrators have gone without checks since early July. That's when Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn vetoed funding more than $11 million in salaries and operational costs for the regional offices, believing the jobs are best paid for by the counties they cover.

The offices serve as intermediaries between the state and the local school districts. Their functions include inspecting schools, checking employee backgrounds, certifying teachers and training and permitting bus drivers.

Many of the now-unpaid superintendents say they're facing financial hardship. In Springfield, assistant schools chief Shannon Fehrholz says she's tapping the family's savings to raise a 4-year-old daughter and pay bills while her Illinois National Guard husband serves in Afghanistan.

Peoria FBI Agent Enters Guilty Plea

A Peoria-based FBI agent has pleaded guilty to making and using a false document related to more than $40,000 that disappeared during a drug case. Jerry W. Nau pleaded guilty Wednesday in federal court. The 44-year-old faces up to five years in prison when he's sentenced Nov. 29. The U.S. Justice Department says that in July 2010, Nau created a false receipt showing that more than $43,000 seized from a drug dealer had been placed into evidence. The receipt was signed by two people verifying the story. The money, though, was never placed into evidence and has never been found. The signatures were forged. Nau did not admit taking the money. In addition to prison time, he also could be fined up to $250,000.

Judge Refuses To Shorten Sentence in Choking Case

A central Illinois judge has refused to reconsider the 8 1/2-year prison sentence for a 25-year-old man convicted of choking his roommate to death during a party.

Xavier Cordova was living in Champaign with Mitchell Robinson in September 2009.

Prosecutors say Cordova put Robinson in a choke hold during the party in Normal.

Police say Cordova admitted grabbing his roommate "to tire him out" and didn't mean to kill him.

McLean County Judge James Souk told Cordova Friday that he doesn't believe he's accepted responsibility for the grief he's caused.

Cordova's attorney sought a shorter sentence because Cordova is diabetic, and he says he isn't receiving proper medical care in prison.

Maroa-Forsyth Names Josh Jostes Athletic Director

The Maroa-Forsyth school district has added a new member to their administrative staff.

The Maroa-Forsyth High School Athletic Director's position recently came available within the district. In an effort to save the district money in having to make an outside hire and add another administrator, the district name Josh Jostes their AD. Superintendent of Maroa-Forsyth Schools Mike Williams explains, Jostes currently serves as a physical education and drivers education teacher, along with being the head football coach.

[audio:jostesad1.mp3]A Word From Williams[/audio]

With Jostes's schedule, the flexibility was there for him to take on a larger role with the district. Williams explains a couple of the classes Jostes taught will be combined with another class to allow Jostes the opportunity to take care of the Athletic Director responsibilities.

[audio:jostesad2.mp3]A Word From Williams[/audio]

Williams notes long time Athletic Director Dana Dale will now oversee the transportation of the school. He explains the school has taken what was a full time administrative role and broken it into two part time roles, which will save the district money during tough economic times.

[audio:jostesad3.mp3]A Word From Williams[/audio]

Williams says the district is always looking for ways to increase the opportunities for the students. He adds this move is about finding ways to save money and keep the programs already available.

Clinton City Council Monday Meeting Preview

The Clinton City Council will convene this evening for their second meeting this month.

The City of Clinton has the opportunity to receive a piece of real estate on Julia Street in Clinton. The house at 523 East Julia Street has been abandoned and in foreclosure for many years now. However, Tim Followell, City Administrator for the City of Clinton explains there are unpaid taxes that need to be paid, and the bank has released the lean and the city only has to pay the unpaid taxes that are left to acquire the property.

[audio:councilpreview11.mp3]A Word From Followell[/audio]

The Council will also be discussing moving forward with the acquired properties on East Washington Street. The City needs to approve bringing in a structural engineer to do a structural inspection on the buildings. Followell says the Council will look to the structural engineer on the best possible way to separate the two buildings since the city only owns one of the two.

[audio:councilpreview21.mp3]A Word From Followell[/audio]

The most discussion for the evening figures to stem from the project on Kleemann Drive, on the west side of US Highway 51. The Council recently approved to accept $1.5 million dollars from Illinois to begin pursuing the work there. However, after sending the project out for bid, the bids came back much higher than anticipated. Followell explains the Council now must revisit the issue and discuss whether to continue forward and invest in nearly one-million dollars of their own for the project, or whether to forfeit the $1.5 million designated by the state.

[audio:councilpreview31.mp3]A Word From Followell[/audio]

Followell says the discussion is going to be tough because the council will then lose $1.5 million dollars designated by the state, however, he says the opportunity for the state to fund a project like this does not come around very often.

The Clinton City Council will meet tonight at 7pm at City Hall.

DeWitt County To Have New State's Attorney in 2012

As we reported over the weekend, the DeWitt County State's Attorney's office will have a new face running things come 2012.

Current State's Attorney Dick Koritz he will not be running for reelection in 2012. He says after discussing it with his family, he feels the time is right for him to move forward.

[audio:statesattorney1.mp3]A Word From Dick Koritz[/audio]

Dick Koritz's son, Karle Koritz also has announced his candidacy to the position. Having grown up in Clinton, the younger Koritz feels it would a great way for him to give back to his hometown, and to help keep the streets and citizens of DeWitt County safe.

[audio:statesattorney2.mp3]A Word From Karle Koritz[/audio]

Koritz feels as though he is the best candidate for the job. He stresses he expects no special treatment because of his father's current position and he will be running and using his experience to gain the support and respect of the voters of DeWitt County.

[audio:statesattorney3.mp3]A Word From Karle Koritz[/audio]

Koritz currently serves as an assistant State's Attorney in McLean County, a position he has held since 2007. He currently is a felony prosecutor. Koritz has also served at a large firm in Peoria before working in the McLean County States Attorneys Office, where he practiced civil defense litigation.

 Koritz adds he plans to move back to DeWitt County should he get elected.

Cubs, Cards, Sox Win; Zambrano Put On Restricted List After Retirement Threat

>>Cardinals Down Rockies

(St. Louis, MO)  --  Albert Pujols belted a two-run homer during a three-hit night as the Cardinals downed the Rockies, 6-2.  David Freese and Yadier Molina doubled in runs during a four-run first for St. Louis, which took two-of-three in the series.  The Cardinals open up a three-game series tonight against the Pirates with Jake Westbrook on the hill.

>>Cubs Rally Past Braves, Uggla's Streak Ends

(Atlanta, GA)  --  Carlos Pena's two-run homer in the sixth proved to be the difference as the Cubs topped the Braves, 6-5.  The game marked the end of the 33-game hitting streak for Atlanta second baseman Dan Uggla, who went 0-for-3 with a sac  fly.  Darwin Barney and Marlon Byrd had three hits apiece as Chicago won for the fourth time in five tries.  John Grabow picked up the win, while Carlos Marmol came on to record his 28th save.  The Cubs begin a three-game series in Houston tonight with Rodrigo Lopez on the mound.

>>ChiSox Triple Up Royals

(Chicago, IL)  --  Brent Lillibridge left the yard with a three-run homer to cap a four-run first inning, and the White Sox dropped the Royals, 6-2.  Carlos Quentin added two RBI for Chicago, which has won two straight.  John Danks earned the win, giving up two runs over six frames with six strikeouts.  Gavin Floyd toes the rubber Tuesday for the Sox, who start a three-game set against the Indians.

San Diego Padres 7, Cincinnati Reds 3
San Francisco Giants 5, Florida Marlins 2
Chicago Cubs 6, Atlanta Braves 5
Milwaukee Brewers 2, Pittsburgh Pirates 1 (10 inn)
Los Angeles Dodgers 7, Houston Astros 0
Arizona Diamondbacks 5, New York Mets 3
St. Louis Cardinals 6, Colorado Rockies 2
Washington Nationals at Philadelphia Phillies(PPD/Rain)

Toronto Blue Jays 5, LA Angels of Anaheim 4 (10 inn)
Baltimore Orioles 8, Detroit Tigers 5
Chicago White Sox 6, Kansas City Royals 2
Texas Rangers 7, Oakland Athletics 6
Seattle Mariners 5, Boston Red Sox 3
Minnesota Twins at Cleveland Indians (PPD/Rain)
Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees (PPD/Rain)

>>Cubs Place Zambrano On Disqualified List

(Atlanta, GA)  --  After walking out on his team Friday night, Carlos Zambrano was placed on the disqualified list by the Cubs.  The move means that the 30-year-old starter is not permitted to have any contact with the team and will not be paid for 30 days, a move that the players' union may reportedly appeal.  Zambrano was ejected from Friday's loss to Atlanta for throwing at Chipper Jones twice after giving up five home runs in four-and-a-third innings.  Following his ejection, the oft-fiery Venezuelan cleaned out his locker and said he was retiring.

Dennis Rodman & Chris Mullin Inducted Into Basketball Hall of Fame

>>Ten New Members Inducted Into Basketball HoF

(Springfield, MA)  --  Dennis Rodman and Chris Mullin headlined the 10-person Class of 2011 enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts on Friday.  Rodman is often considered one of the best small forwards to play the game.  "The Worm" won five NBA titles and captured a record seven-straight rebounding titles.  Mullin was also previously enshrined for having been a part of the 1992 "Dream Team."  The other eight inductees were Tom "Satch" Sanders, Artis Gilmore, Arvydas Sabonis, Teresa Edwards, Tara VanDerveer, Tex  Winter, Herb Magee and Reece "Goose" Tatum..

Rams Beat Colts; Bears Win In Preseason Openers

>>Bears Beat Bills In Preseason Opener

(Chicago, IL)  --  Robbie Gould kicked a 45-yard field goal with under six minutes left to play to give the Bears a 10-3 win over the Bills in their preseason opener.  Jay Cutler completed the only pass he threw, while Nathan Enderle was 7-of-10 with 110 yards and an interception.  Quarterback Caleb Hanie rushed for the only Chicago TD.  The Bears take on the Giants next Monday.

>>Rams Blast Indy

(St. Louis, MO)  --  Sam Bradford completed seven of his 12 attempts for 45 yards and a touchdown as the Rams demolished the Colts 33-10 in their first preseason game Saturday.  Keith Toston and Cadillac Williams each carried the ball 11 times and scored a TD for the Rams.  Lance Kendricks caught the lone score through the air.  Josh Brown was 4-for-4 on field goal attempts.  The Rams take on the Titans Saturday.

CornBelters Win; Sweep Weekend Series

The Normal CornBelters (38-40) swept the Rockford RiverHawks (31-47) Sunday night at the Corn Crib with a 5-3 win. With the victory, Normal takes the season series against Rockford four games to two and remains in third place in the Frontier League West Division.

All of the scoring was done in the 3rd, 4th and 5th innings as both squads received several strong frames of bullpen work. Four CornBelter relievers combined to allow just three hits in three scoreless innings. Rockford's bullpen took over to start the 6th and allowed only a walk.

Ryan Sheldon (W, 9-5) allowed nine hits and three runs while striking out seven in his six innings. Joey Gradney (L, 1-2) went five innings and gave up five earned runs on nine hits. Marshall Schuler (S, 9) closed out the game and the series by leaving the tying runs on base in the ninth.

Sheldon stranded runners on base in both the 1st and 2nd innings, but Rockford struck in the 3rd with a home run. Evan Button lined a solo shot out to right field, his third homer of the year, to give Rockford a 1-0 lead.

Normal collected four consecutive hits with two out in its half of the 3rd to take the lead 3-1. Tyler McNeely laced a single to left field and moved up to second on a passed ball. Brandon Newton took advantage and brought McNeely home with an RBI ground-rule double. Frank Martinez then legged out a triple to score Newton, and Mark Samuelson followed with a single that plated Martinez.

Rockford got a run back in the 4th, when a single and fielding error put Luis Parache on second with two outs. Carlos Dominguez then dropped a single into right field allowing Parache to come home for a 3-2 score.

The teams continued to trade runs, though, as Normal scored in similar fashion in the 4th. Asif Shah also singled and reached second on an error. Daniel Cox then recorded a bloop RBI single to right to make it 4-2 Normal.

Button and Matt Greener helped keep Rockford close in the 5th by knocking out two extra-base hits. Button tripled with one out and scored on Greener's double with two out, bringing the score to 4-3.

Normal went back up by two in the 5th against Gradney when Martinez crushed a solo home run with one out. It was his 13th of the season and put the game at its final score of 5-3.

The CornBelters will take Monday off and begin a three-game set at River City on Tuesday. Matt Mossey (1-1, 4.81) will start for Normal at 7:05 p.m. at T.R. Hughes Ballpark in O'Fallon, Missouri.

Clinton Police Report for 8-15

















DeWitt County Sheriff's Weekend Report

August 12, 2011


Jail Population: 48

Summons Served: 4

Warrant Arrests: 2



August 13, 2011


Jail Population: 51

Summons Served: 2

Warrant Arrests: 1



August 14, 2011


Jail Population: 52

Summons Served: 5

Warrant Arrests: 0




Mathew Starkey, 38, Waynesville, was arrested and charged with Possession of Cannabis and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Starkey remains lodged in the DeWitt County Jail.



Kaye Thayer, 25, Clinton, was arrested on a DeWitt County Warrant charging her with Failure to Appear. Thayer remains lodged in the DeWitt County Jail.



Loronzo Davis, 45, Decatur, was arrested on a DeWitt County Warrant charging him with Failure to Appear. Davis remains lodged in the DeWitt County Jail.



Dakota Browder, 20, Bloomington, was arrested on a DeWitt County Warrant charging him with Failure to Appear. Browder remains lodged in the DeWitt County Jail



Staci Ballenger, 29, Clinton, was issued a citation for Operating Uninsured Vehicle. Ballenger was issued a Notice to Appear and released.



Jacob Zogg, 19, Clinton, was issued a citation for Operating Vehicle with Registration Suspended for No Insurance. Zogg was issued a Notice to Appear and released.



Investigation into the scene of an accident, which occurred at approximately 10:59 p.m. on Saturday, August 13, 2011, revealed that a vehicle driven by Lucas Johnson, 20, Heyworth and a vehicle driven by Kathryn Mollet,32, Argenta were traveling northbound on US Hwy 51 north of the intersection of Illinois. Rt. 54 when a semi in from of Johnson abruptly stopped at the railroad crossing. Johnson braked to avoid striking the semi. Mollet also braked but struck the rear of Johnson’s vehicle. Both drivers were not injured and no citations were issued.



Investigation into the scene of an accident, which occurred at approximately 2:19 p.m. on Saturday, August 13, 2011, revealed that a vehicle driven by Teresa Hubert, 55, Auburn, was traveling northbound on LeRoy Rd near Prospect Rd. when a truck pulling a flatbed trailer loaded with unsecured wood went by southbound. Wood from the trailer bounced onto the road striking and damaging Hubert’s vehicle. Hubert was not injured. No citations were issued.




Former WIU Student Sentenced for Bomb Threats

A 19-year-old former Western Illinois University student has been sentenced to a year and a day in prison for making bomb threats against the school.

Federal prosecutors say Cameron McKoy was sentenced Friday for the hoaxes against residence halls on the Macomb campus. McKoy has been in custody since he was arrested in November. A grand jury indicted McKoy in December and he pleaded guilty in April.

Prosecutors say McKoy made nine threats in October and November 2010. The first was allegedly made to the freshman dormitory Tanner Hall followed by a series of automated calls.

McKoy faced up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Boehner to Fundraise for Shock

Another high-profile Republican is coming to central Illinois to fundraise for U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock.

House Speaker John Boehner will attend a fundraiser on Aug. 31 at a private home in Edwards, about ten miles outside Peoria. The reception and dinner will cost $250 per person.

Other famous Republicans who have helped raise money for Schock include former President George W. Bush, former first lady Laura Bush and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Schock is running for reelection in 2012.

The 30-year-old Schock is the youngest member of Congress and has been in office since 2009.

Cash Dash Exhibit at State Fair

The state treasurer wants to get rid of one and a half billion dollars in assets, and he hopes using the State Fair will move things along.  Dan Rutherford says he'll set up a booth every day at the State Fair to help people find out if the state owes them money through Cash Dash. 

[audio:rddDash1.mp3]...as possible...[/audio]

"The state fair is a high-traffic event," says Rutherford. "It's nice having staff there to help people look up their name, help them with paper work, and we just want to make it as accessible as possible."   Rutherford says the state can't use any of the assets to pay its bills because the money doesn't belong to the state.  He says about 10 percent of people at a recent cash dash event found they had money coming to them. The Illinois State Fair runs August 12th through the 21st.

Low Enrollment at EIU Leaves Dorm Empty

When school starts at Eastern Illinois University later this month, several floors of a major campus dorm will be closed.

That's because enrollment at the campus in Charleston is down. 8 of the 17 floors at Carman Hall will be empty and kept closed.

Mark Hudson is the director of university housing. He says university officials want to use resources efficiently while enrollment is down.

So far there's no word of layoffs.

The university's freshmen enrollment dropped by approximately 200 students in fall 2010 after declining by about 100 students the year before.

At EIU, only freshmen are required to live on campus. Classes start Aug. 17.

Couple Dies as Result of Suicide Pact

A sister of a sword-wielding Florida man, who police say strangled his wife before being fatally shot by a sheriff's deputy after an Illinois car chase, believes the couple carried out a suicide pact.

Belinda VanDommelen says Bobby Curtis Jr. and Lisa Curtis long had been tormented by the 2005 death of their 17-year-old son who was killed by a car as he walked in Panama City, Fla., where the family lived.

The couple's ending July 26 came two days after they bolted from a mental-health evaluation.

VanDommelen says the couple always just wanted to be with their late son.

She says the Curtises lost their Florida construction contracting business after last year's BP oil spill devastated that region's economy.

Parents Reminded About Back-to-School Vaccinations

Illinois health and education officials are reminding parents to update their children's immunizations as they head back to school.

Most vaccines are given before a child is 2 years old. But between the ages of 4 and 6, before entering kindergarten, children are due for several booster shots.

Children between 12 and 15 years of age may need booster shots too.

Childhood vaccines prevent diseases and protect children who come into contact with unvaccinated people.

Illinois requires proof of up-to-date immunizations for children entering any grade. Required immunizations include tetanus, measles, rubella, mumps, hepatitis B and chickenpox.

Whooping Cough on the Rise in America

Whooping cough is on the rise in the U.S., so an additional booster shot of the vaccine now is recommended for older children, adolescents and adults.

Due to the increase in incidences of pertussis, or whooping cough, an additional booster vaccine now is being recommended because immunity to the disease wanes over time. Dr. Subhash (Sue-bahsh’) Chaudhary, professor of pediatrics at SIU School of Medicine in Springfield, explains why the additional dose of the vaccine is necessary.


Dr. Chaudhary says often when adolescents and young adults get whooping cough, they have a milder form of the disease. The disease may not be diagnosed and they can pass it on to infants and young children, who are affected more severely. Some infants can even die from whooping cough. He explains the new recommendation.


Dr. Chaudhary says individuals in the 11 to 64 age group should talk to their primary care physician or pediatrician about getting the whooping cough booster vaccine. If you or a family member has symptoms like a common cold, which get worse after two weeks with serious coughing and a unique high-pitch “whooping” sound, you should see your physician.

Quinn Signs Four New Healthcare Bills







Severe Weather Hits Central Illlinois

After nearly a month and a half of very little rain in the Regional Radio listening area, severe weather hit Central Illinois late Saturday afternoon, bringing with it ping pong ball size hail and high winds.


The National Weather Service at Lincoln received numerous reports of severe weather Saturday afternoon.  At 3:50, one-and-a-quarter inch hail was reported one mile northwest of Jacksonville, and at 4:08, three-quarter-inch hail with 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts were reported 2 miles east of Bloomington.  Also at 4:08 Saturday afternoon, penny to nickel-size hail was reported 2 miles west of Springfield.


At 4:25 Saturday afternoon, one to one-and-a-quarter inch hail was reported to the Weather Service one mile southwest of Loami, as well as in Mount Pulaski, where damage to cars and soybean fields were reported. 


Three-quarter-inch hail was reported in Clinton at 4:30, and 2-inch hail was reported in Mount Pulaski at 4:37.


Elkhart reported one-and-a-half-inch hail at 4:42, and one-and-a-quarter-inch hail was reported 3 miles southeast of Auburn at 4:45. And Divernon reported three-quarter-inch hail at 4:50, and Latham reported one-and-a-half-inch hail at 5:02 Saturday afternoon.


The Weather Service earlier in the day had issued a severe thunderstorm watch for the listening area; it lasted until 7 o’clock Saturday night.

State Funding To Bury Poor To Run Out

The state can't afford to cover funeral costs for the poor anymore.   The Department of Human Services says funding will run out as early as next Monday.  Phillip Moss, Clinton County Coroner and local funeral home director, says his office doesn't have a morgue and can't hold bodies until funding is restored. 

[audio:rddBury2.mp3]A Word From Moss[/audio]

DHS officials say lawmakers didn't provide enough of a budget for the funeral services to continue.  Last year it cost the state 12-point-six million dollars to bury 12-thousand people.

Mother Convicted Of Suffocating Daughter Seeking New Trial

A central Illinois woman convicted of suffocating her 3-year-old autistic daughter is seeking a new trial.

Karen McCarron of Morton is citing ineffective defense in her request for a new trial. A year ago an appeals court upheld her conviction in the 2006 death of her daughter Katie.

The latest petition was filed Wednesday in Tazewell County Court. In it, McCarron states that her defense attorney allowed perjured statements and a confession.

McCarron is serving 36 years for first-degree murder, obstruction of justice and concealment of a homicide. She is incarcerated at Dwight Correctional Center.

A hearing in the case is set for Sept. 28.

Decatur Family Pleading For Help In Finding Son's Killer

Family members are asking for help identifying the killer of a 17-year-old Decatur boy who died while trying to protect his younger sister during a robbery.

Caleb Witty's family are pleading for any information in his death.

Witty died Aug. 4 when he and his 14-year-old sister were walking home after a carnival. Two men demanded money from the girl and the boy was struck and shot with a handgun when he stood between them and his sister. The girl ran away and reported hearing a gunshot.

The boy's aunt, Diane Monroe, says somebody knows something and asks them to "please help us."

More than 300 mourners attended the boy's funeral Tuesday.

Sister of Harristown Killings Suspect Jailed

The sister of a U.S. Marine jailed in the killings of 2 central Illinois women has been arrested in connection with the killings.

Macon County First Assistant State's Attorney Jay Scott says 20-year-old Katrina Giles of Moweaqua was arrested Wednesday on preliminary charges of murder and attempted murder. Scott expects to file formal charges against Giles and her brother, 27-year-old Timothy Giles, later Thursday.

Timothy Giles faces preliminary charges of murder, attempted murder and other counts.

He is suspected of killing 57-year-old Cindanette Eaton, and her 23-year-old daughter Lindsey Eaton of Harristown on Aug 5. Casey Eaton is recovering from injuries in that attack. Casey Eaton and Timothy Giles are involved in a child custody dispute.

Encore Thrift Store Introducing Electronic Recycling

One local agency is introducing a highly anticipated program to DeWitt County.

The Human Resource Center of DeWitt County will be holding a blow out sale at their location on Route 10, east of Clinton. Deb Logan with HRC East explains the sale will allow everyone to choose from items in their 20-thousand square foot warehouse. Logan notes, part of the huge sale will be entertainment and food.

[audio:hrcrecycle1.mp3]A Word From Logan[/audio]

With Encore's warehouse sale, part of the event will be the introduction to their new electronic recycling program. Logan explains the program has received a lot of interest and she says they now have an agreement in place with Vintage Tech Recycling to become a recycling drop off location.

[audio:hrcrecycle2.mp3]A Word From Logan[/audio]

According to Logan, just about everything will be accepted for the recycling program. She speculates old TVs and computers will be the most dropped off items.

[audio:hrcrecycle3.mp3]A Word From Logan[/audio]

Things kick off at 9 am tomorrow(SAT) at the Encore Thrift Store east of Clinton on Route 10. The electronic recycling will take place until 3 pm. For more information about this service or the thrift store's sale you can contact Deb Logan at Encore at 935-7043.

Clinton's East Main Street Project Progressing Quickly

If you've made your way toward the east side of Main Street in Clinton, you will notice the construction there has been going on for some time now.

A complete reconstruct is going on from Route 54, east to Magill Street began in late July, which includes new sidewalks, new gutters and a repaving of the street. Public Works Director for the City of Clinton Steve Lobb explains work is beginning with the sidewalks then moving towards the street. He adds work is being done in a residential area, which is making things tricky because they are trying to provide residents access to their homes as best they can.

[audio:mainstreetroad1.mp3]A Word From Lobb[/audio]

The work began later than anticipated, however, Lobb says now, work is ahead of schedule, thanks in large part to the dry weather central Illinois has experienced. Being ahead of schedule and hope for a dry September has Lobb optimistic the project can be completed by the end of October.

[audio:mainstreetroad2.mp3]A Word From Lobb[/audio]

Lobb compares what the finished product could look like to the new Illini Drive in Clinton, with sidewalks on both sides, gutters and completely paved roads. He adds, since Main Street is one of the primary traveled roads in Clinton, it only made since for the City Council to approve to have construction done.

[audio:mainstreetroad3.mp3]A Word From Lobb[/audio]

Illinois Valley Paving is the contractor, they are an arm of United Contractors Midwest. The cost of the project is just under $1 million.

Dr. John Warner Hospital Beneficiary of Dr. John Warner Hospital Foundation's Devotion

The Dr. John Warner Hospital has been the beneficiary of a group aimed solely at assisting the hospital with whatever needs they may have.

The Dr. John Warner Hospital Foundation is a group of community members who voluntarily help with whatever needs the DJWH may have. According to Kim Davenport, co-chair of the DJWH Foundation, while the Foundation does all they can to help the hospital with unbudgeted needs, the Foundation is a separate entity of the hospital.

[audio:djwhfoundation1.mp3]A Word From Davenport[/audio]

Davenport's partner as co-chair, Dixie Walden was one of the founding members of the DJWH Foundation. She explains the original purpose of the foundation was to promote the hospital throughout Clinton and the surrounding area.

[audio:djwhfoundation2.mp3]A Word From Walden[/audio]

According to Walden, the Foundation for the first several years started small, but since has grown. Now the Foundation holds several fundraisers throughout the year to raise funds to support the hospital. She explains, once the hospital has gone through and budgeted and purchased the things they need most, the Foundation is then able to come in and purchase what is left of the things they did not get that are wanted or needed.

[audio:djwhfoundation3.mp3]A Word From Walden[/audio]

The DJWH Foundation's most recent contribution to the hospital was an automate CPR Unit for one of the three ambulances the hospital has. With the CPR Unit in just one of the ambulances at a time, the Foundation has made it their goal to raise $20-thousand dollars towards the purchase of two more automated CPR Units for the other two ambulances.

Cubs, Cards, Sox Win; Cards Add Lefty Rhodes

>>Cards Cut Down Brewers

(St. Louis, MO)  --  Albert Pujols went 4-for-4 with a homer and two RBI as the Cardinals cut down the Brewers, 5-2.  Pujols also scored twice, while Rafael Furcal added a solo shot to help the Cards salvage the finale of the three-game series.  Chris Carpenter tossed eight innings of two-run ball to move to 8-and-8.  Fernando Salas earned his 22nd save.  The Cardinals will open up a three-game series with the Rockies at Busch Stadium tonight.  The Cards enter tonight's tilt four games behind the Brewers in the NL Central.  Kyle Lohse will get the start on the mound for St. Louis.  Colorado will counter with Aaron Cook.  First-pitch is at 7:15 p.m.

>>Cubs Clip Nats

(Chicago, IL)  --  Aramis Ramirez and Carlos Pena clubbed back-to-back homers in the bottom of the seventh inning to lift the Cubs in a 4-3 win over the Nationals on Thursday afternoon in a makeup game from Monday's rain out.  Alfonso Soriano added an RBI triple for the Cubs, who took two-of-three at Wrigley Field.  Ryan Dempster struck out six through seven innings of one-run ball to improve to 10-and-8 on the season.  Carlos Marmol allowed a run in the ninth but held on to notch his 26th save.  The Cubs will be in Atlanta to begin a three-game series with the Braves this evening.  Carlos Zambrano will get the call on the mound for Chicago.  Atlanta will counter with Mike Minor.  First-pitch is at 6:35 p.m.

>>White Sox Roll O's

(Baltimore, MD)  --  Alexei Ramirez hit a two-run homer during a four-run first inning as the White Sox rolled the Orioles, 6-3.  Juan Pierre went 3-for-5 with two RBI and a run scored to help Chicago take three-of-four in the series.  Mark Buehrle struck out six over eight solid innings to improve to 10-and-5.  Sergio Santos closed things out to earn his 25th save.  The Royals will be in Chicago to begin a three-game series with the White Sox tonight.  Bruce Chen will get the call on the mound tonight for Kansas City.  Chicago will counter with Zach Stewart.  First-pitch is at 7:10 p.m.

San Diego Padres 3, New York Mets 2
Cincinnati Reds 2, Colorado Rockies 1
Chicago Cubs 4, Washington Nationals 3
St. Louis Cardinals 5, Milwaukee Brewers 2
Arizona Diamondbacks 8, Houston Astros 5 (10 inn)

Tampa Bay Rays 4, Kansas City Royals 1
Oakland Athletics 10, Toronto Blue Jays 3
New York Yankees 6, LA Angels of Anaheim 5
Chicago White Sox 6, Baltimore Orioles 3
Detroit Tigers 4, Cleveland Indians 3

>>Cards Add Rhodes

(St. Louis, MO)  --  The Cardinals agreed to terms with veteran lefty reliever Arthur Rhodes on Thursday.  Rhodes was put on waivers by the Rangers on Monday.  The 41-year-old Rhodes was 3-and-3 with a 4.81 ERA in 32 games with Texas this season.

NFL/NASCAR Weekend Preview

NFL Preseason
New England Patriots 47, Jacksonville Jaguars 12
Philadelphia Eagles 13, Baltimore Ravens 6
Seattle Seahawks 24, San Diego Chargers 17
Dallas Cowboys 24, Denver Broncos 23
Arizona Cardinals 24, Oakland Raiders 18

>>Bears Start Preseason Slate Saturday

(Chicago, IL)  --  The Chicago Bears 2011 season officially gets underway this weekend.  The Bears host the Buffalo Bills at Soldier Field on Saturday in both team's first preseason contest.  Chicago went 11-and-5 during the regular season last year and beat Seattle in the Divisional playoff round before falling to the eventual Super Bowl-winning Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game.

>>Rams Clash With Colts

(St. Louis, MO)  --  The Rams will clash with the Colts in the preseason opener for both teams at the Edward Jones Dome tomorrow night.  The Colts will be without star quarterback Peyton Manning, who is still recovering from neck surgery.  Kick-off tomorrow night is at 7:00 p.m.

>>Sprint Cup Series Shifts To Watkins Glen

(Watkins Glen, NY)  --  The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series shifts to Watkins Glen International for Sunday's Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips at The Glen.  Juan Pablo Montoya is this races defending champion, however Tony Stewart has dominated at Watkins Glen winning five times in the last nine years.  Watkins Glen International has hosted this race since 1986.  Watkins Glen hosted its first NASCAR race in August 1957, the sixth road-course event for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.  The pole sitter has done fairly well at Watkins Glen, winning nine of the 28 races.  Brad Keselowski won last weekend's race at Pocono with a broken left ankle.

DeWitt County Sheriff's Report for 8-12

August 11, 2011


Jail Population: 51

Summons Served: 3

Warrant Arrests: 0


Lindsay Mills, 28, Decatur, was issued citations for Operating Uninsured Vehicle and Operation of Vehicle When Registration Suspended/No Insurance. Mills was issued a Notice to Appear and released.


DeWitt County States Attorney Dick Koritz Elects Not To Run For Reelection; Karle Koritz Announces Candidacy For 2012 Election

Clinton native Karle Koritz announced his candidacy Thursday as a Republican for DeWitt County State’s Attorney. Koritz has served as an assistant state’s attorney in McLean County since 2007 where he prosecutes felony crimes.  In that time, he has taken over 50 cases to trial ranging from DUIs to Class X felonies and homicide.  Before becoming a prosecutor, Koritz was an associate attorney with a Peoria firm. 

Koritz says he has learned that success as a prosecutor requires good working relationships with the various law enforcement agencies in the county.  He has met with Clinton Police Chief Mike Reidy, DeWitt County Sheriff Jered Shofner, and leaders in the Illinois State Police District 6 and Task Force 6 to discuss issues facing DeWitt County and to determine how best to participate in a cooperative effort to combat crime locally

Koritz seeks the office which will be vacated by his father, Dick Koritz, who announced Thursday that he intends to retire at the end of his present term.  While the two have never worked together in a professional capacity, the younger Koritz believes they share the conviction that a prosecutor’s duty is to pursue what is right and just without regard for political consequences.

U of I Hires Cincinnati Athletic Director To Replace Guenther

New Illinois Athletic Director Mike Thomas says the school has strong facilities and a strong foundation for sports success.

Thomas was introduced as the new AD during a news conference Wednesday.

The 51-year-old Thomas comes to Illinois after running Cincinnati's athletics program since 2005. He hired football coach Brian Kelly, who led the team to a 34-6 record and two Big East titles before he left for Notre Dame.

Thomas will replace Ron Guenther, who retired this summer.

Among the issues facing Thomas are plans to expand Assembly Hall. Many Illinois fans have also complained about the men's basketball team's performance the past two seasons.

Football coach Ron Zook has also been getting his share of criticism because of his team's performance.

ISU Reports 56 Air Conditioning Units Stolen

Officials of Illinois State University are reporting the theft of 56 air conditioning units.

The theft, which Illinois State Police Chief Aaron Woodruff says represents a $25,000 loss, was reported earlier this week by the university's facilities management staff.

Woodruff says the missing units were among 75 used in the Cardinal Courts apartment complex, which was razed this spring.

Although deemed unusable because of their age, housing services director Maureen Blair says the units were to be turned over to the state of Illinois' Central Management System, which circulates state-owned equipment among various state agencies.

Woodruff says staff first noticed in July the units were disappearing, but thought the equipment relocation was beginning. It wasn't until all the units disappeared that their loss was reported.

Federal Agency Says Illinois Must Participate In Deportation Program

The United State Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency is compelling Illinois to share information about illegal immigrants who are involved in criminal investigations.  Fred Tsao, Policy Director of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, says the federal agency changed the policy from an agreement to a demand.

[audio:rddImm11.mp3]A Word From Tsao[/audio]

Tsao adds the program deters immigrants from reporting serious crimes within their communities.

[audio:rddImm12.mp3]A Word From Tsao[/audio]

The Quinn administration pulled out of the "Secure Communities" program earlier this year because immigrants charged with only minor crimes, or no crimes at all, were being deported.  The agreement was that only those charged with felonies would be sent back to their home countries.  The Governor's office released a statement saying they're disappointed in ICE's decision.

Maroa-Forsyth Schools Left Out From Pre-K Grant

The state of Illinois recently announced the recipients of their annual Pre-K grant, and several area schools received word they will receive that grant this year, and some other schools in the area will not.

One of the schools that has received word they will not be receiving the grant is the Maroa-Forsyth district. After 20 years of receiving the Pre-K grant, this will be the first year the school does not get it. Superintendent of Maroa-Forsyth Schools Mike Williams, says this is a big hit for the district, mainly because the district already has students enrolled in the program for the 2011-2012 school year. Williams notes despite the program not getting funded, the school district will continue to offer it to the 3 and 4 year olds.

[audio:mfprekgrant1.mp3]A Word From Williams[/audio]

The $95-thousand the program generally received went towards paying the teachers and for supplies for the program. Williams says the program has 2 full time staff members and serves approximately 40 students.

[audio:mfprekgrant2.mp3]A Word From Williams[/audio]

According to Williams, the funding for their Pre-K program is just one of several areas lately to be hit by the state. Williams explains money the district receives from the general state aid fund will not be paid in full, which will eliminate almost $75-thousand dollars the district receives.

[audio:mfprekgrant3.mp3]A Word From Williams[/audio]

The grant is annual grant that in the past has been handed out by the state, and each district had no input into the process of distribution. However, this year the grant was competitive and school's across the state were able to apply for the grant. This year the state tried to focus more on those districts with at risk kids who were in the most need of the grant.

Clinton and Blue Ridge school districts received the grant this year.

Weldon Springs Invites Residents To Park For Yearly Meteor Shower

A yearly phenomenon takes place tonight, and Weldon Springs State Park invites you out to the park to enjoy it.

The annual Perseid Meteor Shower will take place tonight, and Weldon Springs will host be hosting "A Shower of Stardust - the Annual Perseid Meteor Shower" event at 10 pm in the Meadowview Picnic Area. Carol Thompson, Natural Resources Coordinator at the park explains this is one of the largest meteor showers of the year. She notes the other one is in December.

[audio:meteorshower1.mp3]A Word From Thompson[/audio]

The meteor shower comes about as the earth travels through a stream of cosmic debris and the atmosphere incinerates tiny particles. According to Thompson, this results in 50-60 "shooting stars" per hour.

[audio:meteorshower2.mp3]A Word From Thompson[/audio]

The park will have a fire ready and will provide crackers, chocolates, and marshmallows for s'mores. The park is extending their hours for the event, however, organizers ask to continue to observe the parks quiet hours, which begin at 10 pm. Organizers also recommend to those coming out for the meteor shower to bring a blanket, bug spray and a sweatshirt.

Cubs Win; Sox and Cards Lose; Cubs Unveil Ron Santo Statue

>>Brewers Bash Cardinals

(St. Louis, MO)  --  Prince Fielder plated a pair of runs as the Brewers beat the Cardinals, 5-1.  Corey Hart also knocked in two runs for the Brewers, who have won six straight to open up a five-game lead on the Cards in the NL Central.  Randy Wolf fired eight innings of five-hit, one-run ball to improve to 9-and-8.  Albert Pujols knocked in a run in the first for St. Louis.  Jake Westbrook allowed three runs over eight innings to fall to 9-and-6.

>>Gallardo To Face Carpenter In Series Finale

(St. Louis, MO)  --  A marquee pitching matchup in on tap in tonight's finale of a three-game series between the Brewers and Cardinals.  Yovani Gallardo [[ guy-ARE-doh ]] will be on the mound for the Brewers.  The Cards will counter with Chris Carpenter.  First-pitch is 7:15 p.m.

>>Cubs Clip Nats

(Chicago, IL)  --  Alfonso Soriano homered and knocked in a pair to lead the Cubs to a 4-2 win over the Nationals.  Geovany Soto and Reed Johnson added solo homers for the Cubs, who have won eight-of-10.  Rodrigo Lopez allowed two runs, one earned, over five-and-two-thirds innings to improve to 3-and-3.  Carlos Marmol struck out the side in the ninth to notch his 25th save.  The two teams play Monday's rain out makeup game this afternoon.  Ryan Dempster gets the nod against Jordan Zimmermann in the finale.

>>O's Take Down White Sox In 10

(Baltimore, MD)  --  Nolan Reimold's two-run homer in the bottom of the 10th inning gave the Orioles a 6-4 win over the White Sox.  J.J. Hardy and Adam Jones added solo shots for the O's, who snapped a three-game slide with the win.  Juan Pierre knocked in two runs for the White Sox, who had won five straight.  Jason Frasor was charged with the loss.  Mark Buehrle will toe the rubber opposite Chris Tillman in tonight's series finale.

Philadelphia Phillies 9, Los Angeles Dodgers 8
Pittsburgh Pirates 9, San Francisco Giants 2
Atlanta Braves 6, Florida Marlins 2
San Diego Padres 9, New York Mets 5
Cincinnati Reds 3, Colorado Rockies 2
Arizona Diamondbacks 6, Houston Astros 3

New York Yankees 9, LA Angels of Anaheim 3
Cleveland Indians 10, Detroit Tigers 3
Toronto Blue Jays 8, Oakland Athletics 4
Tampa Bay Rays 8, Kansas City Royals 7
Seattle Mariners 4, Texas Rangers 3
Minnesota Twins 5, Boston Red Sox 2

>>Cubs Unveil Santo Statue Outside Of Wrigley

(Chicago, IL)  --  Ron Santo will forever be immortalized outside of Wrigley Field.  The team unveiled a statue of the former Cubs third baseman and broadcaster on the corner of Addison and Sheffield streets before the team's game against the Washington Nationals on Wednesday evening.  Santo passed away on December 3rd at the age of 70 after a battle with bladder cancer.  Santo, who was diagnosed with Type-One diabetes when he was 18, signed with the Cubs in 1959 when he was just 19-years-old.  He was named to the All-Star team nine times and won five Gold Gloves over 14 seasons on the North Side.  He joined the broadcast booth in 1990 as the Cubs color commentator for WGN radio.

CornBelters Force Extras, Can't Finish Comeback

The Normal CornBelters fell in 10 innings Wednesday night to the Traverse City Beach Bums 6-5 at the Corn Crib. The CornBelters (35-39) remain in third place in the Frontier League West Division and the Beach Bums (39-35) stay in second in the East. Normal trailed until a late run in the 8th forced the game to extra innings.. Traverse City pushed the winning run across in the 10th, as Matt Brown singled to lead off the inning against Jacob Liedka. He stole second and third, and with two outs, Jeff Flagg singled on a full count to bring Brown home. Normal put a runner on in the 10th but saw the game end on a double play.. Scott Mueller (W, 2-1) and Jacob Liedka (L, 2-3) were the pitchers of record, both out of the bullpen. Ryan Sheldon (ND) surrendered five runs on five hits and struck out three Beach Bums in seven innings pitched. Scott Dunn (ND) went 4.2 innings and gave up four earned runs. The CornBelters scored in the 1st inning without recording a hit. Alvaro Ramirez was hit by a pitch and stole second, followed by a walk to Brandon Newton. Both runners moved up on a groundout, as Steve Alexander then drove in Ramirez with another groundout. Normal added on in the 2nd when a single and throwing error allowed Mike Mobbs to reach second base with nobody out. Mark Samuelson picked up an RBI single to bring Mobbs around for a 2-0 CornBelters lead. Traverse City was hitless against Ryan Sheldon until a productive 4th inning. Brown lined a leadoff single to right, and was chased home on a two-run homer from Jose Vargas to even the score 2-2. Flagg and Chase Burch each singled to set up a ground-rule double from Greg Burns that gave the Beach Bums a 3-2 edge. A sacrifice fly from Tom Zebroski scored Burch, and an infield error allowed Burns to score making it 5-2. Frank Martinez brought the Belters closer in the 5th with a two-run home run after a single from Ramirez. Another Normal hit and walk forced Scott Dunn out of the ballgame. Jeff Cinadr entered from the bullpen and stranded both baserunners to end the frame. It wasn't until the 8th inning that another came across for Normal to tie the game. Daniel Cox reached on a hit-by-pitch, as Samuelson singled to move Cox to third. Ramirez chopped a ball up the middle that was fielded but the forceout was not made at second base, allowing Cox to score. The teams wrap up the series at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Corn Crib, as Bryan Banes (8-1, 2.60) starts for the Beach Bums against Normal's Matt Mossey (1-0, 3.86).

DeWitt County Sheriff's Report for 8-11

August 10, 2011


Jail Population: 48

Summons Served: 0

Warrant Arrests: 1

Robert Layton, 21, Creve Coeur, was arrested on a DeWitt County Warrant charging him with Theft/Unauthd Con/ Under $500 and Knowlingly Damage Prop<$300. Layton remains lodged in the DeWitt County Jail.


Gerald Kanta, 59, Weldon, was arrested and charged with Domestic Battery. Kanta remains lodged in the DeWitt County Jail.


Tony Jennings, 51, Decatur, was issued a citation for Operating Uninsured Vehicle. Jennings was issued a Notice to Appear and released.



State Farm To Monitor Driving Habits

 Drivers insured by State Farm are going to be under a little more scrutiny, but that may not be bad news.  The insurance company says it plans to monitor the habits its drivers.  Those who are considered safe will get a break on their rates while those who aren't so safe will see an increase in theirs.  Drivers can choose to participate in program which will start in September.

Meijer Working To Help Food Banks

Meijer is working to restock the shelves of local food banks in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Kentucky.  Spokesman David Peterson says the "Simply Give" program keeps the food aid local.

[audio:rdd0810Peterson1.mp3]A Word From Peterson[/audio]

The grocery chain is asking shoppers to purchase a ten-dollar Meijer Food Pantry Donation Card which is then converted to a gift card and given to a local food pantry selected by the store.  The program began in 2008 and the spring campaign put Meijer over two-million-dollars to date in donations to food banks.  Peterson said each ten-dollar card can buy about a bag's worth of groceries for the needy.

Extreme Heat, Wet Weather Affecting Crop

Illinois farmers say the rainy and hot weather extremes this summer have affected their crops.

Emerson Nafziger is a crop production specialist at the University of Illinois. He says crop yield will vary widely across Illinois. He cited varying weather, from 19 inches of rain in Galena to dry weather in central Illinois.

Farming experts say hot weather in parts of Illinois have hurt the corn crop, while inches and inches of rain in other areas could mean near-record yields.

Union County farmer Mark Eddleman says late-planted corn and soybeans need rain and cooler weather to be successful.

Peoria County Farm Bureau manager Patrick Kirchhofer says July's high temperatures took a toll on corn, likely reducing yields. Peoria County corn yields are forecast at 150 to 180 bushels an acre.

Gas Saving Tips



[audio:gassave1.mp3]A Word From Sweedler[/audio]


[audio:gassave2.mp3]A Word From Sweedler[/audio]


Volatile Stock Market Causes Uncertainty In Illinois

Illinois financial officials say the U.S. credit-rating downgrade could mean lower investment returns and higher interest rates.

State Treasurer Dan Rutherford says investors were buying U.S. Treasury bonds Monday after Standard & Poor's declared the nation a higher risk for paying off its bills.

That drove down interest rates, part of Illinois' investment portfolio is in U.S. Treasury bonds. Rutherford says the downgrade will mean a lower return for Illinois.

Kelly Kraft is budget spokeswoman for Gov. Pat Quinn. She says it's possible the state could pay more interest on money it borrows this summer. But the state won't sell more bonds until September.

Kraft says that gives the market time to recover.

Clinton High School Golf Tryouts Meeting Tonight, Tryouts Tomorrow

The Clinton Maroons golf team will be holding a sign-up meeting for all parents and golfers on Wednesday, August 10 at 6:00pm in the high school auditorium.  All those interested in trying out for the CHS golf team will need to attend and bring their physical documentation. 
Tryouts will be held at the Clinton Country Club on Thursday morning (8/11) at 6:45am and Friday afternoon (8/12) at 3:30pm.  Golfers will be walking 9 holes each of those days.  Please dress appropriately and bring plenty of water.  If you have any questions call Randy Workman at 217-433-2171 or Clint Lichtenwalter at 217-620-6608.

Scovill Zoo Seeking 3rd AZA Membership

The Scovill Zoo in Decatur is going through a process they only have to do every 5 years right now.

The Decatur based zoo is currently working on getting their membership with the AZA, or Association for Zoos and Aquariums. Ken Fry, the Associate Director at Scovill Zoo explains the AZA, which inspects the zoo and the care of the animals and the property as well, sets a high standard to be a part of their association. He says being a part of it means you are doing things the way the best Zoos do things.

[audio:scovillaza1.mp3]A Word From Fry[/audio]

Fry says the inspections the AZA has each individual zoo allow for site supervisors to finish uncompleted projects that have been on hold. He also says it is a good opportunity for them to get a second opinion on some of the exhibits in the zoo.

[audio:scovillaza2.mp3]A Word From Fry[/audio]

Staff members from the Zoo will be attending a conference in Atlanta, Georgia to meet with the AZA and hope to get their membership renewed. Fry says the conference is a week long conference in early September.

[audio:scovillaza3.mp3]A Word From Fry[/audio]

Scovill Zoo has been a member of the Association for Zoos and Aquariums for 10 years now, or two 5-year memberships, and hope to receive their 3rd. Fry says the zoo only received one recommendation to upgrade their facility. He adds that upgrade is in the process of being completed, and should not be an issue come time for their visit with the AZA.

Clinton City Council Faces Tough Decision on Kleemann Drive Project Future

The project on Kleemann Drive the Clinton City Council recently decided to move forward on may be taking a step backwards.

The Clinton City Council recently made the decision to take advantage of $1.5-million dollars made available through the Illinois Department of Transportation. In July, the Council faced the decision to move forward with approving the project or losing the $1.5 million dollars reserved by the state of Illinois. Now the Council faces a bigger dilemma with the project. City Administrator for the City of Clinton Tim Followell explains the estimates came back from the Farnsworth Group for the project, and they are significantly higher than what was anticipated.

[audio:kleemandriveupdate1.mp3]A Word From Followell[/audio]

The project came about in a very short time. Followell explains the cost estimate the city had before is now quite a bit higher than what they were anticipating the inflation on the cost would be when they approved the project.

[audio:kleemandriveupdate2.mp3]A Word From Followell[/audio]

The city has tabled discussion regarding moving forward with the project to their next meeting, Monday August 15. Followell says the discussion will center around whether the city can afford approximately $1-million dollars to continue with the project.

[audio:kleemandriveupdate3.mp3]A Word From Followell[/audio]

Followell says the discussion is going to be a tough decision because the council will then lose $1.5 million dollars designated by the state, however, he says the opportunity for the state to fund a project like this does not come around very often.

Followell says while the commissioners are elected to make decisions on behalf of the citizens of Clinton, however, he encourages residents to talk with their elected officials and give their input on the future of the project because he believes this is going to be a tough decision for them.

CornBelters Open Homestand With Win

The Normal CornBelters (35-38) topped the Traverse City Beach Bums (38-35) 5-2 Tuesday Night at the Corn Crib.  Normal takes the first game of their six-game home stand as they head into the final push of the season.

Steve Alexander gave the CornBelters the lead in the 2nd with towering home run over the left field wall to put Normal up 1-0.
Neither team scored again until the 5th inning as the CornBelters extended their lead.  After a double by Mike Mobbs and a Daniel Cox single, Andrew Barbaro sent a long ball over the left-center field wall for a three-run homerun to give Normal a 4-0 lead.

Traverse City finally got on the board in the 7th.  With two out and the bases loaded, Greg Burns launched a ground-rule double over the left-center field wall scoring Jeff Flagg and Tom Zebroski bringing the Beach Bums two runs closer 4-2.

Normal added some insurance in the 8th as Mobbs hit an RBI double with two outs.  The two-bagger scored Frank Martinez putting the CornBelters ahead 5-2.

Bobby Pritchett (W, 7-3) worked 6 2/3 innings giving up two earned runs on four hits and striking out seven.  The CornBelter starter did not allow a hit until the 5th inning.  Beach Bum starter David Deminsky (L, 4-3) pitching five innings of baseball giving up four runs, all earned, on four hits.  Marshall Schuler picked up his eighth save of the year after going one and two-thirds innings, giving up only one hit, and stranding the bases loaded in the 8th.

The series will continue Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Corn Crib as Ryan Sheldon (8-5, 2.65) will throw for Normal and Scott Dunn (5-3, 2.22) takes the mound for Traverse City.

Sox Win; Cards Fall Farther Back From Brewers; Cubs Lose

>>White Sox Edge Baltimore

(Baltimore, MD)  --  Chicago jumped out to a four-run lead and held on late for a 4-3 victory over the Orioles.  Carlos Quentin and Brent Morel each blasted solo homers as the White Sox took their fifth straight game.  Gavin Floyd picked up the victory, going six-and-two-thirds and surrendering three runs, while Sergio Santos recorded his 24th save.  Philip Humber gets the nod against Tommy Hunter in tonight's third installment.

>>Brewers Edge Cards In Extras

(St. Louis, MO)  --  Casey McGehee doubled in the go-ahead run in the 10th inning to help Milwaukee widen its lead atop the NL Central with a 5-3 victory over St. Louis.  Yuniesky Betancourt added an insurance run with a sac-fly for the Brewers, who have taken five straight and 12-of-13 overall to move four games up on the Cardinals.  David Freese was 2-for-5 with an RBI for the Cardinals, while Octavio Dotel absorbed the loss.  Kyle Lohse takes the hill tonight for the Cards opposite Randy Wolf.

>>Wang Pitches Nats Past Cubs

(Chicago, IL)  --  Chien-Ming Wang took a no-hitter in to the sixth as the Nationals topped Chicago, 3-1.  Starlin Castro hit a solo homer for the Cubs, who have lost two straight after a seven-game winning streak.  Matt Garza gave up three runs in his six frames of work to absorb the loss.  Rodrigo Lopez was bumped back a day due to the rainout and will be on the bump opposite Ross Detwiler in tonight's second installment.  Meanwhile, Ryan Dempster is slated to start Thursday's makeup game.

Atlanta Braves 4, Florida Marlins 3 (11 inn)
New York Mets 5, San Diego Padres 4
Colorado Rockies 3, Cincinnati Reds 2
Arizona Diamondbacks 11, Houston Astros 9
Philadelphia Phillies 2, Los Angeles Dodgers 1
San Francisco Giants 6, Pittsburgh Pirates 0

LA Angels of Anaheim 6, New York Yankees 4
Cleveland Indians 3, Detroit Tigers 2 (14 inn)
Oakland Athletics 4, Toronto Blue Jays 1
Tampa Bay Rays 4, Kansas City Royals 0
Texas Rangers 7, Seattle Mariners 6
Boston Red Sox 4, Minnesota Twins 3

NFL Notes: Rams Make Moves; Former Illini/Colt CB Hayden Visits Bears Camp

>>Rams Add CB Help In McGee

(Earth City, MO)  --  The St. Louis Rams have brought in cornerback Jeremy McGee, who was with the Jets camp earlier this offseason.  The corner out of Mississippi had 33 tackles and an interception last season as a Rebel.  Tight end Demarco Cosby, who signed yesterday, was also on the field for the Rams.

>>Report: Hayden Visits Bears

(Bourbonnais, IL)  --  Free agent cornerback Kelvin Hayden reportedly visited the Chicago Bears on Monday.  Hayden, who is a Chicago native, was released by the Indianapolis Colts on July 31st.  A 2005 second round draft choice out of the University of Illinois, Hayden is best remembered for sealing the Colts victory over the Bears in the Super Bowl when he intercepted quarterback Rex Grossman in the fourth quarter and returned it for a touchdown.  The cornerback started 11 games for Indianapolis last season, but finished the year on injured reserve with a neck injury.

>>NFL Implements Game-Day Testing For Steroids

(Undated)  --  The NFL will now drug test for steroids on game days.  According to league officials, the testing will begin with the first week of the season, as agreed to under the league's new collective bargaining agreement.  Adolpho Birch, the NFL's senior vice president of law and labor policy, said the league will use the game-day testing only for performance-enhancers and not for recreational drugs like cocaine and marijuana.  The new 10-year CBA that was hammered out during the NFL's more than four-month lockout includes blood testing for human growth hormone, the first such test in any of the country's major sports.  The NFL is consulting with the World Anti-Doping Agency, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency and other groups about its implementation of HGH testing.  The process of selecting players for tests will be random.

Ex-Illini Richmond Charged

>>Report: Ex-Illini Richmond Charged

(Undtaed)  --  Former University of Illinois basketball standout Jereme Richmond was charged on Tuesday with allegedly beating a woman and threatening her with a gun, according to the "Daily Herald."  The 19-year-old Richmond, who left Illinois after one season for the NBA but went undrafted in June, was arrested with another man outside the victim's house in North Chicago after police found a loaded handgun in the car the men had been driving.

DeWitt County Sheriff's Report for 8-10

August 9, 2011


Jail Population: 52

Summons Served: 1

Warrant Arrests: 1

Bobbie Dupin, 28, Heyworth, was arrested on a DeWitt County Warrant charging him with Battery/Makes Physical Contact, Possession/Consume Liquor by Minor and Failure to Appear. Dupin posted the necessary bond and was released.


Sara Schlesinger, 33, Clinton, was issued a citation for Speeding (77 mph in a 55 mph zone). Schlesinger posted her Illinois Drivers License as bond and was released.


Jennifer Benton, 33, Springfield, was issued a citation for Speeding (77 mph in a 55 mph zone). Benton posted her Illinois Drivers License as bond and was released.


Bev Clymer, 34, Clinton, was issued a citation for Operating Uninsured Vehicle. Clymer posted her Illinois Drivers Licenses as bond and was released.


Illinois To Begin Seizing Abandoned Cash After 1 Year

 Forgotten bank accounts could be put to work for taxpayers much more quickly under a new Illinois law.

The measure says the state can take control of abandoned funds after just one year instead of 5 years. The rightful owners can claim the money if they ever show up, but Illinois will get to collect interest on the funds.

Gov. Quinn signed the law Monday.

Abandoned accounts, stocks, items in safe-deposit boxes and other unclaimed property are turned over to the state treasurer when the owners can't be found. Money is invested, while items are held and eventually auctioned off.

U of I Researching Stress on Firefighters

Researchers at the University of Illinois say they're learning more about the toll the high stress work of firefighting can take on the human heart.

In a study published in the journal Vascular Medicine, researchers say three hours of firefighting stiffens arteries in even young firefighters.

Researchers Gavin Horn of the Illinois Fires Service Institute and kinesiology professor Bo Fernhall found that the damage was likely the result of a combination of stresses.

A 2007 study conducted at Harvard University found that firefighters are up to 100 times more at risk for a heart attack when they are fighting a fire than when they're not.

Fernhall says researchers will look at whether firefighters can take baby aspirin before emergency calls to lower their risk.

Proposed Medicaid Cuts Sit Poorly With State's Pharmacies

Some state pharmacists are rethinking their business models after proposed reimbursement cuts for Medicaid prescriptions.  David Vite, with the Illinois Retail Merchants Association, says the cuts could cause some of the pharmacies to stop doing business with Medicaid altogether.

[audio:rddPharm1.mp3]A Word From Vite[/audio]

Vite says pharmacies are mulling over statewide layoffs and reductions in store hours if the cuts go through. Lawmakers are expected to deal with the issue in October when they return to Springfield.  The proposed rate changes are expected to save the state 42-million dollars a year.

Legislative Scholarship Prompts Federal Investigation

One former state representative is under investigation for abusing the legislative scholarship program.  Robert Molaro allegedly gave the tuition waivers to the children of a man who contributed to his campaign.  State senator Larry Bomke says efforts to eliminate the tuition waivers have failed in the past. 

[audio:rddSchol2.mp3]A Word From the Senator[/audio]

Sen. Bomke hasn't given a scholarship out in two years because he says the universities don't get reimbursed by the state.

[audio:rddSchol2.mp3]A Word From the Senator[/audio]

Bomke says if the scholarship program is not eliminated, more criteria should be established on how it's administered.

Peorians Dead Killed When Motorcycle Hit By SUV

Two Peoria residents are dead after their motorcycle was struck by an SUV while stopped at a stop light.

Peoria County Coroner Johnna Ingersoll says Rachel and Korey Korenchuk were killed early Sunday.

The SUV slammed into the Korenchuks' motorcycle from behind and pushed the motorcycle into a smaller SUV that was stopped in front of them. Authorities say neither Korenchuk was wearing a helmet.

Police say the SUV's 29-year-old driver has been charged with reckless homicide, driving under the influence and other traffic violations. Authorities say the driver of the smaller SUV also was arrested on a DUI charge.

Macon County Sheriff's Department Investigating Death in Macon

The Macon County Sheriff’s office, under sheriff, Thomas P. Scneider, along with the Macon County coroner, Michael E. Day, are currently investigating a death at a rural Macon residence Saturday evening.

According to a release from the Macon County Sheriff’s Office, 28 year-old Clinton D. Spiker of Macon was found in a shallow pond at a rural residence near Macon on Saturday evening, shortly after 5:00 p.m.

Spiker was pronounced dead by the Macon County Coroner’s Office Saturday night with an autopsy scheduled for Monday. 

The case remains under investigation of the Macon County Sheriff’s Office.

Weekly Crop Report



[audio:crop.mp3]A Word From Schwab[/audio]



Social Security Offices Throughout Country Cutting Hours

Your local Social Security office will be enforcing different hours starting August 15.

Social Security saw some changes in their fiscal year budget for 2012, and part of those changes will be new hours at their offices throughout the country. Jack Meyers, Public Affairs Specialist with Social Security says the reduction in ours will only be 30-minutes per day. Offices throughout the nation have traditionally closed at 5 pm, but they will now close at 4:30.

[audio:ssofficesclosingearly.mp3]A Word From Meyers[/audio]

According to Meyers, employees of Social Security continue working beyond when the doors close to the public. He says the goal of closing early is to avoid overtime work and to allow for all employees' tasks to be completed by 5 pm.

[audio:ssofficesclosingearly2.mp3]A Word From Meyers[/audio]

Meyers says many of the services provided in the individual offices are available online. He says the convenience factor of having those same services offered online save someone time and money in visiting the social security website.

[audio:ssofficesclosingearly3.mp3]A Word From Meyers[/audio]

Again the hours of operation changes for your local Social Security office will begin Monday August 15. Meyers encourages those who utilize their social security benefits to visit socialsecurity.gov to view the many things you can do from their website.

Dove Inc Seeking Volunteers

One local agency is seeking the help of volunteers.

DOVE Incorporated is seeking the help of volunteers in DeWitt County. Domestic Violence Program Coordinator Cathy Briggs indicates, as of right now, she is the only member of their staff, which is where the efforts they receive from volunteers is heavily relied on.

[audio:dovevolunteers1.mp3]A Word From Briggs[/audio]

Despite being the only person on staff, Briggs says she will never turn anyone away that needs help. She says she will make herself as available as possible. She stresses the safety of those in the community is her top priority and tries to do everything she can to be there for those in need.

[audio:dovevolunteers2.mp3]A Word From Briggs[/audio]

DOVE in DeWitt County is currently seeking the help of volunteers. Briggs notes being a volunteer with DOVE is a unique situation because of the regulations associated with domestic violence. Volunteers must go through strenuous training. She feels that is why they do not currently have any volunteers in DeWitt County.

[audio:dovevolunteers3.mp3]A Word From Briggs[/audio]

The training sessions this year will be a little different this year. Briggs says in past years the training sessions have been broken up into different weekends, this year it will be a week long training session for 8-hours a day. She feels this will be much better for interested in volunteering. The training session this year will be September 12-16.

For more information about being a volunteer for DOVE, their upcoming training, or any of their services, you can contact Cathy Briggs at 935-6619.

DeWitt County's HRC Thinking Outside The Box When Looking To Extend Services

With several agencies throughout the state and country seeing their finances being cut or even eliminated, one local agency is thinking outside the box to continue to keep their doors open and offer their programs and services.

The Human Resource Center of DeWitt County has recently established a short term budget. Executive Director at HRC of DeWitt County, Roger Larson says right now is an interesting time for HRC because of only a 4-month contract they have with the state.

[audio:hrcnetwork1.mp3]A Word From Larson[/audio]

The lack of funding will allow for Larson to try to accomplish something he has hoped to do for a while now. His goal is to reach out to other communities and their organizations to try to reach out to the county in different ways. He says HRC receives money from DeWitt County, not just Clinton, so he feels they need to be more involved in the county.

[audio:hrcnetwork2.mp3]A Word From Larson[/audio]

According to Larson, he would like to see HRC have more of a presence in the county. He says he would like to see HRC become more involved in bringing organizations together. He says this one aspect of HRC he feels is underutilized.

[audio:hrcnetwork3.mp3]A Word From Larson[/audio]

Rogers says people tend to think mental health, substance abuse and developmental disability services, however, he feels like they have the personnel with the skills to extend their services to the community.

Sox Win; Cubs Washed Out; Cards In Milwaukee Against Division Leader Milwaukee & More

>>Cubs Postponed

(Chicago, IL)  --  Monday's game between the Washington Nationals and Chicago Cubs was postponed due to rain and the forecast of wet weather throughout the night.  The game is rescheduled for Thursday at 2:20 p.m. Eastern.  Matt Garza was scheduled to toe the rubber for the Cubs.

>>Cards Back In Action

(St. Louis, MO)  --  The St. Louis Cardinals kick off a three-game series against the Milwaukee Brewers this evening at Busch Stadium.  Edwin Jackson gets the nod opposite Shaun Marcum in the opener.  Milwaukee holds a three-game lead over the Cards atop the NL Central standings.

>>ChiSox Hold Off Birds

(Baltimore, MD)  --  A.J. Pierzynski and Gordon Beckham homered and the White Sox held on for a 7-6 victory over Baltimore.  Pierzynski plated three runs while Beckham drove in a pair as Chicago won its fourth straight.  Jesse Crain gave up the lead in the seventh, but held on for the victory while Sergio Santos picked up his 23rd save.  Gavin Floyd gets the nod against Jo-Jo Reyes in tonight's second installment.

Atlanta Braves 8, Florida Marlins 5
New York Mets 9, San Diego Padres 8
Colorado Rockies 10, Cincinnati Reds 7
Houston Astros 9, Arizona Diamondbacks 1
Philadelphia Phillies 5, Los Angeles Dodgers 3
Pittsburgh Pirates 5, San Francisco Giants 0

Boston Red Sox 8, Minnesota Twins 6
Tampa Bay Rays 2, Kansas City Royals 1
Texas Rangers 9, Seattle Mariners 2

>>High School Sports Season Starts This Week

(Springfield, IL)  --  The 2011 high school football season is just around the corner.  The first official day of practice is tomorrow, according to the Illinois High School Association calendar. The first games are played Friday, August 26th.  All other fall sports can also begin practice on Wednesday like girls volleyball, boys and girls golf, cross country and boys soccer.  But all of them will have new safety measures to keep in mind, with the concussion regulations in place for student athletes.

>>Illinois Product Tears Achilles

(Allen Park, MI)  --  Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz announced that rookie running back Mikel Leshoure is out for the season after tearing his Achilles in practice on Monday.  The Lions selected Leshoure in the second round, 57th overall, out of the University of Illinois in April's draft.  Leshoure ran for 2,557 yards and 23 touchdowns while starting 17 of 33 games for the Illini.  He also caught 37 passes for 439 yards and five scores.

DeWitt County Sheriff's Report for 8-9


August 8, 2011


Jail Population: 55

Summons Served: 2

Warrant Arrests: 0



Ice Cream Makers Try To Eat High Ingredient Costs

Ice cream makers are paying more for dairy products and sugar, but with the economy dragging, many say they can't pass along the costs to customers.

While milk prices have spiked almost 40% in the past year, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says the cost of ice cream is up just 7%. Milk prices have been driven up by factors such as overseas demand and a weak dollar.

Jim Capannari owns Capannari Ice Cream in the Chicago suburb of Mount Prospect. He raised the price of a cone by a dime early this year but won't go any higher.

Ice cream buyers like Lana Bradley of Champaign, Ill., say they're shopping for bargains. She says any increase would probably keep ice cream off her grocery list.

Quinn Blocks Law Allowing People Collect Roadkill

Forget about squirrel stew or a nice coyote-fur coat. Gov. Pat Quinn has vetoed legislation letting people collect animals killed along Illinois roads.

In his veto message Friday, Quinn said he was worried about the safety of drivers who stop to pick up roadkill. He encouraged lawmakers to come up with a version that includes safety measures.

The legislation said that if people have the proper permits and licenses, they could collect any furbearing mammal found during the appropriate hunting season.

People could do whatever they please with the carcasses, whether it's skin them for their hides or add them to a rustic stew.

Even without the legislation, people are allowed to collect deer killed by vehicles.

Father of Eloctrocuted Girl Filing Suit

The father of a northwestern Illinois girl who was electrocuted while removing tassels from corn has filed a wrongful death suit against Monsanto Corp.

Hannah Kendall and Jade Garza, both 14 years old and from Sterling, were killed July 25 when they came into contact with a field irrigator while working near Tampico.

About 72 people were de-tasseling corn for St. Louis-based Monsanto at the time.

In a lawsuit filed this week, Kendall's father, Brian, says Monsanto knew about problems with the field's irrigation equipment and did nothing to fix them.

In a statement, Monsanto denied those claims, saying crews wouldn't have been allowed to work in the cornfield if the company knew there was an electrical hazard.

Brian Kendall's suit also names the cornfield's owners and an electric company.

Return of Tractors Puts Farm Back in State Fair

The return of the tractors puts the farm back in the Illinois State Fair.

The fair runs from Aug. 12-21 in Springfield. Hulking implements will be on display for the first time in several years thanks to Riverton-area farmer Allen Entwistle. He convinced nearby implement dealers to bring their wares back.

The 159th festival will also feature livestock shows, carnival rides, music, dance and exotic food at a price that fair manager Amy Bliefnick (BLEEF'-nik) says won't "break the bank."

New this year are cooking demonstrations by local chefs who will use only locally grown produce. Agriculture Director Tom Jennings says there will be free samples.

And fairgoers will be able to pick up a two-for-one coupon to visit downtown Springfield's Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum.

Head Start Seeking Applicants

DeWitt County expecting mothers and parents with children ages 3-5 have the opportunity for their kids to be a part of a program aimed at preparing their kids for grade school.

Community Action's Head Start and Early Head Start programs in DeWitt County are currently accepting applications for children into the program. Ashley Doyle with Community Action Partnership of Central Illinois says because the program is federally funded, the program is free to those who meet the income requirements. She adds transportation is included for the program and for the Early Head Start Program, it is a home based program.

[audio:headstart1.mp3]A Word From Doyle[/audio]

Doyle explains the program tries to keep the kids active through the day. She says they take part in many activities throughout the day. She compares a Head Start classroom to a preschool setting.

[audio:headstart2.mp3]A Word From Doyle[/audio]

The program also aims to teach the kids responsible habits. Doyle explains the kids do things such as brush their teeth after they have ate. She adds, they also eat lunch with them, and feed them healthy foods.

[audio:headstart3.mp3]A Word From Doyle[/audio]

Community Action Head Start is a federally funded preschool program that serves income-eligible families and children with disabilities between the ages of 3 and 5 years. The agency also offers Early Head Start services to pregnant women and children through age 3. For more information, visit www.capcil.org or you can call 217-732-2159.

Central Illinois Mother and Daughter Found Dead After Being Shot, Stabbed

Authorities say a central Illinois mother and daughter found dead in their home suffered gunshots and multiple stab wounds.

Macon County Coroner Michael Day says 57-year-old Cindanette Eaton died of gunshot trauma to her head and multiple stab wounds.

Her 23-year-old daughter, Lindsey Eaton, died of massive hemorrhage from multiple stab wounds.

The women were found early Friday in their Harristown home.

Cindanette Eaton's 27-year-old daughter, Casey Eaton, was wounded. She is hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.

Authorities have arrested 27-year-old Timothy R. Giles. He's being held at the Macon County Jail on a $2 million bond on preliminary charges of murder, attempted murder, domestic battery, aggravated battery and home invasion.

It's unclear when Giles will next appear in court.

Rep. Bill Mitchell Reacts To Illinois Cares Rx Cuts

The state's budget continues to be a hot button issue throughout the state.

Illinois recently cut over 30-thousand senior citizens from it's Illinois Cares Rx program, which provides low to moderate income seniors assistance paying for their prescription drugs. Earlier last week, Governor Pat Quinn signed the "Dream Act" into effect which creates a privately funded college scholarship for the children of illegal immigrants. Illinois Representative Bill Mitchell believes it is an outrage the state will take money away from tax-paying low income senior citizens to pay into a fund for those who have never paid taxes.

[audio:programreaction1.mp3]A Word From Rep. Mitchell[/audio]

Governor Quinn's legislation is aimed to give everyone opportunities and not leave anyone out. Rep. Mitchell says by cutting the 30-thousand senior citizens from Illinois Cares Rx, he is leaving the senior citizens of Illinois out.

[audio:programreaction2.mp3]A Word From Rep. Mitchell[/audio]

With the financial situation of Illinois, which has the worst financial deficit of the 50 states, Mitchell believes now is not the time to be cutting programs to the citizens of Illinois and the US, and giving out money to children of illegal immigrants.

[audio:programreaction3.mp3]A Word From Rep. Mitchell[/audio]

Mitchell believes the Chicago Democrats only care about power and increasing that power. He says legislation like the "Dream Act" is an example of how they will try to bring people in to keep their majority and keep themselves in office.

The new law was one of Governor Quinn’s top priorities during the spring legislative session. The Governor believes it will ensure that Illinois continues to lead the nation in increasing access to top-quality education.

DeWitt County Development Council Sees Continued Success

New and existing businesses in DeWitt County are able to apply for some assistance from the federal government through the DeWitt County Development Council.

Ruth Stauffer, Director of the DCDC, explains they received a grant from the USDA's Rural Development program.  She says the 100-thousand dollar grant is aimed at providing low interest loans to help DeWitt County local entrepreneurs looking at starting up a business. Stauffer explains the loan is a revolving loan.

[audio:revolvingloan1.mp3]A Word From Stauffer[/audio]

With the economy in the shape it is right now, entrepreneurs are struggling to find funding. The revolving loan fund is aimed to help local entrepreneurs get that funding they are looking for. Stauffer says the interest in the loan is high, however, getting a business plan together and getting it off the ground takes a long time.

[audio:revolvingloan2.mp3]A Word From Stauffer[/audio]

Rich Roth has opened up a ServPro franchise in Clinton, and he is the first successful applicant of the revolving loan fund. Roth explains when wanting to open his business, he was having a hard time getting funding. Roth said besides being personally debt free and with the feeling he would be a great asset to a bank, he still could not get enough funding. He then turned to Stauffer at the DCDC to help finish the process.

[audio:revolvingloan3.mp3]A Word From Roth[/audio]

Roth says he was the "crash test dummy" for the DCDC because neither party had been through the process before. Stauffer says eventually the DCDC would like to find Angel investors and venture capitalists to invest in local entrepreneurs. Stauffer notes the DCDC has been aiding several other area businesses in getting started recently as well.

For more information about the DeWitt County Development Council or their revolving loan fund, you can contact Ruth Stauffer at 935-0500.

CornBelters Blow Lead, Game

For the second straight night, the Normal CornBelters could not hold a large lead and concluded a six-game road trip with a 9-7 loss to the Rockford RiverHawks on Sunday afternoon at Road Ranger Stadium in Loves Park, Illinois.

The CornBelters jumped on Rockford starter Matt Smith quickly with six runs on six hits, including three home runs.  All of the offense came without the manager's presence, however, as CornBelters skipper Hal Lanier was ejected after the game's third pitch by plate umpire Dave Condon, who ruled Alvaro Ramirez had not been hit by a pitch.  Ramirez eventually walked, then scored on the second home run of the season by Brandon Newton.  With one out, Steve Alexander hit his 17th home run, and his first since July 18, to increase the lead to 3-0.  Asif Shah then singled followed by a two-out base hit by Mark Samuelson, and Daniel Cox belted his second three-run homer in as many nights to complete the scoring, as the CornBelters led 6-0 after only a half-inning.

The Belters added a run in the third when Asif Shah led off with a walk and was doubled home with two outs by Daniel Cox, increasing his RBI total for the series to nine and the lead to 7-0.

The RiverHawks took advantage of some wildness to score three runs in the sixth inning.  David Cooper was hit by a pitch to lead off, then with two outs, three walks and a single plus a passed ball scored three runs to end the night for Belters starter Tyler Lavigne.  Reliever Jacob Liedka recorded a strikeout to end the threat with the bases loaded and preserve a 7-3 lead for the CornBelters.

The RiverHawks capitalized on the ineffective CornBelters bullpen in the seventh with five runs to take an 8-7 lead.  David Cooper hit a one-out double followed by a Jake Eigsti walk, with a three-run homer by Jason James clearing the bases.  With two outs, Liedka's night ended after giving back-to-back singles, but Carlos Dominguez greeted reliever Ben Paxton with a double under the left field fence to give the RiverHawks their first lead.

Rockford increased the lead to 9-7 after two were out in the ninth.  Reliever Marshall Schuler walked Jake Eigsti, who went to third on a Jason James single and scored on a ground ball by Jason Greener that trickled up the third base line and stayed fair.

Joey Gradney (1-1) earned the win in a six-inning relief appearance.  Brett Durand pitched a perfect night for his 16th save.  Jacob Liedka (2-2) took the loss.

The CornBelters take their first day off in 24 days on Monday before beginning a six-game homestand on Tuesday at 7 p.m., beginning with the Traverse City Beach Bums.

Sox; Cards Win, Cubs Lose

>>Peavy, Sox Blank Twins

(Minneapolis, MN)  --  Jake Peavy was brilliant, tossing eight innings of three-hit ball with six strikeouts as the White Sox shutout the Twins, 7-0.  Brent Lillibridge, Paul Konerko, and Alex Rios all hit solo homers for the Sox, who swept the three-game set.  Alexei Ramirez added a two-run shot in the win.  John Danks toes the rubber tonight for Chicago, which begins a four-game road set against the Orioles.

>>Cards Complete Sweep Of Marlins

(Miami, FL)  --  Matt Holliday had two hits and three RBI as the Cardinals completed a four-game sweep of the Marlins with an 8-4 win.  Albert Pujols slugged a solo homer and Jon Jay plated a pair in the victory.  Mitchell Boggs was credited with his second win.  St. Louis returns home to open up a three-game set with the division-leading Milwaukee Brewers tomorrow night.  Edwin Jackson will take the hill against Shaun Marcum in the opener.  The Cards enter the series three games back of the Brew Crew.

>>Reds Cool Off Cubs

(Chicago, IL)  --  Ryan Hanigan singled in the go-ahead run in the top of the eighth as the Reds cooled off the Cubs with an 8-7 victory.  Todd Frazier hit a two-run homer and drove in three to help Cincinnati salvage the finale of the three-game set.  Nick Masset got the win and Francisco Cordero earned his 20th save.  Blake DeWitt drilled a two-run homer for the Cubs, who had their season-high winning streak stopped at seven.  Sean Marshall took the loss.  The Cubs have Matt Garza on the hill tonight as Chicago starts a three-game series with the Nationals.

Atlanta Braves 6, New York Mets 5
San Diego Padres 7, Pittsburgh Pirates 3
Milwaukee Brewers 7, Houston Astros 3
Washington Nationals 3, Colorado Rockies 2
San Francisco Giants 3, Philadelphia Phillies 1
Arizona Diamondbacks 4, Los Angeles Dodgers 3

Toronto Blue Jays 7, Baltimore Orioles 2
Oakland Athletics 5, Tampa Bay Rays 4 (10 inn)
Kansas City Royals 4, Detroit Tigers 3
LA Angels of Anaheim 2, Seattle Mariners 1
Texas Rangers 5, Cleveland Indians 3
Boston Red Sox 3, New York Yankees 2 (10 inn)

DeWitt County Sheriff's Weekend Report


August 5, 2011


Jail Population: 51

Summons Served: 2

Warrant Arrests: 1


August 6, 2011


Jail Population: 54

Summons Served: 6

Warrant Arrests: 0


August 7, 2011


Jail Population: 54

Summons Served: 3

Warrant Arrests: 0




Jonah Cooley, 20, Kenney, was arrested and charged with Illegal Consumption/Possession of Alcohol. Cooley posted the necessary bond and was released.


Aaron Peddycoart, 33, Urbana, was arrested on a DeWitt County Warrant charging him with Failure to Appear. Peddycoart remains lodged in the DeWitt County Jail.


Shawn Gray, 34, Farmer City, was arrested for Violation of Supervision. Gray posted the necessary bond and was released.


Investigation into the scene of an accident, which occurred at approximately 12:49 a.m. on Sunday, August 7, 2011, revealed that a vehicle driven by Tyler Pagel, 26, Normal was traveling north on Rt 150 when he drifted across the southbound lane and went off the roadway into the Westside ditch causing the vehicle to roll. Pagel was airlifted to Carle Hospital in Urbana. Pagel was issued citations for DUI Alcohol, Failure to Wear Seat Belt, Driving on the Shoulder, and Illegal Transportation of Alcohol.




Lockout At Honeywell Uranium Plant Ends

Honeywell employees are heading back to work after a 13-month lockout.  They've come to an agreement with management at the Metropolis uranium conversion plant.  Some workers are still concerned, however.  They say the agreement does not provide enough healthcare or pension benefits.  Honeywell officials anticipate the new contract will reverse a net loss of around 100-million dollars that they've experienced over the past decade.

Illinois Weather Experts Call July 'Extreme' Month

Illinois didn't do anything in moderation during July.

The Illinois State Water Survey says it was a month of extremes with hot weather and heavy rains.

The hottest July temperatures were 105 degrees in Dixon Springs in far southern Illinois on July 13 and in Streator, about 100 miles southwest of Chicago, on July 25. At least 38 places in Illinois hit 100 degrees or more during the month.

Rain in Illinois didn't show restraint either.

The water survey at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign says the heaviest rain was around Galena in far northwestern Illinois. One site there reported a monthly total of more than 19 inches of rain.

The middle part of the state was dry with commonly about 1 to 2 inches in central Illinois.

Progress City Organizers Continue Readying For Farm Progress Show's Return

The 2011 Farm Progress Show is less than a month away from returning to central Illinois, and show officials are busy setting the stage for the "Super Bowl of Agriculture."  Jared White has more...

[audio:8-1-11 Beau Hanger Farm Progress Prev WRAP.mp3]Jared White With The Story[/audio]

Blue Ridge Schools Registration Begins Monday

Students in the Blue Ridge School district begin the transition into the school year by registering for classes Monday.

Something new to the Blue Ridge registration process this year will be the aspect of online registration. This will be the first year Blue Ridge students will have the opportunity to register online. Susan Wilson, Superintendent of Blue Ridge Schools says any existing student can do everything that would take place at a normal registration day online.

[audio:blueridgeonlineregistration1.mp3]A Word From Wilson[/audio]

Online registration is a trial run this year for Blue Ridge schools. Wilson notes the district will be shrinking the amount of walk-in registration days from 2 and a half to 1 and a half. She points out, any new students or parents with students entering kindergarten will need to either go to the high school on Monday, or their individual school Tuesday to register. Wilson is hopeful the offering of online registration gets taken advantage of this year.

[audio:blueridgeonlineregistration2.mp3]A Word From Wilson[/audio]

Along with being able to register for classes, parents will now have the ability to pay any fees their students may have and also add money to a child's lunch card. Wilson believes this will make things much easier on parents who would generally send money for lunch to school with their children.

[audio:blueridgeonlineregistration3.mp3]A Word From Wilson[/audio]

Walk-in registration will start Monday from 2-8 pm. Wilson notes this registration takes place only at the high school, however it is open to all students of any school. And then Tuesday, registration will return to the individual school buildings. Wilson believes being able to register online should make things very convenient for folks that cannot make it to the locations to register this year. She notes suggestions or comments about making the site more user friendly are welcome, she says the school wants to make the site as convenient as possible.

Clinton Fire Department Closer To Receiving New Truck

The Clinton Fire Department will soon be taking the next steps in getting their new fire truck.

The Clinton City Council unanimously approved the purchase of a new mid-mount platform aerial truck in December of last year. The purchase came about after a training incident involving contact with power lines took the former ladder aerial truck out of service. Four fire fighters from the department are scheduled later next week to take a trip to Pierce Manufacturing in Aurora, where the truck is being put together. Clinton Fire Chief Shawn Milton says the truck will be partially assembled, the fire fighters will just approve that everything is the way they want it on the truck.

[audio:clintonfiretruck1.mp3]A Word From Chief Milton[/audio]

The truck was originally supposed to be delivered this month, however that has been moved to mid-September. Chief Milton notes once the truck has been delivered, they still will not be able use it because training on the truck will have to take place. Milton says mid-October is a rough estimate of when the truck could begin service.

[audio:clintonfiretruck2.mp3]A Word From Chief Milton[/audio]

Chief Milton says once the training conducted by Pierce has been conducted, the department will put into effect a guideline for the all the drivers stating they have to have a certain amount of driving time to be able to drive it. Those driving hours will be a year-to-year basis.

Chief Milton is hopeful the buildings on the 200th block of East Washington street will still be up, as the City is looking to bring those buildings down before the winter. Milton says those buildings provide excellent spots for training exercises for the department.

[audio:clintonfiretruck3.mp3]A Word From Chief Milton[/audio]

Clinton's former ladder truck had served the fire department for 27-years.  The city has mutual aid contracts in place with both the Hickory Point and Lincoln Fire Departments should an aerial truck be needed. The purchase came about after a training incident involving contact with power lines took the former ladder aerial truck out of service. The purchase for the truck from Pierce Manufacturing was a cost of just over 940-thousand dollars which is the largest purchase ever made for the fire department.

Cards & Cubs Win; Sox Swept By Red Hot Yankees

>>Cards Get By Marlins

(Miami, FL)  --  Matt Holliday hammered a three-run homer as the Cardinals cut down the Marlins, 7-4.  Albert Pujols clubbed a solo homer, while Skip Schumaker laced a two-run double for St. Louis, which is now three games behind the Brewers for first place in the NL Central.  Cardinals third baseman David Freese had to leave the game after being hit by a pitch in the head with the bases loaded in the third inning.  Kyle McClellan tossed three scoreless innings in relief of Kyle Lohse to earn his ninth win.  Fernando Salas got the final four outs to earn his 20th save.  The second of the four-game series is tonight as Jake Westbrook opposes Anibal Sanchez.

>>Cubs Strike Late To Sweep Bucs

(Pittsburgh, PA)  --  Marlon Byrd's sac-fly capped a three-run eighth inning as the Cubs rallied for a 7-6 win over the Pirates.  Carlos Pena tied the game when he drew a bases-loaded walk in the eighth.  Blake DeWitt clubbed a two-run homer, while Pena and Geovany Soto added solo shots as the Cubs completed a four-game sweep.  Chicago has won five in-a-row overall.  Jeff Samardzija tossed a scoreless inning to get his sixth win.  Carlos Marmol earned his 23rd save.  The Northsiders return to Wrigley Field this afternoon for a three-game series against the Cincinnati Reds.  Ryan Dempster gets the nod opposite Mike Leake in the opener.

>>Yankees Sweep ChiSox To Tie BoSox In AL East

(Chicago, IL)  --  Russell Martin hit a three-run homer and had four RBI as the red-hot Yankees crushed the White Sox, 7-2.  Robinson Cano added a solo shot for the Yanks, who have reeled off seven straight wins to pull into a tie with the Red Sox for first place in the AL East.  Adam Dunn slugged a solo homer in the ninth for Chicago, which was swept by the Yankees in a four-game series at home for the first time since 1976.  Phil Humber allowed four runs over six-and-a-third innings to fall to 8-and-8.  The ChiSox have dropped six straight overall.  The Southsiders head to Target Field for a three-game series with the Minnesota Twins starting this evening.  Mark Buehrle will toe the rubber against Nick Blackburn in the opener.


Colorado Rockies 6, Washington Nationals 3
Philadelphia Phillies 3, San Francisco Giants 0

Tampa Bay Rays 7, Toronto Blue Jays 6 (12 inn)
Texas Rangers 5, Detroit Tigers 2
Cleveland Indians 7, Boston Red Sox 3
Kansas City Royals 9, Baltimore Orioles 4
Minnesota Twins 7, Los Angeles Angels 1

Bears' Dent; Rams' Faulk To Be Enshrined Into NFL Hall of Fame

>>Bears' Dent To Be Enshrined Into NFL HoF

(Canton, OH)  --  Former Chicago Bears defensive end Richard Dent will be formally enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday in Canton, Ohio.  Dent is one of seven legends who were elected into the 2011 Class in February.  The 6-foot-5, 265-pound Dent, who was selected by the Bears in the eighth round of the 1883 draft, was named the Super Bowl 20 MVP in the team's win over the Patriots after registering three tackles, one-and-a-half sacks and two forced fumbles in the game.

>>Faulk To Be Enshrined Into NFL HoF

(Canton, OH)  --  Former St. Louis Rams running back Marshall Faulk will be formally enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday in Canton, Ohio.  Faulk is one of seven legends who were elected into the 2011 Class in February.  Faulk, who was the Indianapolis Colts second overall pick in the first round of the 1994 draft, finished that season with 1,282 rushing yards and an AFC-leading 11 TDs to claim the Rookie of the Year award.  The 5-foot-11, 208-pound Faulk was named the NFL's Offensive Player of the Year three times and was also named the NFL's MVP in 2000 after setting the single-season record for touchdowns with 26, including a league-leading 18 rushing scores.  He revolutionized the running back position as a threat through the rushing attack as well as a receiving option.

Big Ten To Go To 9-Game Conference Schedule in 2017; NFL Players Ratify 10-Year CBA

>>Big Ten To Adopt Nine-Game Conference Schedule In 2017

(Park Ridge, IL)  --  The Big Ten will begin playing nine conference football games starting in 2017.  The conference announced that six schools, three from each division, will play five Big Ten home games every other year.  The switch from the current eight conference games to nine means all teams will face each other at least six times over a 10-year period instead of four.

>>NFL Players Ratify 10-Year CBA

(New York, NY)  --  The new 10-year NFL collective bargaining agreement has been ratified by players, putting the finishing touches on the settled labor dispute.  Under the new CBA, players have consented to blood testing for human growth hormone, according to "The New York Times."  The NFL will be the first major American sports league to blood testing for HGH, with a goal to start the program by Week One of the regular season. 

Players had already approved the CBA on July 25th, but a vote was needed to formally ratify it.  NFL owners had opted out of the previous deal, leading to a lockout that lasted more than four months.  It was the league's first work stoppage since 1987.  Training camps finally opened late last week, but players who had signed new contracts weren't able to practice until the CBA was ratified.

DeWitt County Sheriff's Report for 8-5

August 4, 2011


Jail Population: 50

Summons Served: 1

Warrant Arrests: 0



Michael Fleming, 57, Clinton, was arrested and charged with Violation of Probation. Fleming remains lodged in the DeWitt County Jail.



Scovill Zoo Comes To WHOW

 width=Ken Fry from Scovill Zoo in Decatur paid a quick visit to the studios of WHOW Friday morning. Along with Fry, a special guest made an appearance as well, "Tiny" the snake. Fry discusses "Tiny's" role with the zoo.

Pictured: Seth Laurence holding "Tiny"

[audio:ACI with Ken Frye of Scovill Zoo 8-5-11.mp3]A Word From Fry About "Tiny"{[/audio]

Mitsubishi Motors Sees Sales Spike

One Central Illinois auto manufacturing company is beating the bum economy.  Mitsubishi Motors saw another spike in sales for the month of July.  Spokesman Dan Irvin says the numbers reflect Mitsubishi's continuing growth.

[audio:rddMits2.mp3]A Word From Irvin[/audio]

Irvin says sales are up 62-percent for the Outlander Sport, soon to be built in Normal.

[audio:rddMits3.mp3]A Word From Irvin[/audio]

Sales are up 37-percent year to date.  Compared to July of last year, sales figures for Ford jumped six percent, GM sales increased by about eight percent.  Sales for Chrysler were up by 20-percent.

Federal Cuts Impact Western Illinois

The debt ceiling debate is over but some rural programs were seeing cuts before the debate started.  R-C-and-D--the Resource Conservation and Development Act has been one of the casualties.  Mark Jackson is one worker who was impacted.  He's been able to keep a position with USDA in Western Illinois but he says he'll no longer be working on rural development projects.

[audio:rddUSDA.mp3]A Word With Jackson[/audio]

Jackson's R-C-and-D position covered Mercer, Rock Island and Henry Counties in Western Illinois and Muscatine and Scott Counties in Eastern Iowa.

UIUC Names New Chancellor

The University of Illinois has chosen University of Washington Provost Phyllis Wise as its next chancellor.

In a news release Wednesday, the university says Wise will take over the top job at the university's flagship campus in Urbana-Champaign on Oct. 1 - pending approval by the board of trustees at their next meeting in September.

University President Michael Hogan called the 66-year-old Wise a proven scholar.

Wise will replace interim Chancellor Robert Easter, who took over after the 2009 resignation of Richard Herman during the campus' Category I scandal over the admission of politically connected students.

Wise was interim president of the University of Washington system last year. She is a professor of physiology and biophysics, biology, and obstetrics and gynecology.

Champaign Man Gets 40-Years For Fatal Shooting

 A judge in east-central Illinois has handed down a 40-year sentence for a Champaign man convicted in the fatal shooting of a man gunned down while with his wife and children.

Prosecutors had asked Judge Harry Clem to impose the maximum 60-year sentence, while defense attorneys had argued for a lesser sentence for 20-year-old Demarco Taylor.

Taylor was convicted in June of first-degree murder for his part in the 2008 death of 34-year-old James Ellis.

Prosecutors contend a man still awaiting trial shot Ellis, but they say Taylor was present and also had a gun when Ellis was killed.

Central Illinois Man Gets Life in Prison For Drug Charges

A federal judge in central Illinois has sentenced a 38-year-old man to life in prison on drug charges.

Anthony Ousley of Normal was convicted of unlawful distribution of crack cocaine.

Authorities say Ousley's arrest yielded the largest seizure of cocaine in Normal Police Department history.

Police say officers seized crack cocaine with an estimated street value of $100,000, as well as three loaded guns, ammunition and more than $2,000 in cash.

The judge also sentenced Ousley to three years on weapons charges, to be served concurrently.

Scovill Zoo Begin Process of Expansion

Scovill Zoo in Decatur is in the process of expanding and renovating.

The Decatur zoo recently received the grant to begin the process of expanding with some new animals and renovating some of their existing exhibits. Ken Frye, with Scovill Zoo in Decatur explains the zoo received a grant from the state that will allow them to begin the renovations process and begin their expansion by adding penguins.

[audio:scovilladdition1.mp3]A Word From Frye[/audio]

The zoo needs to come up with the funds necessary to complete the project, and later this month the zoo will be hosting their second gala event. Frye notes event is a fundraiser for the addition of the penguins to the zoo. He adds the event is an opportunity to have encounters with some of the animals that are very rare. He says last years event was well received and hopes for the same this year, and if it is, the project could get underway next year and the penguins could be at the zoo by 2013.

[audio:scovilladdition2.mp3]A Word From Frye[/audio]

Frye says the zoo does not have any major plans to expand the amount acreage they currently have. He explains due to their surroundings, expansion for now is not something they see happening.

[audio:scovilladdition3.mp3]A Word From Frye[/audio]

While most think of ice and cold when penguins come to mind, Frye says the type of penguin the zoo is looking to acquire actually resides in Africa. He says the summer heat will not be a problem for them, but rather the winter cold may bother them.

The Decatur Parks Foundation Gala event "Zoo-rific Evening" takes place Saturday August 27. For more information or to make a donation you can call 217-422-5911.

Cubs Blank Pirates; Sox/Cards Blasted; NFL Notes

>>McGehee, Brewers Blast Cards

(Milwaukee, WI)  --  Edwin Jackson was jolted for 14 hits and 10 runs in seven innings as the Cardinals lost to the Brewers 10-5 in Milwaukee.  Casey McGehee homered three times, including a pair of two-run shots, and Corey Hart also went deep for the Brew Crew.  Rafael Furcal hit a three-run blast and drove in four runs for St. Louis in defeat.  Randy Wolf got the win for Milwaukee.  The Cardinals fell three-and-a-half games back of the Brewers in the NL Central.

>>Cubs Blank Pirates

(Pittsburgh, PA)  --  Starlin Castro clubbed a solo home run in the top of the eighth inning to account for the game's lone run as the Cubs clipped the Pirates, 1-0.  Matt Garza struck out seven through seven innings of four-hit ball to improve to 5-and-8.  Carlos Marmol worked a flawless ninth to notch his 22nd save for the Northsiders, who have won four straight on the heels of a five-game slide.  Charlie Morton worked seven scoreless innings for Pittsburgh in a no-decision.  Chris Resop was saddled with the loss.  The Bucs have dropped six in-a-row to fall six-and-a-half games back of first-place Milwaukee in the NL Central standings.  The finale of the four-game series is tonight as Rodrigo Lopez opposes James McDonald.

>>Yankees Win Sixth Straight With Rout Of White Sox

(Chicago, IL)  --  Curtis Granderson had four hits and five RBI as the Yankees crushed the White Sox, 18-7, on Wednesday night at The Cell.  Robinson Cano clubbed a three-run homer and had four RBI for the Yankees, who cranked out 22 hits en route to their sixth straight win.  Eric Chavez also plated four runs, while Derek Jeter went 5-for-6 with four runs scored and two RBI.  Yanks starter A.J. Burnett couldn't get out of the fifth after allowing seven runs.  Cory Wade was credited with the win.  Carlos Quentin hit a three-run homer and finished with four RBI for Chicago, which has dropped five straight.  Gavin Floyd allowed 10 runs and nine hits over only two-and-a-third to fall to 9-and-10.  Philip Humber gets the nod against Ivan Nova in tonight's series finale.


MLB National League
Atlanta Braves 6, Washington Nationals 4
Milwaukee Brewers 10, St. Louis Cardinals 5
Philadelphia Phillies 8, Colorado Rockies 6
San Francisco Giants 8, Arizona Diamondbacks 1
Chicago Cubs 1, Pittsburgh Pirates 0
Houston Astros 5, Cincinnati Reds 4
San Diego Padres 3, Los Angeles Dodgers 0
Florida Marlins, New York Mets (PPD/RAIN)

MLB American League
Seattle Mariners 7, Oakland Athletics 4
Detroit Tigers 5, Texas Rangers 4
Tampa Bay Rays 9, Toronto Blue Jays 1
Boston Red Sox 4, Cleveland Indians 3
New York Yankees 18, Chicago White Sox 7
Kansas City Royals 6, Baltimore Orioles 2
Minnesota Twins 11, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 4

>>Former Ram Bulger Retires

(Baltimore, MD)  --  Former Rams quarterback Marc Bulger is calling it a career.  The "Baltimore Sun" reports the 34-year-old signal-caller has elected to retire rather than play another season.  Bulger inked a one-year deal with the Ravens last season, but did not take a single snap in a backup role.  Bulger made 95 starts with the Rams after taking over for Kurt Warner.

>>Colts Sign Tommie Harris

(Anderson, IN)  --  The Indianapolis Colts have signed defensive tackle Tommie Harris.  The former Chicago Bears three-time Pro Bowler joins linebacker Ernie Sims and defensive end Jamaal Anderson as Colts' signees in the last three days.  Harris is only 28-year-old, but has had to overcome a series of injuries from 2007 through 2010.

In other team news, Colts quarterback Peyton Manning was running and throwing on the Macholtz Stadium field late Wednesday afternoon.  Manning has opened training camp on the physically unable to perform list as he continues his comeback from May 23rd surgery to repair a bulging disk in his neck.

Roque Court Restoration Project Making Progress

A local restoration project to a historic spot continues to make headway.

The Clinton Community High School Class of 1973 has taken on the project of restoring the old Roque Court into a park on West Main Street in Clinton. According to Cris Rogers, a member of the CCHS Class of 73 and project head, the city did what they could to keep up with the maintenance on the building, but it was going to have to be tore down, and that is where the Class of 73 stepped in.

Rogers explains the Class of 73 heard the building was going to be tore down and they conspired and came up with a plan and went to the city of Clinton with the proposal to help restore the Roque court.

[audio:roquecourtupdate1.mp3]A Word From Rogers[/audio]

 width=Rogers says the project took a big step forward recently. With the help from a group of Bloomington Local 18 Area 152 concrete finishers and the concrete parking lot is complete. He says the parking lot is a huge addition to the park because it will take away congestion on the street.

[audio:roquecourtupdate2.mp3]A Word From Rogers[/audio]

The project would not be possible without the financial support from the local community. He says despite poor economic times, the project continues to receive strong financial support from the community. He adds the court is seeking the donations of some other items, including a flag pole and benches.

[audio:roquecourtupdate3.mp3]A Word From Rogers[/audio]

Rogrs hopes the Peace Park can be complete for a possible opening around the Apple and Pork Festive.

To help with the roque court project or donate money to help the project, you can get a hold of Cris Rogers directly at 935-8408 or you can stop at City Hall in Clinton on West Washington Street.

DeWitt County Sheriff's Report for 8-4


August 3, 2011


Jail Population: 50

Summons Served: 1

Warrant Arrests: 1



Billy Wright, 22, Farmer City, was arrested and charged with Possession Cannabis 10gr-30gr and Possession Drug Paraphernalia. Wright remains lodged in the DeWitt County Jail.


Melanie Bouslog, 21, Heyworth, was arrested on a DeWitt County Warrant charging her with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Possession Cannabis< 2.5 gr. Bouslog posted the necessary bond and was released.

State Tightens Truancy Restrictions

Students who skip school may want to keep a tight tab on their days absent this year.  Governor Quinn signed a new law reducing the number of days missed before a student is considered truant.  Matt Vanover, with the Illinois State Board of Education, says tighter restrictions could mean a spike in chronic truancy.

[audio:rddTruant1.mp3]A Word From Vanover[/audio]

The new law scales back the number of missed days allowed from 18 to nine.  If a student is truant, a letter is sent to the parent or guardian.  And if that parent doesn't comply - it's the parent, not the child, who could be punished.  Current law says they could spend up to 30 days in jail and be fined 500 dollars.  No action can be taken against a child unless support services and other resources have been provided.

Clinton's JWCS Sold To AC Computer Services

Two local businesses have merged forces.

Stephen Jackson, former owner of John Willoughby Computer Systems(JWCS) has sold his business to Chris Jones, owner of AC Computer Services, located in Clinton. Jones explains the sale came about as a result of Jackson receiving a job offer and wanting to keep the business local, he sold it to a local business owner in the same service offered in AC Computer Services.

[audio:jwcssold1.mp3]A Word From Jones[/audio]

Jones explains for the time being he will be running things with a two-man crew. AC Computer Services has been going since February, he says his hope is to begin picking up commercial clients and maybe doing some server work, and expanding the number of employees he has.

[audio:jwcssold2.mp3]A Word From Jones[/audio]

Jones says keeping business in town is not only good for the customers that AC Computer Services has, but also it is good for the local economy as well. He says the local business is a good opportunity for better service and a good opportunity for him to get to know his clients a lot better.

[audio:jwcssold3.mp3]A Word From Jones[/audio]

AC Computers was located at 104 East Side Square in the Ohio Building in Downtown Clinton, however, they will be moving into the JWCS office on North Monroe Street. Jackson will be working with Jones for the first month to make the transition smooth for both sides. Jones says he looks forward to serving his new clients as well as those he currently serves.

Logan County 4-H Shows This Week

The Logan County Fair kicked off yesterday at the Logan County Fairgrounds in Lincoln.

While most of the 4-H activities are slated to start later in the week, the fairgrounds were very busy. John Fulton, County Director at the U of I Extension office in Logan County says numbers this year are a little down in some areas, but they have seen a surprising rise in the number of entries in others.

[audio:countyfair1.mp3]A Word From Fulton[/audio]

Mike Maske is the secretary of the Logan County Fair. He says this years fair has a great mix of kids from both the suburban and urban areas of Lincoln and the surrounding area. He says the movement of kids from the urban areas into 4-H is something they are seeing more of these days.

[audio:countyfair2.mp3]A Word From Maske[/audio]

Toni Reifsteck was in attendance at the fair, she is a board member for the Logan County Habitat for Humanity, and also a former 4-H member, she recalls as a young 4-H leader, girls in 4-H were only allowed to do certain things and members of 4-H traditionally came from families on the farm. She says she is glad to 4-H branch out with not only the projects and activities they offer, but also to those they reach away from the farm.

[audio:countyfair3.mp3]A Word From Reifsteck[/audio]

The Logan County Fair continues on all the way through Sunday evening. For a full list of events at this years fair, you can check out the Fair's website at www.logancountyfairil.com.

You can also hear live coverage from the fair each day this week from 1-2pm on The Big 1520 AM/92.3 FM WHOW.

Clinton City Council Discusses Clinton Landfill Issue (Pt 2)

As previously reported, the Clinton Landfill was the center of discussion at Monday's Clinton City Council Meeting.

In a previous meeting in July, Tom Redington came forward representing the American Legion in Clinton and presented to the Council a resolution they had passed in opposition to the proposed dumping of PCB's into the Clinton Landfill. Monday evening Redington came forward once again personally asking the board to pass a resolution. He proposed the question to the Council should the water get contaminated many years from now from the PCB's in the landfill, where do we get water from.

[audio:landfilldiscussion1.mp3]A Word From Redington[/audio]

In the previous meeting, Chris Coulture spoke before the City Council and asked them to not get involved with the issue. He asked the Council to leave  the decision up to the experts. Redington felt as though Coulture was talking down to the Council, and he took exception to him asking them not to get involved. Redington says it is the Council's responsibility to serve the people they represent, not a business they have a contract with.

[audio:landfilldiscussion2.mp3]A Word From Redington[/audio]

Clinton Mayor Carolyn Peters and each of the Commissioners then presented their research and gave their thoughts. Mayor Peters was the first to speak. Based on the research she had done, there were several things that concerned her. She says because of these concerns, it makes her wonder if anyone can predict the effects the chemicals may have in the future.

[audio:landfilldiscussion3.mp3]A Word From The Mayor[/audio]

The Mayor went on to say the Council has a responsibility to future generations of Clinton and central Illinois to not allow questionable substances to be near a major water source. She wondered who would be in charge of the landfill in 50 years and also expressed concerns regarding unforeseen weather disaster.

Commissioner Tom Edmunds spoke to his experience running the landfill in the early 80's when he was in charge the money and garbage. He says he the landfill was ran to meet the Illinois EPA regulations, but he say when the Coulture's family company bought the landfill, he says they went above and beyond what the I-EPA required. He feels the landfill is a great asset to the taxpayers

[audio:landfilldiscussion4.mp3]A Word From Edmunds[/audio]

Commissioner Edmunds also cited letters written by current US President, former Illinois Senator Barak Obama and Senator Dick Durbin to the EPA stating their concern towards the issue. Edmunds believes the City Council passing a resolution would not have any more effect on the EPA's decision than Obama and Durbin's letters of concern. He also believes passing a resolution opposing the goal of the landfill would risk hurting the working relationship between the city and AREA Disposal and potentially the EPA.

[audio:landfilldiscussion5.mp3]A Word From Edmunds[/audio]

Before Mayor Peters presented the resolution, which stated the Council was against the proposed dumping of PCB's into the Clinton Landfill, she made it clear the stance the Council would potentially take was not a reflection of their views of the Coulture family or their operation. She said their services were a separate entity and she had no issue with them or their service.

Mayor Peter's then put the commissioners on the spot, making them take a vote for the proposed resolution taking a stance against the dumping of PCB's into the Clinton Landfill. The final was 3 against, 2 in favor of the proposed resolution to change the Council's stance, keeping the neutral stance the Clinton City Council has on file with the US-EPA.

Cards & Cubs Win; Sox Lose in Rain Shortened Game; More

>>Cards Edge Crew In Extras

(Milwaukee, WI)  --  Lance Berkman's RBI single in the 11th inning proved to be the difference as St. Louis edged the Brewers, 8-7.  Jamie Garcia went five frames and gave up three earned runs, and did not factor in the decision.  Garcia did however club a three-run homer to add on to Matt Holliday's solo shot, as the Cardinals halted a two-game skid.  Kyle McClellan picked up the win out of the pen while Octavio Dotel notched the save.  Yuniesky Betancourt had a three-run homer and Prince Fielder plated a pair for the Crew, who saw their seven-game winning streak end.  The three-game set wraps up this afternoon as Edwin Jackson opposes Randy Wolf.

>>Long-Ball Powers Cubs Past Pirates

(Pittsburgh, PA)  --  The Chicago Cubs clubbed six home runs to back six strong innings from Randy Wells en route to an 11-6 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Aramis Ramirez and Geovany Soto each ripped two-run dingers, while Alfonso Soriano smacked two solo homers and Tyler Colvin and Marlon Byrd each added solo shots for the Northsiders, who pounded out 21 total hits to register their second straight win on the heels of a five-game slide.  Wells gave up just two runs with seven strikeouts to improve to 3-and-4 on the season.  The third of the four-game series is tonight with Matt Garza and Charlie Morton slated to start.

>>Hughes, Yanks Blank ChiSox In Rain-Shortened Affair

(Chicago, IL)  --  Mark Teixeira homered twice to back six scoreless innings as the Yankees blanked the White Sox, 6-0, in a rain-shortened contest at The Cell on Tuesday evening.  The game was delayed after the top of the seventh frame and eventually called due to rain.  Hughes allowed just three hits with four strikeouts to improve to 2-and-3 on the season.  Russell Martin added a solo homer for the Bronx Bombers, who have won five games in-a-row.  John Danks gave up four runs through six innings of duty to absorb the loss for Chicago.  The Northsiders have dropped four straight.  Gavin Floyd gets the nod against A.J. Burnett in tonight's third installment of a four-game series.


MLB National League
Washington Nationals 9, Atlanta Braves 3
Florida Marlins 4, New York Mets 3
Cincinnati Reds 5, Houston Astros 1
Philadelphia Phillies 5, Colorado Rockies 0
Los Angeles Dodgers 1, San Diego Padres 0
Arizona Diamondbacks 6, San Francisco Giants 1

MLB American League
Detroit Tigers 6, Texas Rangers 5
Boston Red Sox 3, Cleveland Indians 2
Toronto Blue Jays 3, Tampa Bay Rays 1
Baltimore Orioles 8, Kansas City Royals 2
LA Angels of Anaheim 5, Minnesota Twins 1
Seattle Mariners 4, Oakland Athletics 2

>>Panels To Be Removed From Busch Stadium

(St. Louis, MO)  --  Workers will begin removing more than 100 steel panels from Busch Stadium today after one crashed to the ground on Monday.  No one was hurt by the heavy decorative panel.  Inspectors believe the recent heatwave may have caused rusted bolts to expand and loosen.  Work is expected to be complete before the Cardinals' next home game on Tuesday.

CornBelters Lose

A six-game road trip began on a sour note for the Normal CornBelters giving up eight unanswered runs as the Traverse City Beach Bums defeated Normal 8-5 on Tuesday night at Wuerfel Park in Traverse City, Michigan.

The CornBelters wasted no time scoring, as Alvaro Ramirez lined a broken-bat double off the first baseman's mitt on the game's first pitch, then scored when Brandon Newton singled up the middle.

The Belters pushed three more across in the fifth to take a 4-0 lead, all with two outs.  Tyler Keeble and A.J. Miller singled, and both scored on a triple to the right field corner by Alvaro Ramirez.  Brandon Newton placed a double down the right line to score Ramirez.

Traverse City took advantage of some wildness to score in the fifth.  After facing just one over the minimum through four innings, Tyler Lavigne walked the bases loaded.  One run scored on a ground ball, but a strong double play turn by Frank Martinez, Brandon Newton and Steve Alexander limited the Beach Bums to the single run to keep the CornBelter lead at 4-1 through five innings.

The Beach Bums tied the game at 4-4 when they loaded the bases again on Tyler Lavigne with two outs.  Lavigne left after going 3-0 to Greg Burns, giving way to Andy Mee, who walked Burns on the next pitch to score the Bums' second run.  Tom Zebroski then hit a 3-1 pitch down the right field line to score two more to tie the game after six innings.

The Bums loaded the bases for the third straight inning in the seventh and pushed three more across.  Two singles and a walk set the stage for Jose Vargas to clear the bases with a three-run double with one out to put the hosts up 7-4.

Another Beach Bums run scored in the eighth, as Greg Burns led off with a walk, stole second, went to third on a throwing error and came home on a base hit by Hector Bernal to build the lead to 8-4.

The CornBelters picked up one run in the ninth when Asif Shah tripled to center and came home on a Tyler McNeely sacrifice fly.

David Nathanson picked up the complete game win to improve to 1-1, surrendering nine CornBelters hits while walking one and striking out four.  Andy Mee (1-1) took the loss.

The series continues at 6 p.m. Central on Wednesday as right-hander Bobby Pritchett (5-3, 4.38) starts for the CornBelters against Beach Bums righty Matt Smith (1-4, 6.15).

DeWitt County Sheriff's Report for 8-3

August 2, 2011

Jail Population: 48

Summons Served: 2

Warrant Arrests: 2

Fransisco Fransico, 25, Rantoul, was arrested and charged with Identity Theft. Fransico remains lodged in the DeWitt County Jail.

Blaine Short, 18, Clinton, was arrested on a DeWitt County Warrant charging him with Burglary, Theft, 2 Counts Tattooing a Minor. Short posted the necessary bond and was released.



Quinn Adviser Fined $500 For Political Activity

A senior adviser to Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn has been fined $500 for sending a political email from a state telephone.

The Executive Ethics Commission released a ruling on Jerry Stermer on Monday. Quinn's office says Stermer has already paid the fine.

Stermer was the Democratic governor's chief of staff in January 2010 when he reported that he'd sent the questionable emails the previous month.

The commission determined one email from his state phone was to campaign staffers. The other two were sent from a private computer on a Sunday.

The commission noted Stermer held a high position in government and should be an example, but that he admitted and self-reported the violations.

Stermer resigned in August 2010 but was rehired in December as a senior adviser.

Foster Parent Says State Treading On Her Religious Beliefs

One Illinois foster parent says the state is treading on her religious beliefs by trying to force Catholic Social Services to issue foster care licenses to couples in civil unions.  The state has threatened to end its contract with the agency but Krista Teckenbrock says if that happens, she'll pull out of the foster care system.

[audio:rddfosterp1.mp3]A Word From Teckenbrock[/audio]

Teckenbrock is from Herrin and works with the Catholic Social Services of Southern Illinois.  It's the most recent diocese to join a lawsuit against the state asking to maintain the right to refer co-habitating couples to a different agency.  Teckenbrock says in the end, it's the children who'll have to suffer.

Asset Sales Raise $7 Million For Fraud Victims

Sales of homes, jewelry and other assets that once belonged to a former Decatur resident convicted of investment fraud have raised more than $7 million. But that's less than a third of the money William Huber was convicted of stealing.

Court documents indicate most of Huber's former assets have been found and sold.

That includes homes in Florida and California as well as cars and clothes. 1 of the more recent sales was $39,000 worth of jewelry.

Huber was sentenced to 20 years in prison in December after he pleaded guilty to running a Ponzi scheme that stole $23 million from investors.

Huber is now 62 and in prison in California. He's appealing his sentence claiming it's too long.

4-H Records Due Soon

A reminder to local 4-H members, their records are due very soon.

Each year 4-H members keep track of all of their activities throughout the year and write them down in a document to show their club leaders. Sherry Fulton with the U of I Extension office in DeWitt County explains members keep track of almost every activity they take part in, which translates into an almost 10 page record keeping process.

[audio:4hrecords1.mp3]A Word From Fulton[/audio]

One of the biggest goals of 4-H is to develop responsible habits in young kids. Fulton says while 4-H records keep track of just about everything a member does from ages 8-19, while in 4-H, it lays the foundation for keeping track of things in the future, away from 4-H.

[audio:4hrecords2.mp3]A Word From Fulton[/audio]

Fulton points out for 4-H members who have been keeping records for a long time, they are very nice to have around when applying for scholarships for college. She says being able to look back and put that information in a college application is a great tool to have.

[audio:4hrecords3.mp3]A Word From Fulton[/audio]

4-H records are not due until August 29. However, Fulton encourages members to not wait until the last minute to get those started. She adds keeping up on them throughout the year makes things much easier when it comes time for them to be due. While members keeping records and handing them in is not a mandatory requirement for them, Fulton says they see a majority of 4-H members turn records in.

Illinois Cares Rx Program Cuts 30-Thousand People From Program

Due to state budget woes, senior citizens looking for assistance may see major changes in the aid they receive in paying for prescription drugs.

Leann Sosaman, the Senior Outreach and Caregiver Advocate at the DeWitt County Friendship Center explains the state has drastically cut funding for the  program Illinois Cares Rx, the state prescription drug program associated with Circuit Breaker, which makes co-payments cheaper and eliminates the premiums. She says the program has cut 30-thousand people from the program.

[audio:ilcareschanges1.mp3]A Word From Sosaman[/audio]

For those that have been eliminated, unfortunately there is not many other places they can turn. Sosaman explains federal requirements for designed to help with prescription drugs have even lower requirements than the state of Illinois. She says for now, they are on their own to pay for their prescriptions.

[audio:ilcareschanges3.mp3]A Word From Sosaman[/audio]

The program did not get eliminated completely, which leaves some folks on the program. Sosaman says for those that remain on the program, they will see some major changes in their assistance. One of the major changes they will see will be their co-payments will double.

[audio:ilcareschanges2.mp3]A Word From Sosaman[/audio]

With a lot of the seniors on a fixed income, many are very upset with the changes. The elimination of the thousands of individuals from the program came with virtually no prior warning and the state then sent out letters informing those on the program that they could no get assistance.

For more information on the elimination of the Illinois Cares Rx, you can contact Leann Sosaman at the DeWitt County Friendship Center at 935-9411.

Clinton City Council Discusses Clinton Landfill Issue in Length Monday Evening

The topic of the Clinton Landfill was the center of discussion Monday evening at the Clinton City Council meeting.

The Clinton City Council had been previously approached about changing their neutral stance in regards to the Clinton Landfill issue, and Clinton Mayor Carolyn Peters put the issue on file to be discussed. After being tabled through one meeting, the discussion took center stage Monday.

Mayor Peters explained the process the Council would take in each commissioner making their statements in favor or against changing the Council's stance. The Mayor had the commissioners draw numbers to determine the order they would speak in, and fittingly the Mayor drew number one.

[audio:counillandfill1.mp3]A Word From The Mayor[/audio]

Mayor Peters did her own research and found many differing opinions. She also polled residents, a majority in Clinton but a few outside of Clinton. She said most of them were not in favor of the proposed dumping of PCB's, or polychlorinated biphenyls, in the Clinton Landfill.

[audio:counillandfill2.mp3]A Word From The Mayor[/audio]

Commissioner Jerry Milton was the second to speak. He said water is a valuable resource, and common sense should be used when trying to decide how to take care of it. He cited the many cities and organizations that have taken a stance against the issue.

[audio:counillandfill3.mp3]A Word From Commissioner Milton[/audio]

Commissioner Tom Edmunds took a different stance than the others. He reasoned the research present by the many parties are theories of what would happen should PCB's be allowed in the Clinton Landfill. He says you can make the results say what you want.

[audio:counillandfill4.mp3]A Word From Commissioner Edmunds[/audio]

Commissioner John Wise gave many thoughts on the issue. He said he wanted to protect the water supply and did not want anything to endanger the Mahomet Aquifer. However, he said if the permit was going to be allowed, he would rather it be three-times above the US and Illinois Environment Protection Agency requires, which is what the proposed plan shows.

[audio:counillandfill5.mp3]A Word From Commissioner Wise[/audio]

Nan Crang spoke to her experience touring the Clinton Landfill. She said she found the landfill very complete and thorough. She says the topic of earthquakes was brought through the duration of her tour of the landfill. She says she has no fear of the threat of earthquakes nor the potential dumping of PCB's into the Clinton Landfill.

[audio:counillandfill6.mp3]AWord From Commissioner Crang[/audio]

Mayor Peter's put the commissioners on the spot making them take an individual stance for the proposed resolution taking a stance against the dumping of the PCB's into the Clinton Landfill. Each commissioner excepted Commissioner Wise gave their stance in a swift manner. Wise took a few moments to gather his thoughts, and ultimately gave a "No" vote, not in favor of the resolution. The final was 3 against, 2 in favor of the proposed resolution to change the Council's stance, which will keep the neutral stance the Clinton City Council has on file with the US-EPA.

While Mayor Peter's voted in favor of the resolution, she was very pleased with the way the Commissioners went about conducting their research and presenting their thoughts.

Cubs Win; Cards & Sox Lose; More News

>>Cubs Clip Bucs

(Pittsburgh, PA)  --  Five different players plated a run to back six strong innings from Carlos Zambrano as the Cubs clipped the Pirates, 5-3, on Monday at PNC Park.  Zambrano fanned five, while allowing just one run on seven hits to improve to 8-and-6 on the season.  Carlos Marmol worked a 1-2-3 ninth to nail down his 21st save.  Jeff Baker, Geovany Soto, Alfonso Soriano, Carlos Pena and Reed Johnson each knocked in a run for the Northsiders, who snapped a five-game slide.  Former Cubs first baseman Derrek Lee, who was just acquired by Pittsburgh over the weekend, clubbed a solo home run in the fourth and added a two-run shot in the eighth in his first game with his new team.  Randy Wells will toe the rubber opposite Kevin Correia in tonight's second installment.

>>Yanks Hold Off ChiSox

(Chicago, IL)  --  CC Sabathia tossed eight innings of two-run ball to earn his major league-leading 16th win as the Yankees defeated the White Sox, 3-2, on Monday evening at The Cell.  Curtis Granderson went 2-for-4 with two runs and an RBI for New York, which won its fourth straight contest.  Mariano Rivera secured his 28th save of the year with a perfect ninth inning.  Alexei Ramirez' two-run homer in the fourth inning accounted for Chicago's lone runs in defeat.  Jake Peavy suffered the loss, giving up three runs in seven innings for the Southsiders, who lost their third game in-a-row.  John Danks will be on the bump against Phil Hughes in tonight's second installment of a four-game set.

>>Brewers Ride Big Fifth To Win Over Cards

(Milwaukee, WI)  --  The Brewers scored five times in the fifth on their way to a 6-2 beating of St. Louis.  Nyjer Morgan cleared the bases with a three-run double and Corey Hart and Jonathan Lucroy both plated a run in that inning.  Ryan Braun also notched an RBI for Milwaukee, which pushed its winning streak to seven games.  Zack Greinke went six and gave up two runs to improve to 9-and-4.  Chris Carpenter fell to 6-and-8 on the season after giving up five runs in five frames of work.  Matt Holliday registered the only Cardinal runs with a two-run homer.  St. Louis has now lost two-straight and four-of-six overall.  Jaime Garcia opposes Shaun Marcum in the second of the three-game set tonight.

MLB National League
Washington Nationals 5, Atlanta Braves 3 
Florida Marlins 7, New York Mets 3 (10 inn)
Houston Astros 4, Cincinnati Reds 3 (10 inn)
Philadelphia Phillies 4, Colorado Rockies 3 (10 inn)
Los Angeles Dodgers 6, San Diego Padres 2
Arizona Diamondbacks 5, San Francisco Giants 2

MLB American League
Cleveland Indians 9, Boston Red Sox 6
Seattle Mariners 8, Oakland Athletics 4

>>Metal Falls From Busch Stadium

(St. Louis, MO)  --  A piece of metal came crashing to the ground, after it fell from Busch Stadium.  Officials say the large steel plate slammed into the building before landing on the sidewalk below.  Fortunately, the Cardinals are out of town, and the area around the stadium wasn't packed with fans.  The west side of the stadium remains closed, as workers examine the other panels for possible damage or weakness. Officials say the metal could have expanded during the recent heatwave.

>>Bears Cut Kreutz Loose

(Bo, IL)  --  Center Olin Kreutz is leaning towards retirement after negotiations with the Chicago Bears fell through over the weekend.  The Bears gave Kreutz and his agent an ultimatum on Saturday for a one-year, $4-million contract, which was a 50-percent cut from what he made last season.  After that was rejected, Chicago moved quickly to sign former Seattle center Chris Spencer, which signals the possible end to the 13-year career of Kreutz.

CornBelters Can't Complete Series Sweep

The Normal CornBelters, presented by Illinois Corn Farmers, lost to the Gateway Grizzlies for the first time this season in a 3-2 game Monday night at the Corn Crib. The CornBelters win the series, but fall to 32-34 with the loss, as Gateway improves to 28-37.

The Grizzlies took the decisive lead 3-2 in the 7th inning against CornBelters reliever Jacob Liedka. A leadoff walk to Brian Harris set up an RBI triple from D.J. Fitzgerald with two outs. Normal had the winning run at the plate in the ninth, but could not produce on a night when four double plays hurt the offense.

Starter Ryan Juarez (W, 3-1) scattered seven hits in seven innings, allowing two earned runs and three walks. Liedka (L, 2-1) worked the 7th inning and gave up one walk and one hit. Gateway?s Chris Enourato (S, 7) gave up a leadoff walk in the ninth but forced three fly-outs to end the game. Normal starter Matt Mossey received a no-decision after six innings of work with four hits and two runs allowed.

Gateway scored first for the third consecutive night with a run in the 4th inning. Charlie Lisk walked with one out, and ended up on third following a groundout and wild pitch. Chris Sedon then picked up an infield single that allowed Lisk to score for a 1-0 Grizzlies lead.

Normal quickly took the lead back with three straight hits to lead off the 4th. Tyler McNeely lined a single to left, and Steve Alexander chased him home with an RBI double to right-center. Tied 1-1, Asif Shah dropped a single to right-center that scored Alexander from second base, giving Normal the 2-1 edge. With two runs already in, Normal had the bases loaded and none out, but could not increase the lead.

Fitzgerald got Gateway on the board again in the 5th with a solo home run to left field. The two-out blast was Fitzgerald's second homer of the season and made it a 2-2 ballgame.

Tyler Lavigne (4-7, 3.38) gets the start for Normal in Tuesday's game at the Traverse City Beach Bums. The CornBelters return home on August 9 against the River City Rascals.

DeWitt County Sheriff's Report for 8-2

August 1, 2011


Jail Population: 49

Summons Served: 1

Warrant Arrests: 1



Cubs Top Cards, ChiSox Fall to BoSox; Cards Make Deadline Moves; & More

>>Cubs Double Up Cards To Avoid Sweep

(St. Louis, MO)  --  Marlon Byrd laced a two-run single to cap a four-run

sixth inning as the Cubs doubled up the Cardinals 6-3.  Alfonso Soriano

clubbed a two-run homer in the ninth to help Chicago avoid a three-game

sweep.  Ryan Dempster struck out six over six innings to improve to

8-and-8.  Carlos Marmol nailed down his 20th save.  Lance Berkman belted

a three-run homer in the sixth for St. Louis.  Jake Westbrook was perfect

through five innings but imploded in the sixth.  Westbrook allowed four runs

on three hits and three walks to fall to 9-and-5.  The Northsiders head to

PNC Park this evening to kick off a four-game series against the Pittsburgh

Pirates.  Carlos Zambrano will be on the bump opposite Paul Maholm in

tonight's opener.

>>Red Sox Slip Past White Sox

(Chicago, IL)  --  Dustin Pedroia laced a go-ahead, two-run single in the

seventh as the Red Sox knocked off the White Sox, 5-3, on Sunday in the

Windy City.  Jason Varitek clubbed a two-run homer to help Boston take

the rubber match of the three-game set.  Alfredo Aceves tossed a scoreless

inning in relief of Andrew Miller to earn his seventh win.  Jonathan Papelbon

struck out the side in the ninth to notch his 24th save.  Brent Morel, Alex

Rios and Alexei Ramirez plated the runs for Chicago.  Jesse Crain was

tagged with the loss.  The Southsiders welcome in the New York Yankees

to The Cell for a four-game set starting this evening.  Jake Peavy gets the

nod against CC Sabathia in the opener.

Cincinnati Reds 9, San Francisco Giants 0
Washington Nationals 3, New York Mets 2
Philadelphia Phillies 6, Pittsburgh Pirates 5 (10 inn)
Florida Marlins 3, Atlanta Braves 1
Milwaukee Brewers 5, Houston Astros 4
San Diego Padres 8, Colorado Rockies 3
Arizona Diamondbacks 6, Los Angeles Dodgers 3

New York Yankees 4, Baltimore Orioles 2
Detroit Tigers 3, LA Angels of Anaheim 2
Kansas City Royals 5, Cleveland Indians 3
Toronto Blue Jays 7, Texas Rangers 3 
Oakland Athletics 7, Minnesota Twins 3
Tampa Bay Rays 8, Seattle Mariners 1

>>Furcal Joins Cards

(St. Louis, MO)  --  The St. Louis Cardinals have acquired former All-Star

shortstop Rafael Furcal from the Los Angeles Dodgers in exchange for minor

league outfielder Alex Castellanos.  Furcal, who had to approve the deal, has

been slowed by injuries this season, hitting just .197 with a .272

on-base-percentage in 37 games.  However, over his past nine games Furcal

is hitting .303 and has driven in five runs.  Castellanos, a 10th round pick of

the Cardinals in the 2008 draft.  He had belted 19 home runs and was hitting

.319 in 93 games for Double-A Springfield this season.

>>Bears Make Moves

(Lake Forest, IL)  --  The Chicago Bears have signed running back Marion

Barber, wide receiver Roy Williams and defensive tackle Amobi Okoye. 

Barber, who inked a two-year deal, is the third former Cowboy to join the

Bears for this upcoming season.  Williams inked a one-year contract Friday

and fellow wideout Sam Hurd is also on his way to Chicago.  Barber played

in 13 games for Dallas last year, rushing for a career-low 374 yards and four

touchdowns.  Okoye, the 10th overall selection by the Houston Texans in the

2007 draft, started 58 of 62 games over four years with Houston.  Last

season, he recorded four sacks and led all Houston defensive lineman with

44 tackles.

The Bears also locked down veteran defensive tackle Anthony Adams for

two more years and added another defensive lineman in former first-round

draft pick Vernon Gholston.  They also inked their first round pick from

Wisconsin, offensive lineman Gabe Carimi and second round defensive

lineman, Stephen Paea, who came from Oregon State.

>>Rams Open Camp, Continue To Bolster Roster

(Earth City, MO)  --  The Rams opened up training camp on Saturday,

getting back to on-the-field work after the NFL lockout which lasted over

four months.  St. Louis also continued to add free-agents to their roster,

signing playmaking wide receiver Mike Sims-Walker and defensive tackle

Justin Bannan.  The 26-year-old Sims-Walker, who signed on Saturday, is

entering his fifth season in the NFL, all with the Jaguars.  He recorded 122

catches for 1,648 yards and 14 touchdowns in his time with Jacksonville. 

Bannan signed a three-year deal with the Rams yesterday and spent last

season in Denver.  Prior to that, he was a part of Baltimore's vaunted

defense and a member of the Bills, the team who drafted him in 2002. 

Bannan will be reunited with former head coach Josh McDaniels, now the

offensive coordinator in St. Louis.  McDaniels called the shots for the

Broncos during Bannan's time there.

>>Menard Wins Brickyard 400

(Indianapolis, IN)  --  Paul Menard conserved enough fuel and held off Jeff

Gordon in the closing laps to win Sunday's Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis

Motor Speedway.  Menard took the lead from defending race winner Jamie

McMurray with four laps remaining and then held it for his first Sprint Cup

Series win.  His maiden victory came in his 167th start.  Gordon, a four-time

Brickyard 400 winner, finished second, followed by Regan Smith,

McMurray and Matt Kenseth.  Menard became the fourth first-time winner

in the Sprint Cup this season.

Illinois Comptroller Warns of Debt Showdown Consequences

An Illinois government official says there are debt showdown consequences as lawmakers continue to negotiate in Washington.

Republican Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka accused members of Congress on Sunday of playing a "game of chicken" with the finances of the state, the nation and American families.

She says there are "unknowns" as lawmakers try to come up with a deal to raise the federal government's debt level so it can keep paying its bills.

What wasn't immediately clear was what would happen in Illinois if there's not a deal between Congress and President Barack Obama by Tuesday's deadline.

Topinka points out in a press release that Illinois gets money from the federal government to pay for everything from construction projects and education to Medicaid, the health insurance program for the poor.

Illinois Landmark Destroyed By Fire

A piece of history goes up in flames in Benld, Illinois.  The Coliseum Ballroom caught fire over the weekend.  In its heyday, the likes of Duke Ellington, Tommy Dorsey and Ray Charles graced the stage there.

[audio:rddbenldfire1.mp3]A Word About The Fire[/audio]

It took 16 fire departments to contain the blaze; three firefighters were hospitalized with minor injuries.

Illinois Treasurers Top Priority To Secure State's Money

Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford says he's preparing to secure state money to weather any financial crisis should Congress not agree on raising the federal debt ceiling by a Tuesday deadline.

Rutherford told reporters Friday that he's now holding twice-daily meetings with investment teams to gauge how to respond if the ceiling's not raised and federal bond ratings are downgraded. If that happens, Rutherford says there's likely to be an impact on Illinois's own ratings, pushing them down as well.

He says his top priority is making sure $7 billion in state investments would be safe amid financial turmoil.

Rutherford says that could mean putting those billions into accounts that are insured but which offer no interest. That could cost the state millions of dollars a month in lost interest payments.

Retirees, Workers Protest Debt Deadlock in Capital

About three dozen retirees and workers who provide services to seniors and the disabled protested the U.S. debt deadlock at Sen. Mark Kirk's capital office Friday.

They chanted slogans like, "Show some guts; stop the cuts."

The protesters fear Congress and President Barack Obama won't agree on a debt-ceiling increase by Tuesday and the U.S. will default on its debts. They say that will mean cuts to Social Security and government health care.

Darlene Edwards is a retired nurse. She says one-third of America's elderly survives on Social Security income.

Pete Roberts is director of the Springfield Center for Independent Living. He says he understands the tight budget but says the rich should pay higher taxes.

Kirk is a Republican. The GOP disagrees with Democrat Obama on a debt-ceiling increase.

215 Schools Join Fresh Produce Program

State officials say 215 Illinois schools will share $4.7 million from the federal Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program this school year.

The program gives students in the participating public and private schools access to fresh produce throughout the school day.

Schools can make the extra fruits and veggies available all day, except during breakfast and lunch.

The program requires schools to allocate between $50 and $75 per student, with the majority spent on fresh produce.

The funding runs through June 30, 2012.

The Illinois State Board of Education says this year's grant is up from $3.3 million last year that went to 186 schools. Nearly 370 schools applied for this year's grant.

July Broiling For Part of State

If there were any doubts that July had been one hot month, the Illinois State Water Survey now has confirmation for at least one slice of the state.

The Water Survey says this July is the second hottest since 1900 in the Champaign-Urbana area.

The Water Survey says the mean temperature for the month has been 80.9 degrees. The only hotter July was in 1936 when the mean was 83.1.

Want more proof? The Water Survey says the area has had 17 days this month with highs of 90 or more. An average July has seven such days.

And people in eastern Illinois shouldn't expect a change anytime soon. National Weather Service forecasts call for highs near or past 90 into next week.

Peoria Councilman Charged For Hiring Prostitute

A Peoria City Council member faces preliminary charges of paying for sex with an 18-year-old Iowa woman.

Peoria County State's Attorney Kevin Lyons says 43-year-old Dan Irving was charged Thursday with three felony prostitution counts. Lyons also wants Irving's probation from an earlier disorderly conduct case revoked. A felony conviction would force Irving out of office.

Irving hasn't entered a plea but attorney Dan O'Day says he is innocent.

Lyons says Irving contacted Amanda Garren through a website where she calls herself Jazzie Summers. Lyons says the two met at Peoria-area hotels earlier this year.

Peoria County court records show Garren has been charged as a fugitive from justice for an outstanding warrant in a prostitution case in Johnson County, Iowa.

County Looking To Develop Land Off Clinton Lake

One local agency is looking to bring some business to the DeWitt County area.

The DeWitt County Development Council is looking for developers on the 80 acre portion of Clinton Lake. The land is owned by DeWitt County for over 10 years. Ruth Stauffer is the Executive Director of the DCDC, she explains right now they are looking for developers on the land to bring business there. The hope is for a tourist attraction, to bring business from outside of DeWitt County.

[audio:clintonlakeland1.mp3]A Word From Stauffer[/audio]

The DCDC is currently seeking developers to come forward and express interest in the land, however, they have a deadline of August 20 for responses to interest in developing on the land. Stauffer explains should no one come forward expressing interest, the decision then has to be made what to do with the land. She says it could be put off or decide continue to market the land, which is what she believes will happen.

[audio:clintonlakeland2.mp3]A Word From Stauffer[/audio]

Stauffer notes interest up to this point has been slow because of the difficulty to fund projects. She says they have gotten calls about the land from several parts of the US and even India.

[audio:clintonlakeland3.mp3]A Word From Stauffer[/audio]

Stauffer says right now the goal is to just bring a developer in to bring business to the area and create jobs. She says should anyone come forward and be able to develop it would be several years away before the 80 acres would get fully developed.

Logan County Fair Kicks Off This Week

Fair season continues on this week.

This week Logan County plays host to local 4-H-ers to bring their animals and exhibits to be displayed and judged. Along with the 4-H displays, each year the installment features plenty of rides, food, races, and concerts for fair goers to enjoy. Each Friday the fair features a National Country Music Act. Geoff Ladd, Executive Director of the Abe Lincoln Tourism Bureau in Logan County says the concert is a big attraction.

[audio:logancountyfair1.mp3]A Word From Ladd[/audio]

This year's installment will be the 75th year of the Logan County Fair. Ladd believes the longevity of the fair is due in large part to the many attractions of the fair. He attributes much of the fairs success to the same organizers of the fair year after year.

[audio:logancountyfair2.mp3]A Word From Ladd[/audio]

Many fair organizers are seeing a decrease in funding for their fair this year, which is causing them to decrease the number of activities and events, Logan County will see many of the same attractions that draw so many to the festivities each year. Ladd believes for such a small community, the Logan County Fair is one of the larger fairs around.

[audio:logancountyfair3.mp3]A Word From Ladd[/audio]

The Logan County Fair Association has put together a new website for the fair this year with a full schedule of the events and activities. Ladd encourages anyone with questions to check out their website at www.logancountyfairil.com.

The fair kicks off tomorrow(TUE) and will run through Sunday.

Clinton High School Main Entrance Getting Heated Concrete

The Clinton School district has seen several projects and upgrades done to their schools throughout the summer.

One final project has just come about that will get underway and finished before the start of school in August. The High School facility will be getting some new concrete out in front of their main entry way. However, this is no ordinary block of concrete. Clinton Schools Superintendent Dr. Jeff Holmes explains during the winter months when snow and ice come, the main entry way can get very slick and he says they have even seen several people slip and fall. According to Dr. Holmes, the school will now see heated concrete blocks put in there to keep the area dry during the winter months.

[audio:heatedconcrete1.mp3]A Word From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

Dr. Holmes explains the process is as simple as removing the current concrete blocks, putting in new layers with an electric pad between the two, and in the winter when the electric pad is needed, they turn it on. He says it will keep the students, faculty and visitors of the high school safe.

[audio:heatedconcrete2.mp3]A Word From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

When the project was being investigated, it was discovered that electricity from the auditorium could be used for the electric pad between the two layers of concrete. Dr. Holmes says that will be a huge convenience in getting the project done quicker and not having to worry about bringing electricity outside.

[audio:heatedconcrete3.mp3]A Word From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

Triple K construction, who is doing a couple other projects for the district this summer, will be doing this project at a cost of just over $28-thousand and guarantees it will be done before the start of school.

CornBelters Win

The Normal CornBelters (32-33) topped the Gateway Grizzlies (27-37) 9-3 Sunday night at the Corn Crib.  Normal's win keeps the CornBelters perfect against Gateway this season 8-0.

Normal gained its first lead in the 5th as Alexander singled home Brandon Newton, giving the CornBelters a 4-3 lead.  The CornBelters opened up the flood gates an inning later.  Mobbs and Keeble connected for back-to-back doubles, to put Normal ahead 5-3.  Keeble would score on a sac fly from pinch-hitter AJ Miller.  Two batters later, Newton added another double to plate Barbaro giving the CornBelters a 7-3 lead.  Alexander continued the offense with a single to bring home McNeely and Newton for two more runs..  Normal ended the 6th ahead 9-3 as the team batted 5-for-6 with runners in scoring position during the frame.

CornBelter starter Ryan Sheldon (W, 7-5) worked 6.2 innings of three-run baseball, striking out seven and walking five.  Gateway starter Andres Caceres Jr. (L, 1-1) went four innings and gave up four runs, three of them earned.  Normal also had 2.1 innings of relief from Donald Furrow who struck out three and gave up just one hit.

Gateway grabbed the game's first lead in the 3rd inning.  With one out and the bases loaded, Logan Parker trickled a single through the right side of the infield to give the Grizzlies a 2-0 lead.

Normal got on the board that same inning.  Daniel Cox hit a one-hopper to Tyler Heil, but an errant throw from the Grizzlie third baseman allowed Tyler McNeely to score and cut the Gateway lead 2-1.

The Grizzlies came back with an unearned run of their own in the 4th.  Brandon Peters hit a leadoff double and came around to score on a throwing error by Steve Alexander putting Gateway ahead by two again 3-1.

After two leadoff walks to Asif Shah and Mike Mobbs, the CornBelters threatened in the bottom of the 4th.  Tyler Keeble bunted Shah and Mobbs over one bag each and Andrew Barbaro singled home Shah to cut into the Gateway lead.  A wild pitch by Caceres brought Mobbs home to tie the game 3-3.

Normal will look to complete the sweep Monday night at the Corn Crib at 7 p..m.  Ryan Juarez (2-1, 6.10) will head to the mound for Gateway as Matt Mossey (1-0, 4.50) will throw for Normal.

Clinton Police Report for 8-1













DeWitt County Sheriff's Report for 8-1-11

July 29, 2011

Jail Population: 50

Summons Served: 0

Warrant Arrests: 0

July 30, 2011

Jail Population: 53

Summons Served: 5

Warrant Arrests: 1

July 31, 2011

Jail Population: 54

Summons Served: 1

Warrant Arrests: 0

Thomas Clark, 59, Elmwood, was arrested on a DeWitt County Warrant charging him with Failure to Appear. Clark remains lodged in the DeWitt County Jail.

Ashley Isaacs, 21, Farmer City, was arrested and charged for Criminal Damage to Property. Isaacs posted the necessary bond and was released.

Huy Nguyen, 31, Morrow, Georgia, was issued a citation for Speeding (64 mph in a 45 mph zone). Nguyen posted the necessary bond and was released.

Thomas Cyrulik, 72, Clinton, was issued a citation for Operating Vehicle with Expired Registration. Cyrulik posted his Illinois Drivers License as bond and was released.

Kourtney French, 28, Argenta, was issued a citation for Operating Uninsured Vehicle and No Valid Registration. French posted her Illinois Drivers License as bond and was released.

Michelle Forman, 22, Clinton, was issued a citation for Operating Uninsured Vehicle. Forman was issued a notice to appear and was released.

John Prater, 34, Mansfield, was issued a citation for Operating Uninsured Vehicle. Prater posted his Illinois Drivers License as bond and was released.


DeWitt County Sheriff's Office Makes Arrest in Wapella Park Vandalism Case

Dewitt County Deputies arrested a juvenile suspect today for over $3000 in damage to the Wapella public park.  The juvenile was released into their parent’s custody, pending formal action in court.  DeWitt County Sheriff Jered Shofner said that the Clinton Area Crimestoppers program was instrumental in closing the case;

“We had a tip over the weekend that provided the information detectives needed to make an arrest.”

 The identity of the juvenile will not be released.


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